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Collect karma points - This is how'it works!

How to Improve Your Karma – 20 Tips to Attract Good Karma

You want to improve your karma and actively try to collect new karma points? Then you've come to the right place! We live in a time in which we have to deal with dozens of massive societal and ecological problems that we ourselves have created. No one has to save the world on their own - but we can all contribute every day to making life on earth much more pleasant for all living beings. Whether we are simply holding the door open for someone or introducing a new, future-oriented lifestyle to a friend.

In this article I would like to show you what karma is and how you can do something for your karma on a social or ecological level in everyday life. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Do not throw away food
  2. Go donate blood
  3. Give honest compliments
  4. Make your garden a paradise
  5. Repair something instead of throwing it away
  6. Eat a plant based diet
  7. Use green electricity
  8. Adopt a dog from the shelter
  9. Store local
  10. Take a vacation at home
  11. Start a CleanUp
  12. Give someone a good recommendation
  13. Consciously avoid waste
  14. Become a Food Sharer
  15. Appreciate your clothes
  16. Teach someone something new
  17. Refrain from disposable products
  18. Actively support other people
  19. Forgive other people for a bad deed
  20. Be grateful for what you have

Definition: What is karma anyway?

In dictionaries, karma is commonly referred to as "the action determining the form of a person's rebirth, or the present destiny conditioned by past action". designated.

This is a Buddhist principleThe first is that every action has a consequence that can be seen in a person's present life or even after his or her possible rebirth.

"Karma is not a menu. You get served what you deserve."

Proverb (more at Karma Quotes)

From my point of view, above all human values such as appreciation, respect, helpfulness, solidarity or gratitude. Just positive traitsthat each of us would call human. Any actions that contradict these good values will in turn jeopardize your karma account. In short: you will reap what you sow.

20 tips: How can I improve my karma?

Improve karma - respect and appreciation

So we ourselves are responsible for what happens to us in life. Then let us not torch ourselves for long. Maybe you have something to make up for or just try to be very basic, to become a better person.

Either way, this is a wise decision. The following ideas will definitely help you improve your karma. Have fun with the implementation!

1. do not throw away food

Worldwide, about 1.3 billion tons of the food produced is thrown away every year.₁ At the same time, however, about 10 percent of all people on earth go hungry.₂ So it seems only logical that you can improve your karma, by appreciating the food on your plate, as well as its cultivation and transport process.

For example, try to consciously plan your shopping for the coming week. And stick strictly to your shopping list to avoid impulse purchases that could later end up in the trash can in excess.

Tip: In a more detailed post, you'll learn a lot more advice to make your personal Reduce food waste.

2. go donate blood

Blood is unique and not artificial or replaceable by other substances. Therefore you are most likely to save the lives of others through your blood donationwho are desperately looking for your blood. Inform yourself but simply times with the help of a sustainable search engine about the nearest blood donation opportunities in your area.

Even more karma points: Do you already have an organ donor card? If you have a fatal accident, you automatically give permission for your organs to be used to save other people's lives. You can get it from your health insurance company or the pharmacy around the corner, for example.

3. give honest compliments

It has a positive effect on your own karma if you occasionally give other people open, honest and heartfelt about why they are so wonderful. Affection that comes from the bottom of the heart releases beneficial happiness hormones.

However, you should only give compliments in measured doses and only if they are meant in all seriousness. This way you will not only impress your conversation partner, but also also make yourself happy.

4. make your garden a paradise

You can also earn karma points by being natural! For example in your own, preferably sustainable garden. Abandon gray gravel roads at your own house and create the basis for a paradise full of life with birds and dozens of other animals.

By providing them with nesting opportunities and food supply, you can improve your karma - and quite incidentally the restful birdsong and bustle in the garden from the Hammock observe

Tip: How exactly you create a lively garden paradise, you will learn in the detailed article about the Creation of a bird friendly garden.

5. repair something instead of throwing it away

Stop! Before you throw your shoes in the trash can, take them to the cobbler again. They live from the repair and can fit you with a new sole for a few euros, for example.

And if your smartphone is broken again: just have it repaired instead of buying a new one. Respect the valuable, rare earths in the device - and the hard work required to win them. Because respect and appreciation create karma points!

Fittingly I can offer you the Book "Culture of Repair by Wolfgang M. Heckl. Here you get it*.

