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Stainless steel ear cleaner


  • Stainless steel ear cleaner without plastic
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Removes excess earwax
  • Ideal to prevent pain
  • Plastic-free from packaging to ear spoons
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With the stainless steel ear cleaners, clogged ears are a thing of the past. The ergonomically shaped handles and tips allow you to clean your ears safely and sustainably. Instead of pushing the earwax from right to left or even further back into the ear as with cotton swabs, you can collect it nicely and transport it out of the ear. This is why doctors recommend and use professional and specially designed ear cleaners like this one.

However, the ear cleaner is not only the more professional product, but also much more sustainable than cotton swabs. Cotton swabs are disposable products, are often made of plastic and require packaging. Thus, every time you buy cotton swabs, you create new plastic waste. With the stainless steel ear cleaners you can avoid all this by choosing a reusable product.

The application of the stainless steel ear cleaner is very simple. You rinse the ear cleaner before use, insert the appropriate end into the ear and pull the earwax outwards. Afterwards you should rinse the ear cleaner again and disinfect it regularly. So that you have the right end for every case, you get the cleaners in a practical set.

The advantages of plastic-free stainless steel ear cleaner

A particularly big advantage is the safe and good application of the cleaners, where you can really remove the earwax from the ear and end up with clean ears. This is facilitated by the different tips and handles. Also in terms of sustainability, the cleaners know how to convince, because it is a reusable product that is processed without plastic. Through reuse, you save resources and avoid unnecessary waste production. As always, you also save money in the long run when you buy a durable reusable product, since you no longer have to buy cotton swabs.

Here once again summarized all the advantages of stainless steel ear cleaner:

  • plastic free reusable product made of rust resistant stainless steel
  • Saves resources and money in the long term
  • Targeted and easy application
  • specially designed with different endings and handles

I can highly recommend a plastic-free stainless steel ear cleaner so you can keep your ears clean sustainably and avoid unnecessary waste and waste of resources.


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