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  • Manual, durable and sustainable corkscrew
  • Filament with surface finished steel
  • Wooden corkscrew for a nice wine evening
  • Plastic free, made from renewable wood

If you're planning a relaxing evening with a few drops of wine and are still looking for a plastic free wood corkscrew then you've come to the right place! A reliableWood corkscrew is the ideal companion for a fun-filled wine evening. A stainless steel spiral is attached to the wooden handle to ensure safe uncorking. Simply place the stainless steel spiral on the cork, screw it in and then pull the cork out using the sturdy wooden handle. The traditional Corkscrew with steel helix is extremely stable and does not require plastic and complicated mechanics.

Why a plastic-free wooden corkscrew?

The corkscrew is made without any frills and is therefore extremely sturdy, as it has no points that could break or break. This also makes it particularly sustainable, as you can use it for a long time. The environment also benefits from the fact that the wooden corkscrew is produced without plastic. Unlike plastic, wood is not only biodegradable in case the corkscrew does break at some point, but wood is also a renewable resource, whereas plastic uses up oil reserves. For this reason alone, you should opt for wood.

Traditional wooden corkscrews are a real eye-catcher compared to winged corkscrews and look great with their simple yet elegant design.

Good reasons to buy the wooden corkscrew

Simple and elegant in form, and perfectly prepared in function and material for its only task: Easy and safe uncorking of wine bottles. At a romantic dinner you always make a good impression with the plastic-free corkscrew. Here again the main advantages:

  • 100% plastic free corkscrew
  • Stable, durable and sustainable
  • Natural wooden handle
  • Surface-finished steel helix

If you would like to buy a new and sustainable corkscrew, you can order it online here.


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