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Warm buckwheat porridge - delicious and vegan recipe

Make buckwheat porridge - A vegan recipe

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite buckwheat breakfast recipes -. warm buckwheat porridge. Sounds at first not so great and interesting, but with the right spices it is super tasty. Healthy breakfast is very easy with this recipe. In the past cold months, I have especially like something warm again for breakfast and thus my daily intermittent fasting finished.

In addition, buckwheat is super healthy and full of nutrients, accordingly, it comes with me almost daily on the table. Furthermore, it is super suitable for a gluten-free and vegan breakfast, because buckwheat is a knotweed plant and not a traditional grain, which is why buckwheat is also gluten-free.

I have already written a lot about buckwheat and tried many recipes with buckwheat. So that you have an overview of my vegan buckwheat recipes, I have here for you a listing

The recipes are all suitable for a healthy breakfast and are also vegan and gluten-free. But now directly to today's healthy breakfast recipe: warm buckwheat porridge.

Tip: In the contributions "Vegetarianism Statistics." and "Veganism Statistics" you will find facts and figures about vegan-vegetarian nutrition and its impact.

Warm buckwheat porridge - ingredients for a large portion

For this delicious, warm and vegan alternative for breakfast you need the following ingredients:

The warm buckwheat porridge recipe itself is quite simple in principle. First heat the vegetable milk of your choice and add the spices such as cinnamon and cocoa already at the beginning and mix everything. You can also add the dates for sweetening right at the beginning. Once the vegetable milk is simmering, you can add the buckwheat and let it simmer for about 8 minutes. A large part of the liquid should boil away so that the porridge is not too liquid at the end.

Then reduce the heat to low and let the buckwheat swell for another 7 minutes. By now, the remaining liquid should have boiled away and the buckwheat should be viscous - just like porridge. At the end you can add frozen berries or another fruit or topping of your choice. After that you just have to wait until the frozen berries are thawed and you can enjoy it.

Variant with sprouted buckwheat

Buckwheat porridge recipe to recreate

Personally, I usually while I cook the buckwheat for the current day already soak another portion of buckwheat for the next day in cold water. After breakfast, I rinse the soaked buckwheat in a cold sieve and let it germinate until the next day and then cook it. During the germination process it is advisable to rinse the buckwheat once or twice with fresh water.

The germination makes the buckwheat a little more digestible and additionally increases the nutrient content of the buckwheat. Of course, you can let the buckwheat germinate even longer (3 days are definitely possible, although you should definitely watch out for mold in the duration!). For me, however, the germination duration of one day is currently the perfect balance of low effort and the nutrient gain as yield. For the warm buckwheat porridge recipe sprouting is not necessary, but recommended.

An accurate Instructions for sprouting buckwheat you can find in the article on buckwheat muesli.

Warm buckwheat porridge as a vegan alternative

Buckwheat porridge recipe - Vegan and delicious

Especially in the cold winter months, I like to eat more warm meals to warm me up a bit from the inside. Thus, the recipe for warm buckwheat porridge is the perfect addition to my other breakfast recipes with buckwheat. Currently, warm buckwheat porridge is definitely my favorite, but maybe that will change again in the summer.

Eating a healthy breakfast has always been an important part of my diet. With a large portion of vegan warm buckwheat porridge I already get a large amount of nutrients for the day ahead. Buckwheat contains many carbohydrates that provide me with energy for the day. In addition, buckwheat contains many micronutrients and also a not to be underestimated amount of protein. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a healthy start to the day.

If you also got a desire for the warm buckwheat porridge, I wish you now already a good appetite and have fun cooking.

All the best,

Julian from CareElite

P.S.: In the blog about healthy diet you will find many more nutrition tips. Also get detailed information about the connection of Environment and nutrition.

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Julian Hölzer

Julian Hölzer

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