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Move sustainably

Move sustainably - 10 tips for an environmentally friendly move

How can you move as sustainably as possible? If you're about to move to a new home and are asking yourself this question, you've come to the right place! On the one hand, moving house is a lot of fun, but on the other hand it's also a lot of stress. On the one hand, because it's exhausting, and on the other, because it can also be quite harmful to the environment due to transportation, items ending up in the garbage or the subsequent renovation.

In this article, I would therefore like to give you some valuable tips on how to make your move as environmentally friendly as possible. Let's go!

10 tips for a sustainable move

As always, no one has to be perfect live sustainably and move accordingly! It's great that you're even finding out about how to minimize your impact on the environment when you move. There are lots of ways to do this, which I would now like to introduce to you in more detail.

1. use the move to clear out superfluous items

A move is the ideal opportunity to limit your possessions to really important things. Firstly, because you won't have to transport so many things. And secondly, because a minimalist lifestyle simply makes you happy. Logical! After all, everyone knows the crammed cellar or those drawers in which all that useless junk you bought or received as a gift ends up. But someone can still use these things - and if, in the end, it is the recycling center that recycles the resources used for this purpose.

2. use moving boxes and textiles instead of plastic bags and pack logically

Sustainable moving tips

Moving boxes are often found in the blue garbage can because others have disposed of them there. But they can be reused forever. For an environmentally friendly move, you can also borrow so-called "turtle boxes" from Obi, for example. These are simply sturdy and foldable, but all the more useful transport boxes.

If you want to move sustainably, you should also avoid unnecessary waste of material and be careful with the paper tape, for example. Classic moving boxes in particular are designed so that they can be sealed without adhesive tape.

Tip: Of course, you should grab particularly heavy moving boxes from underneath so that they don't collapse under the weight - and so that nothing valuable gets broken!

3. rent an electronic moving van

If there is no way around a removal van, then it should at least be climate friendly be. Many providers already use electric vehicles - and if you have enough space, you can also use one for your move. Car sharing car borrow

If your new home is not too far away, you may also be able to make an environmentally friendly move by Cargo bike on. You might ride a few more times - but you'll be on the road even more sustainably.

Tip: With Sustainable driving I have written another article for you with lots of easy-to-implement tips on how to make car journeys as environmentally friendly as possible.

4. give away, donate or sell things you no longer need

Anything that no longer fits in your vehicle or no longer gives you any added value is sorted out. You can find many things on portals such as eBay Classifieds (see Zero Waste Apps), regional Facebook groups sell or on the Flea market and fill up your moving fund a little. Your "next tenant" may also be able to use some things - bulky cupboards or an old TV, for example. Perhaps a charity in your area will also accept your clothes that have been sorted out but are still intact.

Tip: You can find out more about using methods in an environmentally friendly way in the article on the Slow Fashion Movement.

5. use cloths as breakage protection

Sometimes the tips for sustainable moving are so incredibly simple, I know. But when you're moving, it's not uncommon for things to fall or break when you bump the banister. To prevent this from happening, you should All-purpose weapon of the plastic-free life use: Reusable cloths! Wrap glasses, cups and plates in them or use them to protect the edges of valuable pieces of furniture.

Tip: Also, if you have a plastic free party or organizing events, this transport method is ideal for plates, glasses and the like!

6. avoid unnecessary journeys

CO2 emissions play a particularly important role in the sustainability of removals. Both the Journeys from friends and familywho arrive to help, as well as the Transport trips itselfshould therefore be avoided as far as possible. If possible, try to complete the entire move "in one go"!

Further information about the underlying Environmental issues you also get in the article about global warming and air pollution.

7. buy used instead of new

Anyone who wants to move sustainably should, after sorting out superfluous things but not immediately buy hundreds of things new. Just as you bought used, you can buy used. So can save you money through sustainability! For example, take another look at the flea market or eBay classifieds for cool, old furniture that perhaps just needs a polish or a new look. make your new dining table from old oak planks yourself right now. (see also DIY furniture blog)

Tip: And when you buy new things, make a conscious effort to ensure that they are As durable as possible are and are awarded with environmentally friendly seals.

8. if necessary: plan a trip to the recycling center

Things often accumulate in the cellar that cannot simply be disposed of with household waste. For example, an old toaster, countless empty batteries or a printer that no longer works. Make sure you do this in general, but especially when moving house sustainably, that you have created Separate waste correctly. A trip to the nearest recycling center is usually unavoidable. Ideally, you can do this straight away with the electric removal van.

Tip: More about the Correct disposal of electronic waste you can find out in the linked article!

9. sustainable renovation in the new home

When painting the walls of your new home, make a conscious decision to use natural paint that is not harmful to health. Terms such as "solvent-free" or "organic" and "eco" on the packaging of paints and varnishes. For ecological and health reasons, you should make sure that new wallpapers are PVC-free and if possible also from recycled waste paper are. This conserves natural resources.

You can also take the opportunity to optimize your household in the future. Green electricity switch. It's not expensive - and the changeover only takes a few minutes! If you have bought your own home, then it is particularly worth investing in better thermal insulation.

Notice: Paints and varnishes must also be disposed of properly. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging. You can often return the empty buckets or cans to the DIY store. However, every city also has appropriate collection points for harmful substances.

10. use the move to make lasting changes

A move is an opportunity to get rid of superfluous items. clean out and your new home a fresh coat to miss out. But these two things also apply very well to your lifestyle.

In new surroundings, for example, it is much easier to work with the Quit smoking! For your own health, but also in the fight against the countless Cigarette butts in the environment. Here are a few more examples of Changesthat will ultimately make your move even more sustainable:

Notice: You ask, why vegan makes the world a better place? Then take a look at the linked article. You'll learn some incredibly good reasons for this 🙂

Sustainable moving made easy!

Sustainable moving made easy

As you can see, it's not all that complicated! On the contrary: you can even use your eco-friendly move to optimize your lifestyle and think outside the box.

I hope this article will help you with your next move. Please feel free to recommend it to anyone who is also about to move.

Do you have any questions or further tips for sustainable moving? Then just write me a comment as always.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: In the Environmental protection blog you will find countless other tips for an environmentally friendly everyday life. For example, you can also find out how you can store sustainably online can!

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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  1. Thank you for the valuable tips on sustainable ways to move! I have always taken to heart the advice to use moving boxes instead of plastic bags during my moves, as also recommended in the article. I find moving boxes very easy to carry given their shape and, of course, I attach great importance to ensuring that their disposal does not cause damage to the environment.

  2. Thank you for the information on moving. I am planning to move next month. I will take this information into consideration when I start planning my move.

  3. Great that you have noted here so many tips with which one can make the own move as green as possible. My boyfriend and I want to move together soon and have now thought about how best to do this. You are right that you should use the move to clean out and also use cloth towels as breakage protection. I also agree that unnecessary trips should be avoided so that everything can be done in one go if possible. I can well imagine that a moving company can really be very helpful for this!

  4. Thank you for the post on sustainable moving. My sister is planning her private move and wants to produce as little unnecessary waste as possible. Good to know that there are some ways to make the move sustainable.

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