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Make sustainable things yourself instead of buying them - 20 eco-friendly DIY ideas

Make sustainable things yourself instead of buying them

You want to make sustainable things yourself instead of buying them? Then that's a great attitude with which you can not only natural resourcesbut also save a lot of money! At best, you'll create new items from old, useless things that will make your life better. Do It Yourself, crafting and DIY also boost your creativity, self-confidence, peace and balance - and almost like magic, they also reduce your ecological footprint.

In this article I present you now 20 sustainable DIY ideas that will enrich your life! Have fun making them!

Here is another short Overview for you:

  1. Furniture
  2. Spread
  3. Cleaning products
  4. Treats
  5. Jewelry
  6. Burger Patties
  7. Seed bombs
  8. Toothpaste
  9. Oilcloths
  10. Confetti
  11. Face scrub
  12. Milk
  13. Deodorant
  14. Bread chips
  15. Shower gel
  16. Hand cream
  17. Cleaning cloth
  18. Make-up removal pads
  19. Bath balls
  20. Garbage bags

Notice: For all tips I have linked you to articles with instructions and further information!


Sustainable DIY dining table from old oak planks

Right off the bat, I want to inspire you with a DIY idea that saved me thousands of dollars in costs: homemade furniture! Instead of buying an expensive mass-produced dining table, I used the Dining table simply upcycled from old oak planks. Since then stands a Unique piece in our dining room - that cost me just over 100€ in total. According to this principle I also have Bedside tables, a Desk and a Coffee table built.

Tip: You can find all the instructions for the tables and more Do It Yourself inspiration in the DIY Furniture Blog.

2. spread

When it comes to food, we have a whole cornucopia of sustainable DIY options at our disposal. One example? I love the vegan spreads from the supermarket! But unfortunately they are quite oily and greasy... so I just make them myself from time to time. For example, from pureed lentils, eggplant or chickpeas.. Pumpkin is also perfectly suitable - and the baked pumpkin seeds can be used super for garnish.

Tip: Also the popular Nut nougat cream can be made yourself! You can find out how to do this in the linked instructions.


Few people know that there are only a few Home remedy needs to get the Save purchase of dozens, chemical cleaning agents to be able to. These include for example Coconut oil, Washing soda, Baking soda and Vinegar essence. From it you can easily conjure up detergent, oven cleaner, dishwasher detergent and many other cleaning products.

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4. treats

An important tip for a sustainable dog ownership: treats are very easy to make yourself to replace ready-made food and treats from the plastic packaging. An example? Simply conjure from 150 grams of wheat flour, 150 grams of whole wheat flour and 150 grams of rye flour beneficial Sesame peanut butter cookies for dogs. For one or the other dog owner certainly a nice inspiration to make sustainable things themselves!

5. jewelry

Whether bracelets, pendants or earrings - jewelry can also be upcycled and made yourself! Both in classic, as well as in fancy variants. Just be creative with natural material and metals. A good place to go for White gold Cuttings is for example the platform - with this your sustainable DIY ideas can definitely be refined.

6. burger patties

When it comes to making sustainable things yourself, there are hundreds of options open to you in the food world. One of them, for example, is environmentally and animal friendly Burger patties made from oatmeal, kidney beans and vegetable broth. The burgers are quickly prepared, vegan, gluten-free and just incredibly good for the vegan barbecue suitable. Meat lovers are also guaranteed to get their money's worth, we promise!

7. seed bombs

Are you familiar with the Environmental problem of species extinction known? Animals have less and less habitat available to them, and finding food is also becoming difficult. The Insect decline (mainly caused by pesticide use in agriculture) is passed on throughout the food chain - so that as a consequence, you also less and less birds in the garden hear.

As a countermeasure, you can make your own seed bombs - small seed spheres that you can, for example distribute in public, wild green areas can, in which few flowers bloom. For the seed bombs you only need flower seeds, clay, soil and a little water. Make a firm dough, roll it into balls the size of golf balls and let it dry. That's it!

Tip: At Stop species extinction I'll give you tips that you can implement everyday and basically in passing for species conservation.

8. toothpaste

The topics of sustainability and Do It Yourself also go hand in hand when it comes to toothpaste. Are you looking for a toothpaste that makes your teeth nice and clean, cares for your gums and is also quick and easy to adjust? Then just make it for yourself from coconut oil, baking soda, xylitol, turmeric powder and some peppermint oil yourself. You can find detailed instructions at Make toothpaste yourself!

9. oilcloths

If you like to make sustainable things yourself, then you should definitely make your own oilcloths. For this you only need a medium size cut out square from an old t-shirt and a vegetable or animal wax. You can find detailed instructions at Make beeswax cloths yourself.

Do not get irritated: there is of course also a vegan alternative for the beeswax. I had only written the post when I was not yet vegan. Either way, you can replace the disposable fresh holding foils really uncomplicated with it!

