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Overcome Existential Dread – 10 Tips On How To Deal With An Existential Crisis

Overcome Existential Dread – The Best Tips On How To Deal With Fears Of The Future

How can you overcome existential angst? If you're looking for help or a clear answer to this question, you've come to the right place! I'm sure that almost everyone is familiar with the uneasy feeling caused by worries about their future. After all, such existential fears can affect us all - regardless of our age or situation in life.

As a self-employed person ( is my full-time job), I know these fears from my own experience. The uncertainty of whether you'll be able to pay the next bill because you're not earning enough money or the economy is on shaky ground can be quite overwhelming and paralyzing. Especially in a world that is changing rapidly and often seems unstable.

In this article, I would therefore like to show you what existential fears are, where they come from and how to deal with them properly. Use the tips to look ahead with motivation and optimism. Let's go!

Definition: What is existential anxiety?

People who suffer from existential anxiety (often also called fear of life or fear of existence) are deeply afraid of fear losing the basis of their economic and social security in the future and then no longer be able to cope with the challenges of life.

For example, people worry about their own Jobown Freedomyour own Company or the proverbial own Roof over your head.

As a result, the fear of unemployment or financial ruin can become a constricting factor. Feeling of loss of control or helplessness in their own lives. Unfortunately, those affected often end up feeling sorry for themselves or blaming other people.

Causes: Why do many people suffer from existential fears?

Knowing and combating the causes of existential fear

There are often no obvious reasons for existential fears. They can also simply arise from the increased tendency of those affected to theoretically Massively overestimating dangers and risks.

Such fears are then partly due to a Pessimistic basic attitude and a Weak resilienceIn other words, a reduced ability to use personal crises to emerge stronger from them. With a rather negative view of the future, you fuel your fears even further and may well slip into depression.

A Basic understanding of such psychological patterns is therefore crucial for overcoming existential fears in the long term and instead seeing the opportunities that life offers us.

Apart from these psychological reasons, however, there are some clearly visible or noticeable causesthat trigger existential fears particularly frequently. I would also like to briefly introduce these to you here:

  • Economic uncertainty (e.g. inflation, job loss or unemployment)
  • Personal financial situation (e.g. over-indebtedness and insolvency)
  • Social pressure (e.g. expectations of a high standard of living)
  • Personal or family experience (e.g. Gambling addiction or insolvency of the parents)
  • Changes in the living environment (e.g. loss of home or divorce)
  • Lack of social security (e.g. health insurance or retirement provision)

10 tips: What to do against existential angst?

What to do if you have existential angst?

Now you also know why people (like you and me) sometimes feel threatened in their existence. So this is a good time to to counteract this unpleasantly oppressive feeling!

Use the following tips now to overcome possible existential angst, even in uncertain phases. stay confident and overcome any fears in life.

1. accept the situation in order to improve it

You may do not ignore or gloss over your feelings of anxiety or the current depressing, uncertain situationbut must recognize them as such. Because only if you accept things as they are can you really actively work on changing them for the better.

So use this mental basis to create goal-oriented Develop strategies. Put your fears and worries on paper. Identify the things that you can influence yourself and actively work on the respective solution.

2. think rationally instead of irrationally

If you have the Combat inner restlessness that your thoughts about the existential dangers of tomorrow trigger in you, then you should Critically question existential fear. Because we often make it bigger in our heads than it actually needs to be.

For example, answer the following question: What is the worst-case scenario? So what is the worst that can happen? You will usually be able to think of a few solutions for these situations, which should alleviate your worries somewhat.

Also remember this, that you are not alone. Also be aware that it is the uncertainty rather than the potential danger that triggers the stress in you - and that Around 80 percent of Germans have existential fears for a variety of reasons.

3. take stock and bring clarity to your finances

Money can't take away every worry, but it can take away many! Existential fears often have their origin in a strained financial situation. For example, many people are afraid of no longer being able to pay their bills due to a poor economic situation or not being able to pay their bills in retirement. Financially secure to be.

If you recognize yourself in this, then you should get an overview of your financial situation. Put everything back on paper and develop a Understanding your income, expenses and debts. For example, you can then determine how you Save money sustainably simply by following your heart.

Also invest in your financial educationso that you can make future-oriented financial decisions, which in turn will help you to overcome your existential angst.

Tip: Many people also fear the devaluation of their own money. Do you feel the same way? What tips and tricks can you use to Counteracting inflation I explain in more detail in the linked blog post.

4. care for (financial) security

When uncertainty is the triggerthen you should provide more security in order to overcome your existential fears!

