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Natural remedies against wrinkles and anti-aging tips

Natural remedies for wrinkles - 10 home remedies and anti-aging tips

You are looking for natural remedies against wrinkles? Then you are absolutely right here! "Time may heal wounds, but it is a miserable beautician," the American writer Mark Twain once said. Unfortunately, the dream of eternal youth cannot be fulfilled - but at least you can prevent skin aging and wrinkles with effective tips - without Botox, of course!

Whether eye wrinkle, forehead wrinkle or frown line, whether orthostatic or mimic wrinkle - in this article I would now like to present the best, natural anti-aging remedies with which men and women can naturally treat, reduce and last but not least prevent wrinkles from the inside and outside. Let's go!

In advance, here's a brief overview of the post:

  1. Drink enough
  2. Apply coconut oil
  3. Healthy diet
  4. Apply aloe vera gel
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Massage castor oil
  7. Protect from environmental influences
  8. Apply ginger oil
  9. Sleep better
  10. Apply banana mask

1. drink enough liquid

It is mainly the lack of fluid that accelerates the formation of wrinkles. Logically, after all, we humans consist largely of water - if it is missing, the first thing that is reduced is the water content of the skin cells. In order to skin sufficiently supplied with fluid, is generally recommended, drink about 2-3 liters of water a day.

The consumption of Alcohol, on the other hand, removes moisture from the body and brings with it a cell and nerve damaging effect and exposes our body to biological stress. As a result, the skin loses tone and elasticity, so wrinkles appear more quickly and general skin problems are more likely. So if you want to stop or get rid of wrinkles, you should definitely avoid alcoholic drinks.

2. Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil face mask as a home remedy for wrinkles

Coconut oil is a real all-purpose weapon in the household and especially in personal care. It is rich in valuable fats and antioxidants and Moisturizes the skin in the long term. That is exactly why it is so great as a natural home remedy for wrinkles. In addition, the application can relieve inflammation and stop severe itching.

3. Healthy diet

Beauty comes from within, right? To counteract the wrinkled symptoms of the aging process, a balanced, healthy diet is crucial. But there is also one or the other food that particularly helps against the formation of wrinkles. Important for a healthy skin are above all Nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin Ebut also carotene, Zinc, sulfur and Selenium.

Therefore, as a special wrinkle killer are considered especially plant foods such as dark berries, spinach, legumes, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, walnuts, broccoli and last but not least, the already mentioned Water.

Tip: Why I eat vegan or vegan live, you will learn in the linked article.

4. Apply aloe vera gel

For healthy skin care, the usually stemless plant aloe vera plays a crucial role. Especially because the gel extracted from the water storage tissue of the leaves valuable, secondary plant substances which can prevent cell damage. Simply apply it to your skin and leave it on for a few minutes to decelerate age-related wrinkles as much as possible.

General Tip: In the fight against wrinkles, you should clean your skin thoroughly on a regular basis and nourish it with a moisturizing cream.

5. Reduce stress

Reduce stress and prevent wrinkles

Everyday stress can contribute quite decisively to the formation of wrinkles. Only creams, home remedies, of course, can not stop these stress-related wrinkles. It is more important to Identify and eliminate causes of stress - and to find a balance for exhausting, stressful days.

This is because psychological stress leads to higher sugar levels in the body - the sugar then binds the skin-tightening collagen, a structural protein of the connective tissue. Meditation on the other hand strengthens the immune system and regular Sports units or Walks provide exercise and stress relief. So, if you want to protect your skin from aging, you should look for just such stress killers and make your Making life more mindful.

6. massage castor oil

Castor oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which provide a balance of moisture and keep the skin soft and supple. In addition, it stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin to endschleunigen the aging process. To do this, simply massage it with a reusable fabric cotton pad carefully on your skin.

7. Protect from environmental influences

Throughout the day, our body is exposed to certain environmental factors that harm the skin in some ways. Through the sunny UV light for example, free radicals are released that inhibit metabolism and damage cell health. The older you get, the worse the largest organ of the human body can handle them. Therefore you should regularly apply a sunscreen or a day cream, which protects you from it and naturally prevents unwanted wrinkles.

Also: The Leibniz Institute for Environmental Health Research has also found that the air pollution (e.g., by the soot from diesel engines) also has a damaging effect on the skin.₁ Accordingly, you protect yourself when you Spend more time outdoors in the open, green nature.

8. Apply ginger oil

In addition to collagen, our connective tissue contains another protein produced naturally in the body called elastin. It ensures that our skin returns to its original shape after laughing, for example, and remains supple. Collagen is responsible for skin stability and elastin for skin elasticity.

Fortunately, ginger is rich in antioxidants, which help to prevent elastin from being broken down so quickly by the body. A ginger tea from the inside and a carefully applied ginger oil from the outside., can therefore work wonders.

9. Sleep better

Beauty sleep really does exist! In the darkness our body secretes the Sleep hormone melatonin from. It promotes cell regeneration and thus slows down skin aging. In addition, it has an antioxidant effect and fights the free radicals released, for example, by environmental influences such as solar radiation.

To support your own physical and mental recovery, you should target your sleep health and get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Simply use these related article:

10. Apply banana mask

Mask from bananas as a natural anti-aging remedy

She always throws banana peels directly into the organic waste? A tip: use them rather still as a natural remedy against wrinkles! Because the crooked fruit is enough to essential minerals like iron, zinc and countless vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, the starch in the ripe banana binds the oil that can clog the pores of the skin and lead to blackheads. For these reasons, the banana is not only effective against wrinkles, but also against everyday skin problems.

You can rub your dry face with the inside of the banana peel and let the nutrients work overnight - or alternatively prepare a mask from a mashed banana and give it to your face. at least an exposure time of 20 minutes grant

Tips and use natural remedies against wrinkles

As you can see, there are quite a few internal and external anti-aging remedies that can counteract skin aging - from stress reduction to natural creams and masks. Use them to target or prevent potential wrinkles. No one needs to go under the knife and certainly not the strong neurotoxin Botox be chased into his skin to stay beautiful. Apart from that, wrinkles make a person particularly interesting and therefore attractive.

Do you have any questions or can you think of other natural remedies against wrinkles? Then I look forward to your comment!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Our eyes do not become more efficient with increasing age and daily screen work! In the linked article you will now learn how to improve your Easy on the eyes on the computer and smartphone can. Good luck!

₁ Jean Krutmann: AG Krutmann: Environmentally induced skin and lung aging, available at [01.11.2021].

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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  1. Thank you for the valuable tips against wrinkles! In fact, you already do a lot by paying attention to an effective UV light protection and sufficient fluid intake. Sun protection is extremely important not only for cosmetic reasons, but also to protect against skin cancer. In a few years, depending on the condition of my skin, I will consider professional skin tightening.

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