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Wood juicer

  • Easy to use wooden juice extractor
  • Made with loving care by hand
  • Forever durable and reusable
  • Juicer for oranges, limes & Co.
  • Plastic-free from packaging to juicer
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It does not always have to be steel. On the contrary, a wooden kitchen utensil can sometimes look even more elegant than any metal, and in any case more natural. But the most important thing is that the juicer is without plastic. Like, for example, this wooden juicer, which allows you to press fruits wonderfully. Wood also has the advantage that the fruit acid can not harm him.

The plastic-free wooden juicer has other advantages:

  • Hand carved
  • 100 % olive wood
  • nature conscious
  • environmentally friendly

How to properly care for the olive wood juicer

The handmade wooden press is made of a very noble material: olive wood. This requires special care. So you can not just throw the press in the dishwasher, but must be cleaned by hand with a soft cloth and lukewarm water and then dried thoroughly with a cloth. You can also rub the wooden juicer with olive oil from time to time to keep the wood beautiful.



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