6. eat a plant-based diet

I really can not think of a more meaningful actthan the personal conversion to a plant-based diet. For your dietary habits no longer need animals in the Factory farming are kept in cramped cages, mistreated and finally killed.

Also at the Deforestation of the rainforests for the production of soy meal as animal feed and for the creation of pasture land, you are no longer involved. This in turn counteracts the global species extinction against. And since more plants are thus available for our direct consumption, you also contribute to the Stop world hunger.

I can go on with this list forever! Look at the best the continuing article Reasons for veganism on! You will bathe in karma points if you take the step to vegan living.

Tip: If you're not yet inspired and motivated enough to start eating a conscious plant-based diet, be sure to check out these vegan documentaries view!

7. use green electricity

The electricity in your household should ideally come from sustainable sources such as Wind, water or solar energy and not from CO2-guzzling coal or radioactive nuclear power. Switching from conventional to green electricity providers is really easy and will improve your karma.

Above all, because your electricity does not require people to risk their lives underground, nor does it require the destruction of settlement areas or natural landscapes. You also make the dangerous storage of nuclear waste over thousands of years superfluous.

In five minutes you can now make a green electricity comparison here* and rely on green energy in the future.

8. adopt a dog from the shelter

Collect karma points and save animals

Instead of buying an animal from a kennel, you can simply visit the local animal shelter and adopt a dog, cat or mouse there. In this way you relieve the animal shelter and can make another living being extremely happy.

Or you can volunteer at the animal shelter. Support is always needed - whether you're walking, petting or cleaning up. Alternatively, you can also Adopt dog from animal shelterlike me.

Tip: At Help animals in everyday life you will learn many more things you can do for wildlife.

9. store local

Bad karma is, among other things, the result of selfish actions. We humans tend to do this, To take the path most convenient for ourselves. For example, we love to order books on the Internet from large corporations, and we buy fruit and vegetables from huge supermarket chains.

If you want to improve your karma, you should more often shop at local bookstores and small fruit and vegetable vendors. This is the easiest way to support the people in your region. The personal conversation with them makes your purchase a special experience.

10. take a vacation at home

Surely the vacation in Germany is also already a logical Conclusion from the Corona pandemic! However, not only in these precarious times, but quite generally, you should more recreation time in our beautiful country schedule.

This way you avoid climate-damaging flights by plane and at the same time you can discover the local nature for little money. Let yourself be guided by the most extraordinary destinations in Germany inspire to earn even more karma points.

Notice: At the latest when you think about the fact that 90 percent of the people on our planet have never seen the inside of an airplane₃, you should understand what a comfortable life situation you are in to even have the chance to get on a plane.

11. start a CleanUp

People who throw trash into the environment will lose karma points. This is because they contribute to About one million seabirds and 135,000 marine mammals die each year due to our plastic mania..₄

Do better and create good karma by organize a Beach CleanUp or regularly Plogging operate. You simply collect the trash that others have made. This makes for a more aesthetically pleasing environment and saves animal lives!

Tip: Also on vacation you can collect garbage and provide for your own destiny. Simply use our Map for worldwide CleanUpsto find a suitable organizer at your destination!

12. give someone a good recommendation

Recommendations are personal, trusting and in most cases also very helpful. If you want to improve your karma, you should regularly give other people a good recommendation or two based on your own experience.

This can be, for example, a good book, a wonderful movie, a stylish restaurant and even a new job be. Or how about making a positive rating for a specific provider or supplier on the Internet in order to recommend them to other Internet users? There's really no limit to what you can do with this advice.

Here are some personal book recommendations from me for you:

13. consciously avoid waste

Picking up trash is good! It's even better if you don't create the trash in the first place. Because even if the rumor circulates, we Germans are absolutely no recycling world champions. Large quantities are in fact shipped abroad every year. This waste is considered recycled and unjustifiably boosts the recycling rate.

For example, to improve your karma, you can get a large stainless steel water bottle and drink tap water from it in the future. You won't need plastic bags either if you simply go shopping with a reusable jute bag or a backpack.

In these continuing articles you will learn much more about the Zero Waste Lifestyle experienced

Book Tip: For sure then my first Book "Plastic-free for beginners something for you! Here you can get it directly from the publisher*.

14. become a food sharer

You can prevent food waste not only in your own household, but in other businesses as well. As a food sharer:in you rescue food from bakeries, cafes and restaurantswho would otherwise throw their remaining but still extremely tasty goods in the garbage can. You would not believe how much Money you save with it and how many neighbors and needy people you can make happy with it.

