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Washing soda

  • Washing soda is an all-purpose agent for the household
  • Ideal as a laundry or dishwashing detergent substitute
  • For a household with less plastic waste
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning without chemicals

When you Buy natural washing soda and protect the environment, then you've come to the right place. With the environmentally friendly washing soda, also called Sodium carbonate soda, you save a lot of money on expensive conventional detergents and do not pollute the waste water with chemicals. Soda ash has long been traditionally used for washing and soaking and is known for its strong soil dissolving properties.

If the laundry is soaked overnight with sodium carbonate, a normal wash cycle without prewashing is sufficient even for heavier soiling. This saves a lot of water and energy. To soak the laundry overnight, add 1-2 tablespoons to 10 liters of water and place the laundry in the water. By the way, the use of washing soda is not recommended for wool and silk. Since sodium carbonate reduces the natural greasy film of the skin, it is advisable to either wear gloves when using it or to apply cream to your hands afterwards. In addition, you should make sure that the fine powder does not get into the respiratory tract and eyes.

The advantages of the sustainable washing soda

The sustainable washing soda is a real all-rounder and can also be used in the kitchen, in the garden or for washing clothes. This means that you can cover many different areas with a single agent and save unnecessary cleaners and thus also money and a lot of packaging waste. In this way, you sustainably protect the environment and your wallet.

In addition, the environmentally friendly washing soda without chemical additives, which are contained in some detergents. The renunciation of pollutants is becoming increasingly important, not only for ourselves, but also for the environment. This is because the pollutants then enter ecological cycles with the wastewater, have to be filtered at great expense or, in the worst case, even remain in the environment.

Uses for washing soda include soaking and pre-washing laundry, for dissolving burnt-on food residue in pots, or scrubbing away green algae deposits on wood and stone walls.

Buy the plastic-free washing soda for environmentally friendly washing

  • Sustainable washing soda
  • Saves packaging waste for different cleaners
  • All-purpose agent without harmful chemistry
  • High washing power for dirty laundry
  • Perfect for cleaning laundry, dishes, stone slabs and wooden walls

Versatile washing soda for laundry, household and garden

With sodium carbonate, you have a versatile and ecological all-purpose cleaner at home. It allows you to clean more flexibly, sustainably and in a more environmentally friendly way than with chemical detergents and cleaning agents. Even heavy algae deposits on stone slabs or wooden surfaces can be removed with the natural miracle agent sodium carbonate, so that the surfaces are clean again. If you like, you can buy the all-purpose washing soda online here.


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