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Small wooden toothbrush

  • Sustainable bamboo toothbrushes for children
  • Gentle natural nylon bristles
  • Small brush head to reach all corners of the mouth
  • The perfect vegan bamboo wood toothbrush for kids
  • BPA and plastic free from packaging to product

The small wooden toothbrush for children guarantees healthy and plastic-free brushing teeth for the little ones. Finally, no more plastic in the mouth, but natural bamboo wood. This is healthier for their child and also ensures a cleaner planet in the future. After all, even the little ones want to live on a beautiful planet in the future.

But not only for the environment are the plastic free toothbrushes for children ingenious. The wooden handle of the Bamboo children toothbrushes is extra slightly thicker so that it is easier for children to grip. The natural, soft nylon bristles are optimally adapted to children's teeth and are particularly gentle on soft gums. The small, rounded brush head helps your child to reach the corners and hard-to-reach places in the child's mouth.

Why a bamboo toothbrush for children?

The wooden toothbrushes for children are natural and healthy, so that the environment and children's health are protected. Bamboo is a renewable, resource-saving raw material, because it grows very quickly and without fertilizers and pesticides. At the same time, bamboo has an antibacterial effect and is BPA-free, which is good for health.

Not only the bamboo handle of the toothbrushes is sustainable, but also the packaging of the plastic-free children's toothbrushes is completely biodegradable. For optimal tooth cleaning, the bamboo children's toothbrush should be replaced about every three months. It's a good thing that this almost exclusively produces compostable waste. Only the nylon bristles should be disposed of in the residual waste, either by pulling them out with pliers or simply breaking off the toothbrush head.

The children's toothbrushes without plastic are also vegan, as they are produced without animal ingredients.

What are the advantages of the plastic-free, small wooden toothbrush for children?

  • Wood children toothbrushes from sustainable bamboo
  • Guaranteed BPA free and plastic free
  • No pollutants in the mouth of children
  • Brush head and wooden handle shaped for children

Children toothbrushes without plastic for healthy tooth brushing

So that children always use their own plastic-free wooden toothbrushes, various animals are depicted on the handle. Of course, the sturdy and hygienic bamboo toothbrushes are also suitable for adults who prefer to brush their teeth with a small brush head or need especially soft bristles for sensitive gums. If you want to switch to bamboo, you can order the plastic-free children's bamboo toothbrushes online here.


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