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Sustainable Resolutions – 25 Ideas & Goals for the New Year 2024

Sustainable New Year's Resolutions Ideas

Still looking for sustainable New Year's resolutions? Then here's an inspiring list of suggestions and ideas! The turn of the year is an ideal time to break bad habits and make new, healthier and more environmentally friendly behaviors part of your routine. But the plan to simply do something live more sustainably, is still a bit too abstract to lead to success with a high degree of certainty.

In this article I give you therefore now effective, promising ideas and formulations for sustainable New Year's resolutions along the way! You'll also get tips to help you put your plans into action. Let's go!

1. Stop eating meat

Vegan burgers as a sustainable alternative
Vegan beet and chickpea burger with veggies, guacamole and rye bun | Credits: © Photography ID:912207866

For the coming year, make a conscious decision not to do anything, or at least not to Eat less meat, to the brutal, resource-intensive Factory farming to counteract. CO2 emissions, animal feed cultivation and water consumption, for example, contribute massively to the Environmental problems of our time at.

Appropriate resolution: I'm not eating an ounce of meat in the new year.

2. Kbuy one more disposable fashion

Appreciate and care for the fashion you already have in your closet. And if it does have to be a new purchase, then get yourself a high quality garment, which is very well combined with the existing - entirely in the sense of the environmentally conscious Slow Fashion.

Appropriate resolution: I am not buying cheap fashion this year, only durable, fair trade quality goods.

3. buy organic and fair trade foods

A nice, sustainable New Year's resolution is also to consciously give preference to fairly and ecologically produced goods when shopping for food. You can recognize these primarily by eco-labels such as "Organic" and "Fairtrade. As a rule, the corresponding foods are somewhat more expensive than their conventional counterpart - nevertheless, I have made the experience that you can Saves money through a sustainable lifestylesimply because people spend less money on unnecessary items.

Appropriate resolution: Whenever possible, I buy in the new year Food of organic origin.

4. rid home of superfluous

How about making a sustainable New Year's resolution to clean out your home? That way, you can still sell items you no longer need, and give to the people who can still do something with it. They'll even save you a new purchase, and you'll enjoy the newfound manageability in your home.

Appropriate resolution: I complete the Online course "Cleaning out made easy* and free all rooms in my apartment from unnecessary ballast.

5. reduce food waste

You can still have so many Organic food If they end up in the garbage can, that is anything but a sustainable use of resources. natural resources. Fortunately, the own Reduce food waste in a targeted manner. For example, write yourself a Shopping list for the following week and shop strictly according to them. And rely on your senses rather than on the best-before date.

Appropriate resolution: In the new year, I don't waste food in my kitchen.

6. vegan diet for at least one month

For the vegan lifestyle there are finally ethical, health and countless ecological reasons.. For example, you're efficiently counteracting climate change and rainforest deforestation by substituting plant-based meals for meat, eggs and dairy. A good chance to start this sustainable resolution is the Veganuary.

Appropriate resolution: I am consciously eating a plant-based diet in the new year and am completing the Online course "Going vegan made easy.*

7. ride a bike to work regularly

In the new year, how about making it your goal to improve your Make commuting to work more sustainable and ride your bike to work more often? By avoiding car trips and pedaling yourself instead, you can make a real difference. Impact for the environment and not least also for your health generate. For the Riding a bike there are so many good reasons!

Appropriate resolution: I ride my bike to work at least 3 times a week.

8. switch to a green power supplier

Green electricity as a sustainable New Year's resolution

Every day we consume vast amounts of electricity. So that this energy at least comes from renewable sources such as Wind, solar and hydropower originates, the change, which usually takes only five minutes, to a favorable Green electricity-The new tariff is a key to more sustainable behavior in everyday life. Surely a New Year's resolution that can be implemented quickly, don't you think?

Appropriate resolution: I am doing a new year Green electricity comparison on a comparison portal* and switch to a green power provider.

9. watch a documentary about factory farming

Inform, inform , inform! Only new knowledge creates the will to change. If you don't know what goes on inside the walls of slaughterhouses and factory farms, it's easy to look the other way. Personally, the Documentation "Dominion the AHA-moment, so that I finally got an Eternal motivation had for the vegan lifestyle.

