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  • Plastic free clay Moroccan tajine
  • Handmade from natural clay
  • Suitable for stove, oven and also the grill
  • Ideal for aroma-rich and vitamin-preserving cooking
  • Just right for traditional taste experiences
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With a Tajine you bring home the tradition and craftsmanship of Morocco. The made from natural clay Stew pot is perfect for the gentle and energy-saving preparation of food. This form of food preparation originates from the Berbers, who have been preparing their meals with a casserole pot for centuries. The traditional tajine pot is handmade and has become a fundamental part of Moroccan cuisine. Due to the handmade production, each copy is unique and there may be slight deviations from the pictures.

Preparing aromatic dishes in this tajine is a breeze. Before using an unglazed tajine pot for the first time, it is necessary to soak the pot for a longer time. After that, it is enough to water the tajine only briefly. Then you can fill the bottom. Long cooking food should be placed in the center of the bottom and shorter cooking food around the outside. The braising process itself works virtually by itself, so you can conveniently take care of other matters in the time. After you have enjoyed your delicious oriental meal, it is of course necessary to clean the tajine casserole. For this, you should not use any detergent, but simply wipe out the pot with lemon or vinegar water.

The high-quality pot is suitable for any type of stove, oven and even charcoal grill. Only an induction stove requires an adapter. So it's worth buying a tajine pot, because you can use it regardless of your kitchen equipment.

The advantages of the traditional tajine

Meals prepared in a tajine casserole are at the same time particularly tasty and healthy. In the tajine pot unfolds a uniform heat that lasts a long time and preserves the valuable ingredients of the food in the best possible way. In addition, the casserole hardly needs any fat or liquid. The vegetables, cereals, rice, fish or meat are cooked gently and low in calories. At the same time, the long braising process produces an incomparably delicious aroma that conjures up the Moroccan way of life on your dining table.

In addition, this is a purely natural product. The traditionally handmade Tajine casseroles are made from sustainable clay and are plastic-free, lead-free and free of harmful substances. In addition, through the traditional production you get a real unique piece with Moroccan charm at home, which is a real eye-catcher at celebrations with family or friends.

By using natural materials, the sustainability of such a tajine pot is also very good, because no plastic or other additives are processed, which pollute the environment. In addition, the pot can be used for a long time and thus such an investment is worthwhile in the long term.

Here again all the advantages of the clay casserole at a glance

  • No plastic or other artificial additives or harmful substances
  • Pure natural product from sustainable clay soil
  • Moroccan handicrafts traditionally made by hand
  • Suitable for all types of stoves (with induction stove with adapter)
  • Aroma-rich, vitamin-preserving and low-calorie cooking
  • Delicious oriental taste experience

I can really recommend you to order a tajine casserole online, as it will enrich your kitchen and diet and is also a real gem for social occasions.


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