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Hemp Protein – About the Hemp Based Vegan Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder - What is it?

Do you already know the hemp protein? Hemp is a very ecologically cultivable and versatile plant. It is suitable, for example, for making clothing, ropes or material for the interior lining of cars - and it can even be used as an allergy-friendly building material. It gets even better: a healthy, vegetable protein is now also produced on the basis of hemp.

Why hemp protein powder is a great option for your healthy food supplement and how hemp protein has a positive effect on your health and the environment, you will learn in this article. I also explain how you can use and dose hemp protein, how the organic protein powder works and tastes - and where you can get the protein powder.

Here is already in advance a short Overview:

  1. Definition
  2. Advantages
  3. Biological value
  4. Effect
  5. THC
  6. Usage
  7. Taste
  8. Dosage
  9. Recommendation
  10. Closing words

What is hemp protein?

How is hemp protein actually produced? Hemp protein is a protein which is natural protein powder and byproduct of hemp oil production from hemp seeds. In this process, the seeds are pressed to extract the oil, resulting in the so-called press cake. These are the dry components of the hemp seed. These are processed further without heat, so that hemp protein is the natural and gently processed remainder of the seed when you have pressed out the oil.

What are advantages of hemp protein?

There are numerous reasons why hemp protein is an excellent vegetable protein source is. As indicated in the introduction, the natural protein powder has a positive effect on your health, but also on the environment.

Health advantages

Hemp protein is an ideal protein supplier with a good amino acid ratio. 100 grams of hemp protein powder contain on average about 40 - 50 g Protein, so a little less than other protein powders. For this, however, it is also not a highly processed, isolated food, but a very holistic product with many nutrients. In addition, all essential amino acids are represented in a relatively good ratio.

Notice: In paragraph Biological value I will go into more detail about the amino acid ratio in a moment.

However, hemp is not only a good source of protein, but also has a high L-arginine content. The amino acid L-arginine helps build proteins in the cells and thus build muscle. In addition, the amino acid reduces high blood pressure and controls blood sugar in diabetes, which once again shows how strongly Diet and diseases are related. Furthermore, the powder from hemp is rich in Vitamin B2, Zinc, Magnesium and Iron. These nutrients are important for the Muscle building.

Hemp is an ideal base for allergy friendly protein powder, as it is hypoallergenic and free of lactose, nuts, gluten, soy and other allergens. Unlike many dairy or pea-based protein powders, the organic hemp-based protein powder is also Well digestible. The ease of digestion ensures that you do not feel heavy after the meal, but feel good.

Ecologically valuable protein

Besides the health benefits, there are many reasons why hemp protein is also good for Environment and climate is. Because the ecological protein supplier can regional so that CO2 emissions for transport are low. Especially compared to the dairy industry, hemp performs much better in terms of CO2 emissions.

In addition, the seeds are good for agriculture, because it prepares the soil for cropping and the odor is Expels pests. This makes it ideal for mixed crops and also increases the crop yield of Fruit and vegetables, which is grown next to it.

Hemp is right Undemanding and grows on almost any soil. The plant therefore needs hardly any herbicides or fungicides, so insects are spared and harmful substances are reduced. The many insects in hemp fields in turn reduce the Bird population protected - and generally the Species extinction halted.

The hemp fibers are very resistantso that products made from it are correspondingly durable and sustainable. The fact that you can use the entire hemp plant is another reason why hemp protein is an ecological protein powder. Indeed, the seeds are suitable for healthy hemp oil and protein powder, while the plant fibers can be used for ropes, clothing, mattresses and also as a sustainable building material for insulation.

More advantages

Two other reasons why hemp protein is an excellent source of protein are the animal-free production and the relatively low price of the protein powder. Whey protein, which is often used, is based on cow's milk, which is produced under questionable conditions. In the article Why vegans give up dairy products you can find out more.

With a price per kilo of around 12 to 15 euros, depending on where you get the healthy protein powder, hemp is also a good choice for your wallet.

What about the biological value of hemp-based proteins?

I have already indicated that hemp protein contains all essential amino acids and is basically excellent for covering your protein needs. However, there is one amino acid that is relatively low in hemp. This is the amino acid Lysine. However, this can be absorbed by consuming legumes, such as peas or beans.

