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Wood cutting board


  • Wood cutting board from ecological forestry
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic kitchen board
  • Gentle to the knife blade and extremely durable
  • Plastic-free from the kitchen board to the packaging!
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Wood cutting board is an important part of the plastic-free kitchen and belongs in every basic equipment. Cutting, chopping, mincing must be done every day when preparing food, so a cutting board should be as durable as possible and made of high quality, natural material. To avoid plastic residues in the food and to rely on a truly sustainable material, we should all prefer wooden cutting boards from sustainable forests. In the following, I would like to clearly summarize all the advantages for you.

Why a high quality wooden cutting board?

  • 100 percent plastic free cutting board and packaging
  • Made from natural, environmentally friendly wood species
  • Wood from environmentally friendly, ecological forestry
  • Best with circumferential juice groove to catch liquids
  • Wooden cutting board gentle on blades

The plastic-free kitchen board made of olive wood, bamboo and other sustainable woods

With the new wooden cutting board, kitchen work is a real pleasure. Visually, haptically and emotionally, the natural bamboo cutting board provides a good mood in your kitchen. The sturdy wooden board looks great, is pleasant to the touch and is an environmentally friendly natural product without plastic. And for those who like it a bit more rustic: there are also great boards with natural tree edge and more distinctive grain.


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