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Solid deodorant

  • Excellent deodorant without aluminum and other harmful substances
  • Has an antibacterial effect and suppresses the formation of odors from sweat
  • Solid deodorant with easy application
  • Plastic-free from packaging to deodorant
  • Vegan and sustainable
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This plastic free deodorant with natural ingredients effectively reduces the formation of perspiration odor. The Deodorant without aluminum consists of a combination of various solid vegetable oils and essential oil. With natural ingredients and without plastic, this solid deodorant in one piece a highly recommended and completely vegan care product for your skin. The essential oil contained is naturally skin caring and prevents perspiration odor without the use of chemicals.

Why a solid deodorant with natural ingredients?

The deodorant with natural ingredients is free of chemicals, aluminum, additives or harmful substances. This ensures maximum skin compatibility and you can be sure that you are doing something good for yourself and your skin with the natural deodorant.

In addition to your skin, you also protect the environment with the solid deodorant in one piece. The environmentally friendly deodorant is completely plastic-free packaging, so you can easily avoid unnecessary plastic waste without breaking a sweat. Since only natural ingredients go into the sustainable, solid deodorant, no harmful substances can enter the environment. In addition, the solid natural deodorant is quite productive, which also benefits its sustainability.

The plastic-free deodorant is also produced without the use of animal ingredients and is accordingly perfect for vegans.

The advantages of natural deodorant without plastic

A solid deodorant with natural ingredients has several advantages, such as:

  • The deodorant is made without plastic, aluminum and alcohol
  • Contains essential oil with antibacterial effect and pleasant fragrance
  • Keeps you fresh for a long time and gentle on the skin
  • Simple application
  • Vegan, environmentally friendly natural product that does not produce harmful waste

Finally a deodorant without aluminum and other harmful substances that really works

The highly effective natural substances from mostly organic cultivation act in a very natural way. Because they do not suppress natural perspiration, but only prevent the emergence of unpleasant odors. The natural deodorant is very easy to use, particularly skin-friendly and 100% plastic-free. If you like, you can order the solid deodorant without plastic here online.


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