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Bamboo straws


  • Plastic Free & BPA Free Bamboo Straws
  • Bamboo straws for a natural taste
  • Sustainable parties with bamboo straws
  • Organic wooden straws with cleaning brush
  • Plastic-free from packaging to straws

These plastic free Bamboo straws fit perfectly with the Zero Waste Lifestylebecause they are reusable and sustainable straws. From the packaging to the natural straw itself, the set comes completely without plastic. The straws are reusable as often as you like and can be cleaned wonderfully with the cleaning brush included in the set. They are suitable for cold and hot drinks.

This means you can serve your drinks naturally in the future without producing plastic waste. Because plastic straws are only used once and end up directly in the plastic waste. With the sustainable bamboo straws, your drinks also look especially good and tropical.

The advantages of bamboo straws

Compared to conventional plastic straws, ecological wooden straws have several advantages. First of all, of course, they do not produce plastic waste. Every year, about 32 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the environment and 8 million tons directly into the sea. A large part of the waste, in addition to plastic bags and plastic bottles, are plastic straws that are simply left in the sand after the beach party. The straws take about 25 years to decompose into smaller microplastics. And even then, they are still in the environment as microplastics and pollute our waters.

The eco-friendly bamboo drinking straws are reusable and thus improve your environmental balance tremendously. Instead of ending up in the trash after one use, these bamboo straws will decorate your drinks many times. You can easily brush them clean after use, set them aside to dry, and then reuse them.

Moreover, bamboo is one of the fastest renewable resources on the planet. In fact, bamboo wood is even the plant with the highest growth rate, growing up to 70 cm per day. In addition, bamboo is biodegradable. So compared to plastic drinking straws made from petroleum, bamboo wood is the perfect material for your sustainable straws.

Studies show that drinks from plastic containers or straws taste worse. Plastic also contains toxic substances and plasticizers that are harmful to our health. The natural straws made of wood are tasteless and therefore the perfect alternative to the disposable plastic product.

Bamboo is water repellent, does not splinter and also has an antimicrobial effect. Ecological drinking straws made of bamboo thus ensure excellent hygiene.

Here again the advantages of the drinking straws made of wood at a glance

  • Bamboo is a rapidly renewable raw material
  • plastic free and reusable
  • Bamboo wood is hygienic and stable
  • Sustainable bamboo straws look good

I can really recommend you to get these beautiful plastic free straws, because by doing so, you will replace the plastic straws with these beautiful bamboo straws in your eco-conscious lifestyle and reduce the plastic waste in your household.


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