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Stainless steel bucket

  • Plastic free stainless steel bucket with handle
  • Ideal bucket for the garden or household
  • Highly polished inside and out
  • Plastic-free from packaging to stainless steel bucket

With the plastic free stainless steel bucket you can replace all plastic buckets. This way you save the environment and avoid unnecessary plastic waste. The environmentally friendly stainless steel bucket is extremely stable, easy to clean and very solidly made. The practical carrying handle is stable and ensures easy handling.

The versatile Stainless steel bucket can be used, for example, as a water bowl, feeding bucket for animals, milking bucket, compost bucket or champagne cooler. No matter what you use it for, the highly polished stainless steel bucket always makes a shiny figure.

Why a plastic-free bucket made of stainless steel?

Unlike plastic, stainless steel bucket is much more durable and beautiful. However, the bucket without plastic is not only more practical, but also much more environmentally friendly. Stainless steel is completely recyclable and can be reused when you eventually dispose of the bucket. Plastic, on the other hand, often ends up in landfills and is not recycled, so the plastic waste decomposes over years in nature and ends up as microplastics in the oceans.

As a beverage cooler, stainless steel keeps the cold much better than plastic and also looks much classier, of course. So the sustainable bucket is an ideal drink cooler for parties. So the stainless steel bucket is the more beautiful and sustainable alternative to plastic buckets.

The stainless steel bucket is of course just as multifunctional as a plastic bucket and can be used as a gallant beverage cooler or practical cleaning bucket. Or you can use it to store small items such as tea lights. It is in no way inferior to the usual plastic bucket.

4 good reasons to buy the stainless steel bucket with handle

  • Available in three different sizes it can replace all plastic buckets
  • Versatile use for food, in the home and in the garden
  • High quality workmanship and easy to clean
  • Made of durable and highly polished stainless steel

Get the multifunctional stainless steel bucket and live plastic free

With the for the most diverse purposes usable plastic free stainless steel bucket you have a healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic waste. If you need a bucket right now, go for the sustainable alternative instead of the plastic product and order the stainless steel bucket online here.


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