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The 10 best books about sustainability

You are looking for a Sustainability book? Meanwhile, there are really many really good books by unique, environmentally conscious people. The best books on the subject of sustainable and natural living I would like to present to you in this article. You will with these books even better natural and plastic free livingWe want to make many things ourselves and simply consume more consciously. Let's go!

Notice: I don't like to list myself here. But of course you can also read my own book "Sustainable Living for Beginners" read! I have written it very personally and deliberately made sure that you remain permanently motivated while reading.

And now we save the world!

Books about sustainability - And now we save the world!

The book "And now we save the world" by Ilona Koglin and Marek Rohde is a must for every environmentally conscious lateral thinker who wants to live more naturally. You learn to minimize your ecological footprint. Plasticfree lifestyle and simply consume healthy and natural. In this sustainability book you learn playfully how to integrate sustainability into your everyday life. This book helps you to sharpen your connection to nature and to always stay motivated. Whether in your diet, your purchases or even your nature experiences.

The Great Way has no gate

Sustainability Books - The best books about sustainability

One of the most fundamental and important books on sustainability is the book "The Great Way has no gate" by Masanobu Fukuoka. The book has been around since 1983 and for that very reason it gives a clean look into an ideology that suddenly becomes really interesting again with our current plastic craze. In this sustainability book, you'll learn directly implementable methods of natural farming, food handling, and also the author's worldview. The book shows us that we need to grow more food ourselves again, to direct our values back to nature. The sustainability book teaches you to pay attention to connections, causes and effects. 

Live even better without plastic

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

The 1st version of the sustainability book Live even better without plastic by Nadine Schubert* has helped me a lot in my start into life without plastic. In this book you will learn why plastic makes us and our environment sick and why Nadine Schubert rightly calls plastic a "killer". In her book, the author mainly refers to our creeping poisoning with microplastics, which are found in cosmetics, cleaning products and many other products. Learn how to avoid microplastics and make your household plastic-free in this sustainability book. The author gives you many natural recipes and tips along the way.

5 home remedies replace a drugstore

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

Five home remedies replace a drugstore is book about sustainability that is pure inspiration for anyone who wants to live more consciously and sustainably. The Smarticular publishing house writes in this book about the 5 home remedies that simplify a plastic-free, sustainable everyday life extremely: Baking Soda, Washing sodavinegar, citric acid and curd soap. With these natural home remedies you can easily replace deodorant, dishwashing liquid and Co. and save a lot of money and packaging material. For me, the clearest and best book when it comes to finding and creating alternatives to conventional, artificial products.

Zero Waste Home

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

The book Live happily without garbage* is the Zero Waste bible and well deserved its place among the best books on sustainability. This sustainability book was written by Bea Johson, the rightly self-proclaimed founder of the Zero Waste movement. You'll learn her story in the book and learn how to massively reduce the waste from your household without bending. Through her new awareness, the author has managed to reduce her spending by more than 40% and she tells you in her book how easy it is to do. With this sustainability book, you will get tips from the best source. For me, this book is the best guidebook for the Zero Waste Lifestylewho will save our world.

Plastic free zone

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

Sandra Krautwaschl has with her book Plastic free zone* documents a self-experiment that rightly ranks among the best books on sustainability. Motivated by the impact of plastic waste on our natural world, Sandra and her family decided to live plastic-free for an initial month. This has now turned into several years and the author shares all of her experiences and challenges she has faced and overcome with her family in this sustainability book. Learn from these valuable experiences to make less plastic waste yourself. A clear recommendation from me for all who are about to start a life without plastic or want to produce even less plastic waste.

Do it yourself instead of buying

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

The book Do it yourself instead of buying is the perfect sustainability book to help you think outside the box and create your own alternatives to convenience foods. Since many overpriced, chemical products await us in the supermarket, you can also easily make the ideal, plastic-free and natural alternatives to them yourself. In this book from Smarticular Verlag you get 137 recipes and ideas for DIY in the kitchen. If you implement the tips from this sustainability book, you do something for your health, the environment, your wallet and especially for your own well-being. This book will make you more creative, happier, self-reliant and independent.

Less waste is the new green

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

In her Zero Waste book. Less waste is the new green author Shia Su explains, based on her personal experiences over many years, how each of us can produce significantly less plastic waste and do the environment a big favor. In this sustainability book, Shia Su shows you how she can put all of her trash from one year into a canning jar. This is possible because she has perfected not making trash by focusing on the basic rules of the Zero Waste lifestyle. The book is very clearly a perfect introduction to living a zero waste life. Loosely and very personally written, Shia Su takes you on a journey to a new smart lifestyle in this book.

Simply eco

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

Simply eco* is a sustainability book that lets you give your household a real eco-check. You will discover things in your home that you have not previously considered environmentally harmful. In the book by Marcus Franken, I personally find it great that he is one of the few who also refers to the environmental friendliness of the furniture in the apartment. The book is a wonderful guide for anyone who wants to live more resource-conscious and is therefore also the ideal book for your start in an environmentally conscious life. I especially recommend it to anyone who wants to give their entire home or household a sustainability check.

Simply live better

Sustainability Books - Plastic Free Living Book

Simply better living is for me the most comprehensive book on sustainability. In this book, the WorldWatch Institute has really assessed all areas of our life and development in terms of sustainability. And even though the book dates back to 2010, the editors were able to foresee very well the developments up to today. It is a sustainability book that will open your eyes and give you a clearer view of what is happening on our planet, with special reference to the role of business and politics in combating the environmental problems of our time. 

The best books about sustainability

As you can see, many environmentally conscious authors have already dealt with the topic of sustainability. I hope that you like the selection and you have also found an optimal book for you to start a more environmentally conscious and hopefully plastic-free life. Have fun reading!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

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