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Microplastic wash bag


  • World famous wash bag against microplastics
  • Filters plastic fibers out during the wash cycle
  • Wastewater and rivers are not polluted
  • Already the washing machine and the environment
  • Plastic Free Packaged Guppyfriend Wash Bag

Washing synthetic textiles gradually releases microplastics into wastewater - unless you use the Guppyfriend wash bag against microplastic. The wash bag catches the microplastic and thus ensures less contamination in our water. At the same time, it also protects the washing machine.

The application of the Microplastic wash bag is very simple: you put a few pieces of clothing in the bag so that it is not completely filled. Then you close it, put it in the washing machine and wash as usual. Afterwards, take the Guppyfriend wash bag out of the machine, open it and hang up your laundry as usual. You can then simply dispose of the fibers collected by the microplastic wash bag in the residual waste. You can then hang the bag up to dry and reuse it directly for the next wash.

Advantages of the wash bag against microplastic

The main advantage of the bag is that it filters microplastics out of the wash water. Normally, microplastics end up in natural waters via wastewater. Not so with the ecological wash bag, which filters out the microplastic so that you can simply dispose of the plastic fibers in the residual waste.

The bag is of course plastic-free packaging and very easy to use. With it, you can wash clothes sustainably and protect the environment. Environmental protection does not always have to be complicated. If you order the wash bag against microplastic online, you can start right away and filter microplastics when doing laundry.

In the production of the wash bag against microplastic, care is taken to ensure that recyclable materials are used. Thus, if you should dispose of the wash bag at some point, the material will be returned to the material cycle and reused.

The benefits of the sustainable microplastic wash bag at a glance

  • Plastic Free Packed Microplastic Wash Bag
  • Protects natural waters and thus the environment
  • Effectively filters microplastics from the laundry
  • Simple application
  • Made from recyclable material

I can recommend you to buy the ecological microplastic wash bag because of its simple and effective application.


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