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Barbecue lighter

  • Sustainable barbecue lighter made from natural materials
  • Long burning time
  • Without permanent, harmful residues
  • Ideal for lighting wood & coal
  • Plastic-free from packaging to barbecue lighter

If you are looking for a environmentally friendly and sustainable barbecue lighter then you will find what you are looking for here. With the ecological barbecue lighter you are perfectly equipped for the summer and bring the charcoal to glow without pollutants. The environmentally friendly lighter is an ideal alternative to conventional lighter cubes or liquid barbecue lighter.

The versatile lighters you can also use for the fireplace, tiled stove or stove with wood firing. The natural fireplace lighters are easy to ignite, have a long burning time and are very economical in consumption. You can also buy them in stock, because they have an unlimited shelf life and are resistant to moisture.

Why an environmentally friendly fireplace lighter?

Since only natural materials are used for the ecological barbecue lighter, you light the fire without any harmful residues or unnecessary pollutants. In addition, the ecological materials do not produce an unpleasant odor when ignited, as can happen with other barbecue lighters. Another advantage of the natural materials is the safe handling.

The eco-friendly fireplace lighter is also made from 100 % renewable resources and is guaranteed to contain no petroleum, so you won't be harming the environment unnecessarily.

Due to the easy handling and long burning time, the sustainable fireplace lighter is easy and economical to use. Therefore, it is also worth getting a larger quantity right away if you grill a lot or have a stove at home.

Plus, the eco-friendly grill lighter is packaged sustainably and plastic-free, so you reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

Advantages of the sustainable barbecue lighter at a glance

  • No plastic in product and packaging
  • 100 % natural materials
  • Free from harmful residues
  • Insensitive to moisture and indefinitely durable
  • Long burning time

Fast burning and residue free barbecue lighter for barbecue and fireplace

Made of pure natural materials and without chemicals, the plastic-free packaged lighter is an environmentally friendly helper for your barbecues and bonfires in the summer. In winter you can quickly light your fireplace or stove without dangerous substances. If you want to try the sustainably packaged barbecue lighter, you can order the plastic-free fireplace lighter online here.


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