10. confetti

Make sustainable confetti yourself

You can also Avoid plasticwithout having to give up confetti! For example, by making yourself a make natural confetti yourselffrom flowers and punched out foliage leaves! Some leaves look even in their natural form, like small paper scraps! You can easily throw them out in nature without getting a guilty conscience. A pretty cool tip to make sustainable things yourself, right 🙂 .

11. face scrub

Did you know that in many Cosmetic products microplastics hidden? Manufacturers add it because it is a cheap and not prohibited additive which can provide the peeling effect, for example. However, the small plastic particles inevitably end up via our drains as a Microplastics in the sea! And they are not healthy either. Among the sustainable DIY ideas from this post is therefore also the homemade natural face scrub! The linked tutorial will show you that all you need for this is some olive oil, coconut oil, healing clay, lemon and a few other foods!

Tip: How you Avoid microplasticsI'll show you in a separate article!

12. milk

Our meat consumption and the Factory farming is one of the main drivers of climate change. But there are many reasons why it is not enough to be "only" vegetarian. Indeed, the dairy industry is one of the most brutal systems in our society. Cows are artificially impregnated so that they give milk. 9 months later, the female calves face the same fate - and the male ones are killed because they are not economical. As soon as a dairy cow stops giving milk, it too is killed. Just because we have these cruelty to animals can not see, it does not mean that it does not happen.

So if you like to make sustainable things yourself, just produce your own milk! This is for example already from one liter of cold water, 100 grams of oatmeal and a little salt. possible. So simple, isn't it? And it also aligns your personal values ("I'm against animal cruelty") with your actions ("I don't pay for animals to be tortured"), and helps to cognitive dissonance to defeat

You want to know more about it? Then take a look now, why vegans do not drink animal milk.

13. deodorant

Well, sure, store-bought solid deodorant is a waste-avoiding alternative to plastic deodorant. But if you like to make sustainable things yourself instead of buying them, then of course you can also use make your own deodorant. For this you only need something Coconut oil, baking soda, potato starch and any essential oil of your choice.. If you still have empty roll-on deodorants or spray cans, you can also "fill them up" and reuse them.

14. bread chips

Vast amounts of food are produced for nothing because we carelessly throw it in the garbage can. We must all learn to use our Reduce food waste. Do you also often times an old Baguette or bread so hard you could break a window with it? Then just make crunchy bread chips out of such old breads! All you need is some olive oil, herbs of your choice, and salt and pepper. Et voilà!

15. shower gel

None Microplastics and no more chemical fragrances? Then I have another sustainable DIY idea for you. How about if you just make your own, make natural shower gel yourself? That is already with 30 - 40 grams of curd soap, 400 ml of water and a little cornstarch. possible. You can get the corresponding instructions in the linked article.

16. hand cream

The eco-friendly DIY ideas from this post we should definitely add a homemade hand cream add to it! Under the link you will find simple instructions for this. With a Do It Yourself hand cream you can be sure that the Ingredients natural and harmless are. Because in the conventional counterpart are unfortunately often many allergens or chemical additives.


A valuable Tips for Zero Waste Beginners is the fast Conversion of old and no longer wearable cotton shirts- or shirts to useful and reusable cleaning rags. Simply cut out a few squares for this purpose. When they're dirty, wash them. And you're done!

18. make up remover pads

If you enjoy making sustainable things yourself to avoid buying new, then you're sure to get excited about homemade Make-up removal pads, the eternally reusable are. These can also be conjured up from old, unusable pieces of clothing. Just cut out a few round circles. If you have the skills, you can also sew around the cotton pads and make them even more stable.

19. bath balls

Do you like to take a bath? Then I have another sustainable DIY tip for you! From cornstarch, baking soda, olive oil, water, citric acid and any essential oil. you can easily make your own natural, bubbly, fragrant bath balls. Try it out, you will be thrilled!


Making things yourself - garbage bags

Are you also tired of all the plastic garbage bags? In the sense of the Zero Waste Lifestyle they are in any case not. A sustainable DIY idea is therefore to give you Fold garbage bags from newspaper! A simple instruction for the correct folding technique you get in the linked article.

Making sustainable things yourself instead of buying them - is so incredibly simple and sensible!

Today I've given you 20 eco-friendly DIY ideas to use for extra inspiration and motivation. And even if you don't try any of them, now you know that with homemade things you can live more sustainably and through this environmentally friendly approach also save a lot of money simply by following your heart.

And before you move on to the next website and say "it's all not for me": This list of sustainable things to make yourself is basically endless! How about homemade bread or pesto made from radish leaves? Or if you just grow your own food in the garden or on the balcony? There are really thousands of great ideas to make your life more exciting and greener.

Do you have questions or your own experiences with sustainable DIY ideas that you would like to share? Then write me as always happy to a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Doing things yourself stimulates your creativity and helps you almost automatically in your personal development. In a separate post, I'll describe many more tips that you can use to make your life even easier simply by following your heart.

Coffee box Suggestions for improvement

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Christoph Schulz

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