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Here in the Recipes blog you will find delicious recipes for sustainable, vegan and vegetarian dishes and lots of inspiration for your meals. We now know that our very meat-heavy diet is a massive contributor to the biggest environmental problems of our time. But especially with plant-based diets, the variety of options is huge. In this recipe blog I want to show you how diverse your diet can be.

You can find a good introduction to the blog here, for example:

Why the recipes blog is so important

Those who consume a lot of meat have a greater, negative impact on the climate change than someone who eats little or no meat. This is also a consequence of the fact that our meat consumption is initially for the Deforestation especially in the rainforests. After all, the food has to be grown somewhere and the billions of farm animals also want to graze somewhere. The Recipes Blog is intended to counteract the resulting environmental problems and relieve our nature.

Why I am a sustainable recipes blogger

I used to eat totally unconsciously, and the Connection between my diet and the climate not seen. Today I know better and have learned step by step to eat more sustainably. I would now like to share the experience and knowledge gained as a recipe blogger. My goal is to reintegrate an appreciative, sustainable and conscious diet in our society. Above all, I am also concerned that every person understands that meat products come from animals - and Animals are emotional beings and are not actually food. I hope you see it the same way. But now I wish you a lot of fun in the recipes blog!

PS: Feel free to comment on the posts if you have any questions or suggestions.