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  • Baby pacifier natural rubber
  • Pacifier without plastic, BPA & softener
  • soft, comfortable and environmentally friendly material
  • Adapted to the natural suction behavior
  • Plastic-free from packaging to pacifier
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This Pacifier without plastic serves to satisfy the baby's need to suck and to soothe it. At the same time, it is a sustainable pacifier made of natural rubber. Depending on the baby's age, there are different models that are adapted in terms of size. The environmentally friendly material is the perfect basis for a plastic-free pacifier.

As with conventional pacifiers, it is very easy to use and clean. After the baby has used it, it should be boiled regularly. To do this, simply boil a little more water while making tea or pasta and put it in a cup with the soother. If the soother falls off, you should not lick it yourself to "clean" it, as this can introduce bacteria that cause tooth decay into the baby's mouth.

The advantages of the pacifier without plastic

The biggest advantage of this soother is the use of natural rubber. This makes the natural rubber soother healthy, soft and yet stable, as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly. But one thing at a time.

The PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free pacifier is also free from artificial colors and additives. This prevents the baby from coming into contact with chemical and harmful substances.

The soother is made from one piece. The natural rubber used is both sturdy and soft at the same time. This makes the pacifier comfortable to wear without plastic, but still safe because nothing can break away. The material is also very bite-friendly, so that the soother does not break, but is also not too hard, so that the baby can chew on it without worrying. Because the natural rubber soother is made from one piece, there are also no inaccessible crevices where dirt could get stuck.

In addition to the points already mentioned, natural rubber is also a very sustainable and resource-saving material. Rubber trees can be harvested regularly from the age of 5-8 years by cutting the bark at an angle. If treated carefully, rubber trees can produce natural rubber for up to 40 years. Natural rubber is also biodegradable, which is of course particularly important when the child has to part with its plastic-free pacifier.

Incidentally, natural rubber darkens slightly, which is completely normal.

Here is an overview of the advantages of the plastic-free pacifier:

  • Pacifier without plastic made from sustainable natural rubber
  • PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free, without artificial colors and additives
  • Sturdily made from one piece
  • Hygienic and bite-friendly
  • 100 % resource saving and sustainable material

I can absolutely recommend you to buy this plastic-free pacifier, as it is made of ecological natural rubber and is therefore ideal for both your child and the environment. If you like, you can order the plastic-free pacifier here.


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