Simply because I became aware, What we humans do to innocent animals for no real reason. I have given you a list of other vegan docs compiled, which are also well suited as a New Year's resolution.

Appropriate resolution: I watch at least two documentaries about factory farming.

10. only buy things that you really need

I'm sure you also own an incredible amount of things that you don't really need at all. How did they even make it into your apartment? There are countless Things I no longer buy today - from ballpoint pens to ready-made meals to short-lived cheap fashion.

By being more conscious and reducing your consumption, you give more meaning to the things that are left over and create Space for calm and serenity. Therefore, with a clear resolution for the New Year, let the Minimalism to conserve the planet's resources and your wallet.

Appropriate resolution: I only buy things in the new year that are absolutely essential for me.

Book Tip: Extremely recommended for this project is the Book "The Minimalism Project by Christof Herrmann. You get it here*.

11. switch to an ethical bank

Banks invest your invested money - which bank you invest it with lays the foundation for what exactly it will be invested in. So that companies that work with Arms trade, coal and nuclear power and any human rights violations are not supported by your money, switching to a green bank is an appropriate, sustainable New Year's resolution.

Appropriate resolution: I am opening an account with an ethical bank in the new year.

12. reduce own plastic waste

Plastic waste in the environment is a massive problem, to which from private households mainly Disposable products contribute. Therefore, take it upon yourself to reduce your waste in the sense of the plastic-free lifestyle steadily, by replacing the products with Replaces reusable alternatives and buys food in bulk.

Appropriate resolution: I only produce a maximum of one yellow bag full of trash in the whole month of January.

13. buy food regionally and seasonally

Sustainable resolutions: consume regionally and seasonally

Many vegetables and fruits have traveled countless air miles before they finally make it to our supermarkets (preferably at any time of year). To ensure that they survive the journey, they are injected, packed in plastic or refrigerated. A beautiful project would be it nevertheless, completely consciously regional and buy seasonally, to natural Conserve resources and to obtain healthy food that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Appropriate resolution: I deliberately buy only regional and seasonal produce in January.

14. minimize power consumption

Every day we charge our cell phone or even car, turn on the TV and laptop - and constantly surf and stream on the Internet. Especially in times when you're inevitably in the Organize home office must, we consume more electricity in our own homes than ever before.. Often it even still comes from fossil fuels.

A sensible New Year's resolution for environmental protection is therefore to consciously Save electricity. For example, by using timers, cooking with lids or streaming less on TV.

Appropriate resolution: I'm cutting my electricity consumption in half in the new year.

15. Do not get on the plane

You probably belong to the small one, privileged part of the world populationwho can afford to fly on an airplane. But that doesn't mean you have to use this option all the time. In the new year, simply try to consciously avoid flights and take the train more often in order to save your Climate Budget and not to live at the expense of nature.

Appropriate resolution: I'm not getting on a plane in the coming year.

16. Start some DIY projects

In order to avoid a new purchase and thus also the achievement of the planetary boundaries stay awayYou can set your sights on DIY projects for the future. For example, build a Dining table from old oak planks or make your own free dishwashing detergent made from ivy leaves. You can get more inspiration for such sustainable resolutions in the DIY Blog.

Appropriate resolution: I pull off at least three DIY projects after the start of the year.

17. Take over a sponsorship

We're doing pretty well, aren't we? Countless children and animals rather less so. It is therefore a sustainable resolution, Take responsibility in the form of a child or animal sponsorship and thus also make someone else happy. Also the Admission of a dog from animal protection would be an idea. Such acts provide joy for another - and also put a smile on your own face.

Appropriate resolution: I am taking on a sponsorship for the new year.

18. vacation in Germany

Germany has so much to offer! A sustainable resolution for next year is to experience the country consciously, to avoid the airfare and CO2 emissions and here equally relaxing or exciting vacation alternatives to discover. Short travel distances are an important key for sustainable travel.

Appropriate resolution: I am spending my vacation in Germany in the New Year.

19. grow your own food

Sustainable New Year's resolution: Grow your own vegetables

Homegrown food is not only inexpensive, but also extremely sustainable. Finally, long transports, high water consumption and cultivation in energy-intensive greenhouses are eliminated. An environmentally conscious New Year's resolution is therefore to grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruits in the garden or on the balcony.

Geeign intent: I'm growing my own tomatoes and lettuce this year.