How is that supposed to work? Here a few examplesto make this advice more tangible:

  • Are you afraid of being made redundant? Then invest in further training to develop your skills!
  • Are you worried because your account is always in the red at the end of the month? Then identify potential savings, set aside leftover money as an emergency fund and diversify your sources of income.
  • Are you worried about your future health? Then invest in a private health insuranceto enjoy first-class protection and preventive medical benefits.
  • Are you stressed by the low state pension in old age? Then invest in your retirement provision ... for example with a private pension insurance policy or by investing in gold and real estate.

In the end, however, I can assure you that the Experiences of life that give you security and confidence in yourself.

Tip: How to use your savings Invest money as sustainably as possible I will be happy to show you how to do this in a separate blog article.

5. take time for yourself and practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the key to getting out of existential angst

I also worry myself from time to time about what the future holds. That's why I have it on good authority that a more mindful lifestyle helps to overcome existential fears. 😉

I can only advise you to practice mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques, such as Meditation, deep breathing or yoga into your everyday life. By focusing on the here and now, you will help yourself to find your Reduce stress levelsmentally and emotionally more balanced and fundamentally become much more relaxed.

Additional Tip: Make a conscious effort to schedule me-time into your weekly diary. These fixed moments in which you Spending time with yourself and pursuing your hobbies, for example, provide peace, new perspectives, creativity and also a new self-confidence.

6. focus on your strengths and boost your self-confidence

Speaking of self-confidence! In phases of life in which your Self-esteem a little scratched the probability of suffering from existential fears is naturally somewhat higher.

So make sure your Strengthen self-confidence! Make yourself aware, what you have already achieved, what you are good at and that you are good the way you are.

Identify your personal and professional strengths and work on developing them further. Self-confidence ultimately builds up, when you become aware of your abilities and use them actively. With this knowledge, you can therefore also overcome your existential fear.

7. keep a gratitude diary

Positive thinking is important for overcoming existential angst. So I can only advise you to block out a few minutes every day, to write down the things you are grateful for in your life. A specially tailored gratitude diary is ideal for this. (my recommendation*)

The daily notes will help you with this, reinforce positive feelings and gratitude even more mindfully in your everyday life.

8. set yourself realistic goals and pursue them step by step

Existential fear has its Origin in personal challenges or problems! Accordingly, it takes a plan and active implementation to master and solve them.

For example, if your salary is too low, define for yourself Clear, achievable and measurable goals for your professional development. For example, decide what you want to earn in five years' time. Then break this big goal down into the necessary Intermediate goals (e.g. draw up a 5-year plan, ask for a promotion, do further training, etc.) and celebrate any progress.

This subdivision will help you significantly to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and always remain motivated to pursue your set goal.

9. replace your existential fear with a positive future scenario

In fact, your existential fear rests only on a theoretical fear and does not represent reality! Nobody can predict what will really happen!

Accordingly, it is also It is possible that exactly the positive will occurthat has not yet had a ticket for your carousel of thoughts. That's why you have the chance to turn the tables as soon as you feel your existential angst.

Then paint in my head an at least equally likely, positive scenario for the futureto contrast it with fear. You will quickly feel it diminish when you replace your "What if everything goes bad?" with "What if everything goes well?".

10. exchange ideas with other people

Stopping the fear of losing your livelihood through talks

Almost everyone can imagine what existential fears are - or has even experienced it themselves. That's why it's worth talking to other people about it. Experience has shown that a strong social network will always give you emotional and practical support.

So, for example, talk to your Parents or narrow Friend:inside about the things that weigh you down. You can also a mentor that you can use as a guide.

But at the latest when none of this helps and the existential fear has a noticeable impact on your everyday life or well-being, you should do not shy away from going to a therapy group or professional psychologist.

Tip: Speaking of talking to friends! In another article the best questions to get to know each other better put together. Use them for in-depth conversations, for example, or to keep conversations going.

Overcome existential fear and go your own way!

We can state that overcoming existential fears is a The challenge can be. But it can just as easily be a Opportunity for your personal development represent!

You now know the typical causes of existential worries and know how to deal with them. Whether it's acceptance, rational thinking, financial security, mindfulness, personal goal setting or sharing with other people: Use the tips to alleviate your fears of existence, to force new opportunities in life and to shape your life with a soothing confidence.

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."

Marie Curie (more at Fear Quotes)

Do you have any questions, suggestions or further advice for dealing with existential angst? Then, as always, feel free to write me a comment.

Stay positive and go your own way,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: I've also written a separate article on how to specifically Mastering fears of the future can. So feel free to pick up a few tips there too!

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