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DIY furniture

Do It Yourself Furniture Blog

At DIY Furniture Blog you get tips & tricks to make your own furniture in the future. Whether it's a desk, coffee table or nightstand - here you'll learn how to make these things yourself instead of buying them ready-made.

Learn, for example, how to improve your Make coffee table yourself can. Do It Yourself is all the rage and that's why the homemade furniture is a welcome blog category in our Do It Yourself Blog.

DIY furniture blogs are in trend

Homemade furniture is more than just a trend - it is something that makes people proud for decades. Because DIY furniture usually lasts forever and has been built with your own hands. All the more beautiful when the furniture in this DIY furniture blog is usually upcycled from old material.

For example, I have made my Dining table from old wooden planks self made. The fact that these old oak planks were no longer beautiful at first glance makes the finished table all the more valuable afterwards - at least for me. Because there is always a bit of emotion attached to the DIY furniture here on the blog. I believe that this is the reason that I have also become a DIY furniture blogger at CareElite.

The blog to build furniture yourself

This DIY furniture blog is not a platform for self-promotion, but a place to go for inspiration. I want to show here that you can build unique furniture from the simplest things and not always have to run to the nearest Swedish furniture store to redecorate. Let's be honest - isn't it boring at some point if everyone has the same furniture? Unique is in today! Because it's nicer when furniture triggers a surprised "Uhh, that looks great." from your viewers instead of a practiced "Oh, I have that table too."

And now I wish you a lot of fun in the DIY furniture blog. Here are some articles for you to start: