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Why Go Vegan? 10 Reasons For A Plant-Based Diet And The Vegan Lifestyle

Why Go Vegan? 10 Reasons For A Plant-Based Diet And The Vegan Lifestyle

Why should you live vegan and give up animal products? Many vegan:inside preach the reasons for Vegetable diet too emotional, too intrusive and too annoying for some, so that you quickly switch off. But vegans actually know their personal motivation for plant-based nutrition just too well already. Those who eat a lot of meat and other animal foods may not yet - or not so much - have dealt with the problems and consequences that come with this way of eating.

In this article, I would therefore like to show you calmly which reasons speak for the plant-based diet and why veganism convinces more and more people.

Here are the reasons at a glance:

  1. Stop cruelty to animals and factory farming
  2. End deforestation of the rainforests
  3. Halting climate change
  4. Show respect for hungry people
  5. Stop water shortage
  6. Enjoy new, delicious and varied meals
  7. Promote own health and live long
  8. Prevent killing of animals
  9. Develop personally
  10. Use large and diverse offer

Notice: I refer to the essentials in my explanations - but give you in-depth articles in each case, in which you can then learn more if you wish.

10 reasons: Why should I eat a plant-based diet and go vegan?

What are the reasons why around 1.3 million people in Germany are already vegan and more than 8 million vegetarians:₁ The personal motivation to give up animal foods is usually a mix of health, justice, ethics and animal welfare, environmental protection and enjoyment.

"Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act."

Albert Einstein (more under Animal welfare quotes)

To be fair, I should explain this to you in a little more detail - because anyone can babble! Here are the most important reasons for a plant-based diet at a glance.

Tip: More Veganism statistics you can find in the linked article!

1. stop cruelty to animals and factory farming

Why vegan? Factory farming with pigs
Cruel treatment of animals drives most people to go vegan / © PETA Germany e.V.

Why vegan? My personal main reason for vegan diet is the Protection of animals from exploitation by humans - and associated with it from physical and emotional pain, which is not even necessary. Cows are kept in the Factory farming artificially made permanently pregnant so that they always give milk. Milk that is actually intended for their calves, which in turn are snatched from their mothers just a few hours after birth. Pigs have their tails cut off and their teeth sharpened so that they don't nibble each other in factory farming. In order for them to be able to endure all this physically at all, we give them antibiotics.

Our consumption of animal products only satisfies luxury needs and has no deeper meaning. Why should I contribute to the exploitation and ultimately the killing of living beings if I don't have to? Added to this is the Liquid manurewhich results from the mass keeping of livestock and pollutes the soil, groundwater, and the food grown on it with nitrates and antibiotic residues. In addition, so much manure is produced on farms in densely populated metropolitan regions that it is sold to regions with more land and ultimately transported hundreds of kilometers away.

Besides the already linked topics you will find here further articles, where you can learn more about this reason for plant-based diets:

2. end deforestation of the rainforests

Why vegan? Deforestation of the rainforests

Why vegan? Plant-based nutrition is not only about mental and physical protection of animals. An important reason for this diet is also the Species protection in the fight against global species extinction. As the forest disappears, so do shelter, food opportunities and the basis of life for animals and plants. In addition, deforestation exacerbates global warming.

To the massive Deforestation leads, above all, our way of eating. In a Nutshell: Farm animals such as cows and pigs need a lot of protein-rich feed - soybean meal. To meet the growing demand for meat and to grow more soy, (rain) forests are therefore being cut down. Incidentally, also to make more room for more pasture. The massive deforestation is therefore an important reason for many vegans to decide on a plant-based diet.

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3. stop climate change

Global warming as reason for plant-based diet

Why vegan? The global warming belongs to the largest Environmental problems of our time - and further exacerbates many other challenges. The Factory farming (or meat, egg and dairy industry). is responsible for about 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissionsthat accelerate global warming.₂

For many people, however, climate change is not a really tangible and thus - quite contrary to reality - less urgent problem. However, animal welfare in one's own consumption behavior is tangible and automatically ensures more climate-friendly behavior in everyday life.

Energy and water consumption, animal transport, deforestation, ice melt. Everything is interrelated. One of the many important reasons for a plant-based diet is therefore that only by consuming meat more consciously will we be able to achieve the global climate targets that have been set.

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4. show respect for hungry people

Why vegan? Stop hunger and respect

Why vegan? Because with a plant-based diet we feed all the people in the world and the global famine can combat. To produce one kilogram of beef in Germany, 1.7 kilograms of grain are needed. And currently, 60 percent of the grain used in Germany is used as animal feed.₃ One reason for vegan nutrition is therefore primarily that fewer farm animals need to be fed in the long term and more food can be used for (starving) people.

Those who eat a vegan diet also show more respect towards people who live from the sale of food - such as farmers or fishermen - and all people who are daily afraid of not getting anything to eat. In addition, a climate-friendly diet is respectful to the people who are already threatened by rising sea levels.

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Tip: I have written you another detailed article about Veganism and human rights written. Be sure to check it out to learn how being vegan promotes respect for human rights.

5. stop water shortage

Stop water scarcity - reasons for plant-based nutrition

Why vegan? Because our way of eating massively contributes to the environmental problem of the Water shortage contributes. Each of us consumes water directly (e.g. through showers or the toilet flush) and indirect (e.g. through the consumption of beef). Just to produce one kilogram of beef, about 15,500 liters of water are needed for growing feed, watering, cleaning stalls and other things.₄

Increasing water scarcity, in turn, is leading to crop failures for many people, which will affect their Threaten existence and the Threaten food security. For many vegans, this is an important reason for the plant-based diet.

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6. enjoy new, delicious and varied meals

Why vegan? Because plant-based meals are delicious

Why vegan? Because vegan meals are simply unbelievably delicious. You can still have schnitzel, cheese and burgers with fries - just without animal products: Vegetable cutlet, almond-based cheese and burger with amaranth patty.

Basically, not much changes: except that after a short period of getting used to it, you realize that the choice of meals is suddenly much bigger than before. Only more environmentally and socially compatible. That is an important reason for the vegan nourishing way.

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7. promote own health and live long

Stay healthy - reasons for plant-based nutrition

Why vegan? To stay physically fit and healthy. Vegans and vegetarians have on the one hand a lower risk of common diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, strokes and obesity.₅

On the other hand, the reduced probability of Spread and transmission of diseasessuch as the coronavirus, is lower due to the absence of animal products. An important reason for the plant-based diet for many vegans is also that a Most of the antibiotics available to us humans are fed to farm animals and the drugs are also found as residues in the meat. This creates resistance in the human body, which can ultimately become life-threatening for ourselves.

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Tip: Be sure to see the movie "The Game Changers" on! There, competitive athletes are presented who have been eating only vegan for years and are still successful.

8. prevent killing of animals

Reasons for vegan diet - Why?

Why vegan? Because also the "species-appropriate" but just also profit-oriented keeping of farm animals ultimately leads to the early and unwanted death of animals. Whether organic or conventional: the Slaughter can not be humane - and no animal likes to die. One of many good reasons to live vegan is therefore also that you do not want other living beings to suffer and die for your own taste buds.

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9. develop personally

Why vegan? Develop personally

Why vegan? Because veganism is an important step towards showing more humanity again. Plant-based diets are neither unmanly nor soft. It is human. Anyone who informs themselves about vegan nutrition, as you have just done, shows that they question things and, if necessary, are also prepared to optimize their own behavior.

Vegan nutrition is honest, fair, healthy and contemporary and allows you to enjoy life in spite of - or because of - that.

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10. use large and diverse offer

Wide range from reason for vegan diet

Why vegan? Because it is absolutely no longer complicated is to eat only plant-based products. The supermarkets are full of them. The diverse range is another reason why more and more people are opting for the environmentally, animal and socially responsible vegan diet. All you have to do is Allow change slowly and just try some "new" foods.

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Can you think of other reasons to eat a plant-based diet? Then feel free to write me a comment with your personal motivation!

Why vegan? Good reasons for veganism and plant-based diet

I'm sure you can identify with many and maybe even all of the reasons for veganism mentioned. Perhaps after this article you will also have a greater understanding of why some Vegan:inside often annoying or appear intrusive 😉 .

Giving up meat and other animal products is simply an emotional issue - both for those who have always eaten meat and for those who have been abstaining from animal products for ages. It is simply important to question one's own behavior - and that of others - again and again. Only then can we recognize what really drives people.

To avoid possible Prejudices against the vegan lifestyle I can warmly recommend you the Book "Vegan is nonsense to the heart. Get it here*.

"I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live."

Albert Schweitzer

Whether you're vegan or not here are three questions to finish with that you should personally answer and think about further:

  • Why do you eat meat, cheese and why do you drink cow's milk?
  • Your taste buds or the lives of animals?
  • Can you imagine killing the animal you eat yourself?

Do you have any suggestions or questions about this article? And can you think of any other reasons that speak for a vegan lifestyle? Then just write me a comment.

Be always kind to animals,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Especially in the animal welfare blog you can learn much more about the reasons for a vegan lifestyle. For example, educate yourself with the article Are zoos up to date? an opinion about the keeping of animals in zoos.

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