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Soap bag

  • Can be used as bath sponge and shower sponge
  • Sisal soap bags from natural plant fibers
  • Ideal as a shower or bath sponge for lathering up
  • Perfectly combined with natural solid vegetable soap
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the soap bag
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If you are a Buy Sisal Soap Bag you've come to the right place. The natural soap bags made of sisal plant fibers is perfect for soaping and using up leftover soap. Made of particularly skin-friendly agave fibers, the plastic-free soap bag is an optimal bath or shower sponge. The exfoliating effect due to the natural fibers stimulates blood circulation and gently cleanses the skin.

The use of the sachet is very simple. Either you put a complete block of soap into the sachet or you fill it with your soap leftovers to use them up efficiently. Then moisten the sachet with water and lather yourself with it. Then hang it up to let the soap dry. If necessary, you can wash it at 30 degrees to keep your soap bag hygienic. If you wash it once a month with your regular laundry, you won't go wrong!

Why a sustainable sachet for soaps?

There are many reasons why you could buy a soap bag. A particularly big advantage is that you can then use up your small soap scraps perfectly. The use of the soap is also more pleasant with the sachet, because it is easier to grip and the soap then no longer falls down. After showering, the soap can easily dry in the bag.

The material of the bag is also particularly sustainable. It is not only plastic-free, but also durable and reusable. I have owned my plastic-free soap bag since the beginning of 2018 and have not noticed any significant signs of wear. So you can expect the sachet to be a long-term purchase. And if you do want to part with your sisal bag at some point, you can wash it out and dispose of it in the compost, since sisal is completely biodegradable.

As mentioned above, the use of the soap bag also benefits you and your skin. You gently cleanse the skin with the bag and stimulate its blood circulation.

The advantages of the sustainable soap bag

Here you will find briefly and concisely all the advantages of the sustainable soap bag:

  • Soap bags completely without plastic
  • pure natural product from agave fibers (sisal)
  • reusable, durable and natural material
  • stimulating and cleansing peeling for your skin
  • perfect for using up leftover soap
  • the soap is good in the hand

If you're convinced, you can buy the sisal soap bag here.


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