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Keeping dogs sustainably - This is how's done

Sustainable dog ownership - 10 tips for environmentally friendly living with dog

How does sustainable dog ownership work? We are trying to find our own ecological footprint a little bit more every day. For example, by minimizing our consumption of meat or by Reduce plastic waste. But can you actually live sustainably with a dog? The question is quite justified. After all, a lot of meat ends up in the bowls of our four-legged friends. And toys, collars, food and the like also generate a fair amount of packaging waste. My experience is that it works wonderfully. And dog owners don't even have to turn their entire lives upside down overnight.

Now, in this article, I want to show you how sustainable dog ownership can work. From a healthy and climate-friendly diet, to the toys, the dog care, to the trips with dog and family. Let's go!

Here are all 10 tips in advance in the Overview:

  1. Use natural dog shampoo
  2. Prefer vegetable food
  3. Make treats yourself
  4. Provide long lasting food bowl
  5. Use paper dog waste bags
  6. Get natural basket
  7. Offer durable toys
  8. Use wooden dog hair brush
  9. Prefer collar made of recycled material
  10. Make trips on foot or by bike

10 tips to keep and feed dogs sustainably

Here, of course, everything should primarily revolve around the dog that you give a home. But if you do not yet have a four-legged friend but are thinking about it, then you may be faced with the decision between a dog and a pet. from the shelter and a dog from the kennel. In this situation, rescuing or adopting a dog is basically the more animal-friendly, sustainable and also cheaper alternative. But also with the adoption it applies to look particularly well.

But we assume that your dog is sitting next to you right now and looking at you with expectant eyes. Therefore, here are the promised tips for a sustainable life With dog.

1. use plastic free natural dog shampoo.

Where does sustainable dog care begin? Let's start directly with natural coat care - because this leads decisively to more Sustainability with pets. It is recommended to use a natural dog hair soap, which nourishes the coat from the inside and gives the quadruped a smooth and silky sheen. When buying consciously try Avoid plastic waste and prefer a soap made from natural ingredients. I can recommend you this dog shampoo with valuable oils*.

2. prefer high quality vegetable dog food

Dogs are fed sustainably

Sustainable dog nutrition is tasty, well-balanced, as varied as possible - and preferably also plant-based. After all, the production of animal dog food devours vast amounts of natural resources, such as concentrated feed and the immense energy consumption in the Factory farming. Besides, the idea that dozens of other animals have to die so that your own dog gets something to eat is strange, don't you think?

If you want to improve your CO2 balance, you should your Feed dog vegan. Sounds unusual and unnatural? Studies have shown that a balanced purely plant-based diet has no disadvantages for the dog.₁ The strictly plant-based Collie bitch "Bramble", for example, lived to be 27 years old and even made it into the Guinness Book of Records with that age.₂

As long as the factors for sustainable dog nutrition mentioned at the beginning are fulfilled, a dog can also be fed with rice, lentils and vegetables and become old as a rock. A sustainable dog store is for example Petcrew. There you can find, among other things, the vegan dog food "BIO LINSEN POWER", which our dog particularly likes to eat. Those who first have to warm up to plant-based dog nutrition should have their four-legged friend regularly checked by a vet, especially in the early days.

Apart from that, you should also when it comes to dog food Avoid food waste and also Avoid ingredients such as sugar and flavor enhancers.

Important: Please remember that Dogs are not allowed to eat everything! For example, grapes and raw tomatoes are poison for the quadrupeds.

3. make treats yourself

You don't always have to buy ready-made food and treats from plastic packaging. That doesn't necessarily correspond to sustainable dog care. Already from 150 grams of wheat flour, 150 grams of whole wheat flour and 150 grams of rye flour can be, for example, really delicious Sesame peanut butter cookies for dogs conjure. So I guess they are tasty because our dog likes to eat them 😉.

Tip: Doing things yourself is also a fundamentally valuable tip to save money through sustainability.

4. provide durable dog bowl

Who gives a dog a home, inevitably needs some items. The basic equipment definitely includes a sturdy and durable bowl for water and food. Preferably set on Stainless steel or ceramic and do without plastic. Ideally, the bowl is even handmade and from regional production.

5. use paper dog poop bags

Poopick dog waste bag paper

Here in Berlin, full dog waste bags are constantly lying by the side of the road - indefinitely. Because plastic does not rot, which is why the Plastic waste in the environment is also one of the greatest ecological challenges facing mankind. A no-go for sustainable dog ownership. Instead, we prefer to rely on a "Dog waste bags" from cardboard, the so-called PooPick. Here you get it*.

6. get natural basket

If you want to keep your dog sustainable, then you can also make an important step with the basket. Here, too, you should use handmade and regionally produced Wicker or jute baskets prefer to the plastic basket.

Your dog tends to hang out in the doghouse? Then you can try to build them yourself from old reclaimed wood!


Your dog needs something to do. You can also make sustainability a priority when it comes to toys and brain teasers. How about an eternally durable and washable toy? Natural rubber chewing bone or simply with a rope? When buying, look for manufacturing processes that are as environmentally friendly as possible and short transport routes in order to air pollution and climate change counteract.

Furthermore you can use the minimalist lifestyle also transferred to a dog. One favorite ball is better than 14 different balls. Less is more - you know the game!

8. use wooden dog hair brush

For healthy coat care and sustainable dog care, the grooming brush is also crucial. For example, prefer a durable beech wood Dog hair brush from native forests and certified sustainable cultivation versus a short-lived and cheap plastic fur brush. I can recommend you this sustainable hairbrush for dogs*.

Tip: You want to help not only your dog, but also all other animals? Then use my tips for more Animal welfare in everyday life, which can be implemented at any time!

9. use recycled collar and leash

A Timeless style and durable material make the collar and leash of your four-legged friend as sustainable as possible. Finally, you avoid so a constant new purchase. If a new purchase is unavoidable, then you should make them as sustainable as possible. in recycled or upcycled form buy, as is the case, for example, with Ropes Upcycled is the case. Buckle your dog in the future, for example, this sustainable collar* um.

10. excursions and walks On foot and by bike

sustainable dog keeping - excursions

Sustainable living with a dog? Then you should leave the car in the garage more often. Take the chance for more everyday Walks and Trips by bike. This is good for your health, your dog and last but not least for the environment.

Tip: Do you actually know why we are looking for a Stay outside in nature feel so good? In the linked article you will find out!

Keeping and feeding dogs sustainably - no problem!

Durable products instead of disposable goods. Vegetable food instead of meat. Waste avoidance instead of packaging madness. Repairing instead of buying new. Trips by bike and on foot instead of by car. As you can see, there are countless ways to make life with a dog more sustainable and to protect your dog. reduce ecological footprint. You don't have to do everything at once. Just try to get a little better every day.

I hope you were able to pick up some tips for sustainable dog ownership here! Do you have any questions or suggestions? As always, feel free to leave me a comment.

Stay animal-friendly and sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Feel free to look further in the animal welfare blog um. Learn, for example, what we humans can learn from animals.

₁ Pia-Gloria Semp: Vegan Nutrition Of Dogs And Cats (as of December 2014), [16.03.2021].

₂ Dr. med. Henrich ProVegan Foundation: Basic facts about vegan pet feeding, available at [16.03.2021].

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