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Sustainable company outing - 10 ideas for social and environmentally friendly team events

Sustainable company events - tips and ideas

What can a sustainable company outing look like? If you want to set up a social or environmentally friendly teambuilding activity and are still looking for suitable ideas, you've come to the right place!

The main purpose of a team event is to strengthen identification, cohesion, communication skills, social skills and the fun of the employees of a company. But how about at the same time making a valuable contribution in the fight against the Environmental problems of our time volunteer and enjoy the great feeling of making a difference together. Good done to have?

In this article, I would like to give you the best ideas and tips for the most sustainable company outings. Use them to bond your team and create a real impact together. Let's go!

I find you in advance already a short overview:

  1. Planting trees together
  2. Start or support CleanUp event
  3. Register for fermentation workshop
  4. Go paddling together
  5. Bossel tour through nature start
  6. Make forest hike with forester
  7. Help with organic grape harvest
  8. Packing gift packages for those in need of help
  9. Plan joint bike tour
  10. Participate in vegan cooking class

Important Notice: Not all event ideas are equally environmentally friendly and social - and not suitable for every team. When making your choice, please also consider the mood, the different interests and possible physical limitations of your group. If everything fits together, the suggestions should strengthen cohesion!

1. plant trees together

The Deforestation and the environmental problem of forest dieback make a Reforestation of many German forest areas inevitable. Together with your team members you could support important organizations and responsible persons from the forestry industry. You can be sure that there will be opportunities in your area.

And if not, just ask the forestry office or the district forester's office. In any case, planting trees together is a beautiful, sustainable and bonding idea for the next company outing.

2. support cleanup event

Sustainable outing with the company collecting garbage

Everyone frowns at the sight of a littered natural landscape. It is therefore all the more fulfilling and reassuring to see the Successfully removed trash collaboratively at a social team event. A so-called CleanUp you can organize yourself or join an existing cleanup effort of volunteer organizers in the area.

The problem of the Plastic waste in the environment Alternatively, you can also visit a Plogging-event to counteract. In this sport, people go jogging together - armed with a pair of gloves and garbage bags -. and collects garbage in the process. This is a somewhat unusual, but all the more remarkable and sustainable kind of corporate outing.

Since it is unfortunately really easy to find garbage in the environment, at least also the Travel to the event usually short and environmentally friendly.

Tip: The actions and sports units are usually over after just a few hours. Therefore, it is a good idea to combine the event with an after-work idea (e.g. visiting a vegan restaurants) to combine.

3. Register for fermentation workshop

What a sustainable company outing can look like alternatively? Here's another idea! At a fermentation workshop you and your team can get involved in a sustainable lifehack of our grandparents immerse. With the help of fermentation can be Food ripen, produce and especially also Make longer shelf life.

Alone, one would possibly never participate in such a course. But in a group with your colleagues, it's a great experience. guaranteed fun, educational and sustainableIt's a great opportunity to learn more about the transformation of substances by bacteria, fungi or enzymes. Not least because one's own Reduce food waste can. In the best case, in the future in the company kitchen at work. You are guaranteed to find appropriate workshops in your area.

4. go paddling together

A joint paddling trip on a river is also guaranteed to lift the team's spirits. There, all employees can get to know each other even better - especially because Cooperation and agreement in the canoe are of great importance. If you decide on this type of sustainable company outing, a few team games during the "paddle breaks" are a welcome change according to experience.

Tip: We have been private before Paddling in the Spreewald. I can well imagine that rowing is particularly well suited for a sustainable team event due to the many channels.

5. bossel tour through nature start

In boßeln, the basic goal is two competing teams, a ball with the smallest possible number of throws to throw over a previously determined distance.

The competition brings the colleagues together. However, the sport is also very suitable as a sustainable company outing because it is in the fresh air and basically in any place (i.e. without a long journey) can be exercised.

Definitely a useful measure for team building. However, when planning and carrying out the event, make sure to keep the natural Ecosystems not to be harmed at the team event.

Tip: Alternatively, the game of bocce is also suitable. You can play it super in the park and for example with a picnic or a vegan barbecue Connect.

6. Forest hike with forester:in make

A team event in the forest

Again and again I observe how much (especially city people) the Relation to nature lost have. German forests are so incredibly exciting, diverse and enthralling - especially when you have a Eye for detail proves

An appropriate, well-organized and sustainable company excursion through the forests of the region, accompanied by an experienced forester, can not only strengthen the cohesion of the employees, but also the quality of the work. also her Environmental awareness promote.

Tip: Like you and your colleagues in general protect the environment in everyday life I explain how you can do this in the linked article using effective measures.

7. help with the organic grape harvest

A trip to the vineyards strengthens cohesion - plus it's just wonderful to have lots of Spending time in the fresh air. With this idea for a sustainable team event, each participant then receives Basket, tongs and gloves into the hand - and then the grape harvest can begin.

You and your colleagues walk along the vine and harvest the grapes. In the process, you usually face each other and can talk. The activity itself is very reassuring - and cooperation is writ large.

After sorting out the grapes can then be pressed grape juice together and to learn more about sustainable winegrowing - from the natural pest control up to the vegan clarification.

8. pack gift packages for those in need of help.

In order to strengthen the team spirit and social commitment, it is also suitable to pack parcels together for people in need of help, to whom you make a joy would like.

These can be Christmas gifts for orphans, for example, or care kits for single mothers. Just define the target group and budget together and then go for it. With a personal, sustainable map, individually useful content and environmentally friendly packaging, you probably put a smile on everyone's face.

In this way the entire team also learns about a social problem in our society and work together to do something about it. A cool idea for your company's next event, don't you think?

9. Plan joint bike tour

What could be better suited for a team event that is as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible than a bicycle tour? Find a suitable route yourself or use existing tourism offers for bike tours with many people. Maybe even riding together on a big conference bike is something for you.

Either way, it lends itself to the green company outing through small games and puzzles during the breaks to add a little more pizzazz.

Especially pleasant: The beauty of the common Bicycle ride is that, as a rule, all colleagues can take part, regardless of how sporty or unsporty they are. After all, it should not only be a sustainable company outing, but also an event in which all participants have fun.

10. participate in vegan cooking class

Cooking course as a sustainable teambuilding measure

Among the possible activities at a sustainable company outing is a joint vegan cooking class. The Cooking and eating connects people with each other. Cooperation, consultation, planning and timing are also important skills to turn the recipe into a delicious meal for the whole team. Why vegan? Plant-based cuisine gives so incredibly much, is animal friendly, ecological and also healthy - and last but not least also helps to Stop world hunger.

Who still Prejudices against the vegan diet is guaranteed to put them down in the linked article, by thinking outside the box. I am sure that there are also corresponding offers in your area. And if not, takes over with this company event simply the Vegan or the vegan in the team the organization.

Tip: Why I personally live veganBy the way, you can read about this in the linked article. I am convinced that you would subscribe to the reasons and motives.

Sustainable company outing made easy!

Particularly in our private lives, we are attaching ever greater importance to a sustainable lifestyle - why not then also at the outing with the own department or the whole company? As the ideas from this post have proven, teambuilding and sustainability can be wonderfully combined with each other in any case.

If you're in charge of planning the outing this year, or even if you're part of the responsible core of the HR department, I hope you got the crucial inspiration in this article.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

Robert Swan (more at Environmental protection quotes)

Finally, I would like to give you here some further articles that can help you and your team:

Do you have any questions, tips or further suggestions and ideas for the next team event? Then I'm already looking forward to your comment!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: After the company outing is before the next workday! Secure now also the best advice for Business meetings as sustainable as possible. Have fun!

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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