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Make a vegan sugar free muesli

Make sugar free crunchy muesli yourself

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - this is already an old wisdom. Because of the intermittent fasting breakfast is postponed for me, but I wouldn't skip it. I have long searched for a sugar-free crunchy cereal and found none. Then I thought to myself make sugar free crunchy muesli yourself can't be that hard.  Crispy muesli healthy and delicious - is that possible?
How do I make sugar-free crunchy muesli myself? Healthy, quick and easy, that's exactly how I want to have breakfast. Fortunately, the recipe for sugar-free crunchy muesli is healthy, simple and tastes great. Thus, it is suitable for a healthy breakfast and a healthy diet.

An ideal complement to homemade crunchy muesli is my recipe contribution to homemade macadamia milk. By the way, the recipe also works with other nuts or, for example, oats.

But now back to the topic: making healthy, sugar-free crunchy muesli yourself. The smell that arises when baking the muesli is really wonderful and already makes anticipation of the finished sugar-free crunchy muesli. My mouth always waters when baking.

Tip: In the contributions "Vegetarianism Statistics." and "Veganism Statistics" you will find facts and figures about vegan-vegetarian nutrition and its impact.

DIY recipe for sugar free crunchy cereal

Make a vegan sugar free muesli

For the homemade crunchy muesli you need the following ingredients:

Make sugar-free crunchy muesli yourself - Here's how!

Make a vegan sugar free muesli
Make a vegan sugar free muesli
Make a vegan sugar free muesli
Make a vegan sugar free muesli

Mix the oatmeal with the finely chopped almonds and the coconut flakes.
Add dates, agave syrup, water, cinnamon, vanilla flavoring and freshly grated nutmeg to a stand mixer. Start blending on low speed and slowly increase the speed until everything is liquid.

Then mix the dry ingredients with the liquid ingredients. Make sure that you really mix everything properly and that all oat flakes are wetted with liquid. When everything is mixed properly, however, the mass should be only a little bit moist and in any case not swimming in liquid.

Then spread the mixture on the rack of your dehydrator or a baking sheet if you want to make the sugar-free granola in the oven.

1. preparation in the oven

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees convection. Bake the homemade crunchy muesli for about 20-25 minutes. After that, take the muesli out of the oven, break it apart a bit, redistribute it (preferably the pieces that were on the outside in the middle and vice versa) and put it in the oven for another 25 minutes. In the oven, the granola will be a little crispier than in the dehydrator.

2. preparation in the dehydrator

Set your dehydrator to 55 degrees and dry the crunchy granola for about 4 hours. I usually make the crunchy granola when I'm drying something else in the dehydrator to save electricity and make it worth getting the dehydrator out of the basement. The granola doesn't get quite as crunchy in the dehydrator as it does in the oven. For practical reasons, however, it sometimes makes sense for me to make the muesli in the dehydrator anyway.

After you take the muesli out of the oven/dryer, you just have to let it cool down briefly and then you can eat it directly. I always store the granola in canning jars where it keeps fresh for at least 10 days. After that, I always ate it all, so I can't tell you how long the granola might actually keep.

So making sugar-free crunchy muesli yourself is easy, healthy and, above all, really delicious. As good as the muesli tastes, you almost have to wonder if the crunchy muesli can be healthy. But do not worry, the crunchy muesli is really healthy.

Make sugar-free crunchy muesli yourself - The equipment

Make a vegan sugar free muesli

I dehydrate with the BioChef Arizona dehydrator. A completely plastic-free dehydrator there is I think not yet on the market. The inserts of the BioChef Arizona are plastic-free stainless steel, the insert mats are BPA-free. You can get the BioChef Arizona here.* I use the BioChef Arizona often and regularly and still save plastic from time to time because I make things myself instead of buying them. Therefore, the processing with plastic is okay for me (even if I do not approve of course).

Other uses for the dehydrator you will find In my post on homemade kale chips. or in my contribution to dry strawberries.

As a complement to the dehydrator, I still recommend you BPA-free and reusable insert mats. You can get them here.*

As a good stand mixer I can recommend this blender from Philips.* With the large 2 liter glass container, the Philips blender has a low plastic content. Again, to my knowledge, there is no device that completely does without plastic.

Make sugar-free crunchy muesli yourself - My conclusion

Make a vegan sugar free muesli

There are countless other alternatives for the crunchy muesli recipe: you can mix chopped pumpkin seeds, chopped sunflower seeds or flax seeds into the dry mixture. Instead of almonds, you can also use hazelnut kernels or actually any other type of nut. There are really no limits here and no right or wrong. Just try out what tastes best to you and provide variety.

For a deliciously chocolaty version, you can either mix cocoa nibs with the dried ingredients or add carob powder to the liquid. This will also make your crunchy muesli healthy, tasty, and plastic-free, quite unlike most store-bought chocolate mueslis.

The homemade crunchy granola is ideal as a topping for my Buckwheat muesli. If you then want to top the topping, I recommend you again my contribution to dried strawberries, which taste really super intense and delicious. The additional vitamins perfectly complement the healthy crunchy muesli.

Do you have any questions, tips or suggestions about sugar-free crunchy muesli? Then feel free to write a comment below this post.

Have fun trying it out and all the best,
Julian from CareElite

P.S.: I have been living vegan for many years and have written you a detailed article about the Start into vegan life written. Give it a try 🙂 .

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