Tip: If you also want to earn karma points as a Foodsharer:in, you can read about it in the post about the Food Sharing about how exactly this works.

15. appreciate your clothes

Fashion from sustainable fabrics is a good step. But it's no use if we continue to consume without restraint. By being more sustainable and respectful with your clothes, you'll save an incredible amount of virtual water and a lot of packaging waste - and you'll spare the natural resources of the earth.

At the same time, among other things, you free the people, dhe cheap fashions have to be sewn together in dirty, cramped factory hallsfrom their constraints. For example, look for the Fairtrade seal on fashion items and consciously buy second-hand fashion.

In the detailed article about the Slow Fashion Movementyou'll learn exactly how to be environmentally conscious with your clothing.

16. teach someone something new

When was the last time someone taught you something? I am sure you are still grateful to that person today. You, too, can do many things that others cannot. Therefore, set yourself the goal of teaching someone else something new.

For example, you can teach your son, daughter, wife, or husband how to play the piano or teach a particular foreign language. Just as well you can show a colleague how to work with the new office software or how to write a target-oriented advertising text.

In any case, it is important for karma that you help others to develop personally. At the same time and quite automatically, you also promote your own development.

Tip: At Help people you will get more information. In addition, you will learn in another article, why it makes us happy to help others.

17. renounce disposable products

Who leaves trash in the environment, can never be sure what will happen to it afterwards. Maybe a sea turtle dies from your six-pack ring, which merely helped you carry the beer to the beach for a few minutes. Or maybe a young bird gets your Plastic straw because his parents used him as nesting material. This has all happened before - and creates bad karma for the (unconscious) perpetrators.

So if you want to collect karma points and not lose them, you should prefer to avoid such scenarios in advance. Avoid unnecessary waste by opting for reusable alternatives.

18. actively support other people

Support - improve karma and earn karma points

You can help people indirectly by vegan diet and contribute on a daily basis to the Stop climate change. But people can also benefit from your help in a direct way. For example, you can become a reading mentor and read books to children on a regular basis. Or simply listen to a friend and stand by them when something is bothering them.

Or how about just bringing a homeless person outside the mall some fruit and something to drink from the store? It's also the little things that improve your karma.

Feel free to read in the post about dozens of examples of good deeds in everyday life inspire.

Tip: In the same way can also animal welfare organizations need your support! This can be a financial donation or also the active support on site. In the linked article you can inform yourself.

19 Forgive other people for a bad deed

Nobody is perfect. We have all done something to someone that we deeply regret. That is how you should look at it when you have been hurt by someone. By forgiving other people for what they have done, you are doing something good - for the other person, for your soul and for your karma.

20. be grateful for what you have

It costs absolutely nothing to be grateful for what you have - or for what others give you. Gratitude simply changes everything for the better. I can only recommend such a gratitude diary* and record in it what you are especially grateful for on that particular day.

"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude."

Karl Barth (more at Gratitude Quotes)

Make others laugh or provide other, positive things in their lives. Take revenge when someone has done something good to you - and write your loved ones but just time again a postcard.

Frequently asked questions about karma

What is meant by karma?

In the ancient Indian language, karma means "deed" or "effect. Karma describes a spiritual concept according to which every physical or mental action inevitably brings a consequence - either in the current life of the respective person or in the life after his death.

How do I get good karma?

Good karma requires good deeds. Above all, be cordial, courteous, fair, honest, compassionate, supportive, grateful and attentive - and treat others as you would like to be treated.

Especially a conscious, solidary and sustainable way of life, i.e. acting in the sense of the whole humanity and future generations, will improve your karma account.

What is bad for karma?

Immoral, bad and sinful deeds worsen your karma. These include, for example, wasteful, greedy, aggressive, malicious or selfish actions. Mental or physical violence, hatred, envy and jealousy also cost karma points.

Collect karma points through human behavior

Thoughts shape your words. Words shape your actions. Actions form your habits. Habits form your character. And character shapes your destiny. The principle of karma is relatively simple. It is just as easy to do something for your karma on a daily and even casual basis. Heartfelt human behavior is the key.

After this article, you now have the best tips and lots of inspiration at hand to improve your karma. Do you have questions or more tips to collect even more karma points? Then feel free to write me a comment!

Stay human,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Are you bothered by a grievance in our society that you want to change for the better? Then simply start a petition to do something about it. At Start online petition you will now find out how it works!

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