Therefore, you can also ideally mix the organic protein powder from hemp with heir protein. Use a ratio of 70 percent hemp protein and 30 percent pea protein. Or you just integrate plenty of Legumes in your diet.

For example by Chickpeas use to How to make hummus yourself. For people with a balanced diet with plenty of legumes, protein powder from hemp is ideal, because these people already absorb enough lysine.

How does hemp protein work in the body?

The organic protein powder provides you with protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This improves your overall nutrient supply. Through the intake of nutrients relevant for muscle building, it comes to a Higher muscle growth. Because your body can only build muscle cells if it has the necessary substances, such as proteins, amino acids or zinc available.

A prerequisite for muscle growth is logically also a corresponding training stimulus. Consequently, the organic protein powder is on the menu of many vegan athletes.

Does hemp protein contain THC?

A regularly asked question is "Does hemp protein get you high?". The answer to this is: No. The sustainable hemp-based protein powder does not get you high. The cultivated crops are specifically bred to contain little THC. This is the substance in hemp that is responsible for the psychoactive effect. Neither hemp oil nor hemp protein therefore make you high.

Tip: In a separate post, you'll find out exactly where the Differences between THC, CBD, CBG and Co. lie

Hemp can be processed into hemp protein

How is hemp protein used?

There are many ways you can use hemp protein. The simplest use of the regional protein powder is quite classically as a Protein shake. For this you can simply mix the powder with a Vegetable milk of your choice or even water and sweeten a little if necessary or spice with cinnamon.

Other options are Smoothies, plant-based yogurt or your breakfast cereal. In addition, the healthy protein powder ideal for bakingso you can enhance protein brownies, cookies or banana bread with it.

Tip: If you use hemp protein for baking, then you should always combine it with normal flour and not replace the complete flour with protein powder. Of course, when you bake hemp protein, some valuable nutrients are lost. If it is important to you to get the maximum for your health, you should rather use the healthy protein powder raw.

How does hemp protein taste?

Now that we have clarified how to use hemp protein, the question naturally arises about the taste of the healthy protein powder? You may know from other protein powders that you can't integrate them into every recipe because they taste too artificial or intense.

It's quite different with hemp, as its flavor means it fits into pretty much any recipe. Hemp protein powder namely tastes slightly nutty. I personally find it very tasty even pure in water.

How is hemp protein dosed?

There is no blanket answer to the question "How much hemp protein should you take a day?". It mainly depends on what you want to use the healthy protein powder for. A daily 25 grams of the healthy and sustainable protein powder already provides half of the daily requirement of iron and magnesium and a third of zinc and Vitamin B6. Consequently 25 grams a day a good guideline to cover many nutrients and at the same time a part of your protein needs.

However, if you have a strongly increased protein requirement, because you want to build up muscles, for example, you can also supply more of the vegan protein powder. Then a higher dosage can be useful, such as 50 grams a day.

Hemp protein is a healthy and ecological protein powder.

Where can I get hemp protein?

Maybe you want to buy hemp protein powder now and are still wondering what to look for. I personally attach great importance to a ecological cultivation of my food, because they are healthier for me as well as for the environment. That's why I recommend only organic hemp protein powder here: Here you can buy organically produced Buy hemp protein powder*:

Hemp protein: Healthy and well supplied with sustainable protein powder

The healthy and ecological protein powder is more than just a protein supplier. Because one of the biggest advantages of hemp protein, is that it is a healthy and holistic food and contains many valuable nutrients. Compared to many isolated and highly processed protein powders, the organic counterpart is much richer and ideal for a wholefood diet suitable.

In addition, the regional protein source is also good for agriculture, the environment and bird populations. The sustainability factor and nutrient richness make hemp protein just the right protein powder for health and environmentally conscious people. The taste and multiple uses of hemp protein are other advantages.

I hope you enjoyed the article on the ecological protein source and answered the most important questions about hemp protein! Should you still have question marks in your head, then leave me a comment!

All the best,

Julian from CareElite

P.S.: In the blog you can find more information about Dietary supplement for vegans, Health care or nutrients like Vitamin B12 and Selenium.

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