20. drink tap water instead of mineral water

The profit from mineral water can dry out entire regions. Finally, it is packaged in plastic bottles and sold at a high price. Tap water can be flavored with mint and lemonIt's so much cheaper and so much more readily available in the home. A sensible, sustainable New Year's resolution, right? 

Appropriate resolution: I won't buy packaged bottled water next year and will drink tap water instead.

21. use heating efficiently

Heating your own four walls costs a lot of energy and therefore also money. Apart from an investment in a ecological insulation, it is also worth it, to heat only the necessary rooms as you really need it.

Short shock ventilation instead of having a tilted window open all the time, and wearing a sweater instead of a T-shirt, are other simple keys to a sustainable heating behavior as a New Year's resolution.

Appropriate resolution: I'm cutting my heating costs in half next year.

22. make garden a mecca of biodiversity

Nothing is sadder than a low-maintenance but lifeless gray gravel garden. Give a home to birds, insects, hedgehogs and countless other animals and provide shelter and food in their own greenery. With a sustainable garden you can add to the global species extinction counteract a little bit.

Appropriate resolution: I'm making my garden a vibrant, green paradise in the new year.

23. second hand shopping

Second-hand purchases have long since shed their dusty image - above all because, as a rule, they are less expensive and more resource-efficient than a new purchase. The Second hand advantages are definitely in the majority. For example, take it upon yourself to buy a well-cared-for sweater or a smartphone in good condition used. 

Appropriate resolution: I'm replacing at least ten new purchases with used purchases in the new year.

24. save water at home

The Water shortage is already a massive environmental problem today. In our everyday lives, we consume water directly and indirectly. Directly, through the Use of the toilet flushing or the Shower - and indirectly, for example, through the consumption of food from water-intensive cultivation. One sustainable resolution for the New Year is therefore to consciously Save water, to the Counteract water scarcity.

Geeign intent: I'm cutting my water consumption in half in the new year.

25. support or organize a CleanUp

New Year's resolution: support beach cleanup campaign

I'm sure you're also tired of seeing the garbage in the environment - the causative behavior for this is called Littering! In addition to the conscious avoidance of waste, the Participation in a cleanup event certainly an exciting, sustainable New Year's resolution. Alternatively, you can simply make your own Organize CleanUps or instead of jogging simply "plogging go

Geeign intent: I support at least one CleanUp campaign in the new year.

Tips to help you stick to your sustainable New Year's resolutions!

Stop smoking, consume less sweets and exercise more - these are classic New Year's resolutions. However, experience has shown that people quickly fail to meet their own New Year's resolutions. Essential Change is often difficult for us!

Here are some valuable tips to help you stay on the ball and not pull the ripcord in mid-January:

  • Formulate your goal in a meaningful way: Use the SMART formula and formulate your goals for the new year in a specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and timely manner. The wording should also have a positive tone. For example, "I'll start with..." is more effective than "I'll stop with...".
  • Set intermediate goals: Reach your goal in small stages and increase steadily! The bigger the goal, the more intermediate steps you should plan to master.
  • Make your goal visible: Hang a picture of your sustainable New Year's resolution on your fridge so you can always keep it in mind.
  • Share your goal with others: On the one hand, to give yourself a little fire under your butt through the commitment, on the other hand, to achieve the goal ideally together with like-minded people.
  • Know the reasons behind your New Year's resolution: Take it easy, but have your intrinsic motives for change in mind at all times so you are always motivated.

Formulate sustainable resolutions and follow through!

It's powerful that you're making a conscious effort to change your reduce ecological footprint - but it's really admirable when you can achieve a goal that has been formulated as specifically as possible.

But don't put too much pressure on yourself to achieve your goals: resolutions often fail because you lose the fun. Contributing to the protection of the planet you live on should be motivation enough, right? 😉

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi (more at Environmental protection quotes)

I hope that some of the ideas for sustainable New Year's resolutions appeal to you and that you formulate personal goals from them. Do you have any questions, suggestions or other sustainable resolutions for the new year? Then I'm looking forward to your comments!

Happy New Year and a happy, healthy and successful New Year,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: You could fulfill another good and environmentally friendly resolution on New Year's Eve: you can find out more about this at Celebrate New Year's Eve sustainably without fireworks. Have fun!

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

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