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Trigger rod


  • Trigger rod made of wood with magnet for attachment
  • Ideal for partner and self massage
  • Non-slip due to natural rubber on back side
  • Naturally water repellent and antibacterial
  • Plastic-free from packaging to trigger bar
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The Trigger rod wood is an environmentally friendly massager made of natural and durable materials. With it, you can give your partner a wonderful, tension-relieving massage. Also for self-massage is the plastic free massage mushroom best suited. The trigger bar makes it easier to increase the pressure on a specific point than if you only massage with your hands.

Wooden massage aid is available in different sizes. The smaller the massage head, the more intense the pressure applied to the area. So if you are generally not very sensitive to pain or want to trigger small areas, you can order the smaller version of the wooden trigger cone. Otherwise, we recommend the larger version to get used to the pressure.

Why a wooden massage mushroom?

The massage aid made of H0lz is suitable for partner massages as well as for self-massage. This allows you to release tension when no one is around to give you a hand. An integrated, strongly adhering magnet makes it easier for you to attach the massage aid and makes self-massage on the back and shoulders possible. The underside is coated with natural rubber so that you can also trigger while sitting or lying down.

Since the massage aid is suitable for self-massage, it is ideal for athletes who want to knead themselves properly after harder training sessions. Of course, the wooden trigger stick is also suitable for anyone else who regularly has to deal with tension. Due to the small size of the massage mushroom, you can easily take it with you. For example, you can simply take it to the office and knead a little bit during your lunch break and recover from sitting at your desk.

The wooden surface of the wooden trigger cone feels natural and warm, so you can start massaging right away without having to warm up the massage tool first. The pleasant feeling makes it easier for you to let go and relax.

For the wood trigger bar, FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry is used, which is additionally refined with natural oils. This guarantees that your skin does not come into contact with harmful substances. The wooden trigger stick for massaging is therefore an environmentally friendly massage tool.

Get the trigger stick wood for a lasting massage

  • No plastic in the massage wand and the package
  • Made in Germany
  • From sustainably managed forestry
  • Antibacterial and water repellent
  • For partner and self massage

The trigger rod releases muscular tension

The handy massager was conceived and developed by physiotherapists. The massage head is shaped like a human thumb, providing a natural and intense accupressure stimulus. Ideal for stimulating metabolism in surrounding tissues and relieving tension. If you feel like kneading yourself, you can order the wooden trigger stick online here.


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