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Cotton pads


  • Fabric cotton pads are reusable & washable
  • Designed for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin
  • In a practical set
  • These cotton pads avoid plastic waste
  • Plastic-free from packaging to cotton pads

With the washable Cotton pads without plastic you avoid unnecessary waste and care for your skin sustainably. The microfleece cotton pads are made in Austria without chemical additives and are therefore especially skin-friendly. With one pack of reusable cotton pads you can get along for a long time and protect the environment, because you do not produce waste and do not have to constantly buy new cleaning pads.

The plastic free makeup remover wipes are lint-free gently remove makeup and clean thoroughly. After use, you can clean the pads in the washing machine at 40-60 ° degrees. Then hang them up to dry and you can use them again. The washable makeup removal pads are a great alternative to disposable cotton pads.

Why washable makeup removal pads?

With reusable cleaning pads, you sustainably protect the environment for several reasons. One of the reasons is that the plastic-free cotton pads are made from resource-saving, organically grown natural material. Another reason is that the makeup removal pads are washable and reusable. This way you reduce some unnecessary waste and packaging waste.

When the reusable cotton pads wear out after some time, you can dispose of them with a clear conscience, as they and their packaging are fully biodegradable. The washable cleaning pads are therefore a sustainable alternative to disposable cotton pads.

For your skin and the environment, the natural material is also very gentle, because the plastic-free cotton pads are produced without unnecessary chemicals.

Plastic-free cotton pads have many advantages

How good are reusable cotton pads? Here are all the advantages of reusable makeup removal pads listed again:

  • Ecologically sustainable because washable and reusable
  • Made from natural material from controlled organic cultivation
  • Environmentally friendly because without chemical additives
  • Saves money in the long term and reduces waste
  • Especially suitable for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin

Protect the environment with reusable cleaning pads

For the environment, your skin and your wallet are the plastic free cotton pads a welcome alternative to cleaning pads that can only be used once. With the washable microfleece cotton pads you realize Zero Waste in your bathroom. If you feel like trying out the reusable cotton pads, you can order them online here.


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