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Stop climate change - 25 climate protection tips that everyone can implement

Stop climate change in everyday life Climate protection tips

You would like to learn how you can personally do something for climate protection and thus reduce the Stop climate change can? Then I would like to give you in this article Climate protection tips that you can implement in your everyday life. Especially when politicians are asleep and postponing climate targets, it is more than ever up to each and every one of us to do something for climate protection. Now you'll get valuable tips on how you can help the climate change at home, while shopping, on the road, in the office and simply through your personal behavior.

Here is another short Table of contents of the article:

  1. Household
  2. Shopping
  3. Office
  4. Travels
  5. More tips
  6. Closing words

Tip: If you want to make climate change a little more tangible for yourself, feel free to check out the post about Climate change statistics, facts and figures over.

Climate protection in the household

Stop climate change Climate protection tips in everyday life

Here you will first get the best climate protection tips for a climate-friendly household - from waste paper to heat insulation. Let's go!

Stop climate change through waste separation

Proper waste separation helps protect the climate, as it allows us to increase the recycling rate, save production energy, and reuse raw materials from discarded products. Recycling saves us raw materials and avoids additional energy consumption. For example, by disposing of yogurt pots in the plastic waste, cardboard boxes in the waste paper and glass beverage bottles in the appropriate glass container, you make it easier to recycle the material. An important climate protection tip for your everyday life.

Switch to an ecobank

Wondering how switching to an ecobank can stop climate change? Then let me briefly explain what an eco-bank does exactly. Basically, from the customer's point of view, it works like a normal bank, but your invested money in the form of loans is only given to companies that want to finance, for example, renewable energies, the construction of schools and simply positive change. So nuclear industry & weapons industry will not be financed here under any circumstances if you invest your money there. Worth considering, right? Here I have a Ecobank comparison made for you.

Use green power & stop climate change

Green electricity is usually generated by renewable energy sources (wind energy, solar energy, etc..) and is climate friendly. If you use green electricity in your home, it will not affect the climate, nor will it threaten wildlife. If your electricity is generated with nuclear and coal, just the opposite is true. For example, you can use solar energy with photovoltaic and solar panels on your roofs to generate your own energy. The systems are quiet, climate neutral and harmless to wildlife. You can read more about this in the article Vegan power.

Reuse waste paper for the climate

On our wonderful planet about 35 soccer fields of forest cut down every minutejust so that paper products can be manufactured. But the more paper we need, the more trees are cut down. This harms our climate, because trees are important to bind carbon dioxide. For example, by Folding garbage bags from newspaperYou can give maximum benefit to deforestation and avoid wasting more resources. In the article Reduce paper waste you will get further valuable tips.

Protect climate when washing clothes

When you do your laundry, there are the same several things you can do to help stop climate change in your everyday life:

  • Fill laundry drum completelyso that the wash cycle is really worthwhile - How to save energy and also costs
  • Washing at low temperature is an important climate protection tip, because 40° washes are usually sufficient.
  • You do not need a clothes dryer, just hang the laundry out to dry and plan ahead a bit

This way you can save a lot of energy when washing your clothes and do something against climate change. In the article Make detergent yourself you can learn how to make your detergent naturally and plastic-free.

Reduce heating costs

Don't you think your annual heating costs are far too expensive? By investing in better insulation, you will save money in the long run, because you will need much less heating energy. Because the heat stays in the apartment. In addition, you can save a lot on heating costs by reducing the basic temperature in your home by just one degree. This way you save your money and help to stop climate change. Here is a summary of the two climate protection tips:

  • Improve thermal insulation on the house
  • Lower room temperature

Use LED lamps

The age of the traditional light bulb is long gone, LED lamps last up to 50x longer, are more robust and shatterproof. LED lamps are able to save 90% of the world's electricity consumption for lighting. Therefore, you should also use LED lamps in your home and fight climate change.

Switch off devices completely for the climate

If you look closely, the small lamp on the monitor, the power outlet or the TV is lit. This standby mode consumes a lot of energy and is unnecessary. So if possible, switch off your devices completely, because you're also doing something for the climate. Need some extra motivation? It's cash money in the form of electricity costs, which you have to pay.

Stop climate change through kitchen appliances

Of course, you can also save energy with the electric kitchen appliances such as stove, oven, toaster or mixer. Here are a few climate protection tips in the kitchen:

  • Turn off the oven already 2 minutes before the end of the baking time and use the residual heat in the oven
  • When cooking with the saucepan, put the lid on so that the food cooks faster
  • Always place pans & pots on the corresponding stove tops of the same size

This is how you save electricity in the kitchen and counteract climate change. In the article Kitchen without plastic you'll also learn how to rid your kitchen of plastic.

Shower instead of bath

Showering instead of bathing saves energy and helps stop climate change. How about an example from the EU campaign? If every European saved just one liter of unnecessarily heated water a day, we could light up a third of Europe's streets in the same day. To save heat energy, you should also cold showers, which is climate-friendly and healthy.

Climate protection in purchasing

Plastic free barbecue without plastic without plastic waste

Vegan diet

Nutrition & climate are directly related. The production of 1 kg of beef produces as much greenhouse gas as a 1,600 km trip by car on the highway. For 1 kg of beef, 15 kg of feed are necessary, which in turn requires a cultivation area of 40 square meters. In addition, there is the high water consumption in production for this kilogram of beef and the fact that cows also emit methane gas. Who vegan lives, therefore actively pursues climate protection. In the article Food & Environment you will learn more about the connection between what you eat and your environment. At CareElite Classes we also have a great online course to help you get started in vegan life.

It is also important to say that vegans are often accused that growing soy, especially for them, is bad for the climate. But soy is mainly used as feed for animals. So the less meat we eat, the fewer forests have to give way for the cultivation of soy.

Organic products against climate change

Products from organic farming grow naturally without pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other chemical substances. In addition, only one-third as many fossil fuels are used as in conventional agriculture. The natural humus additionally binds greenhouse gases in the soil. So by buying organic products, you are doing something for climate protection.

Regional & seasonal shopping for the climate

By clicking on regional products you save on superfluous transport routes. If, for example, you buy fruit that has to be shipped halfway around the world or even flown, that is anything but climate-friendly. If the food is then thrown away because it has a brown spot, for example, this is simply total nonsense, and not just from a climate point of view. Learn more in the article Reduce food waste.

Use the jute bag for shopping

As we often preach: For heaven's sake, give up the plastic bag and use a reusable cotton bag instead to plastic free shopping to be able to. The jute bag is wonderful reusable and usually lasts an eternity. Just remember to take it with you before every shopping trip and just put your groceries in a basket at the supermarket and then in the bag after you pay. It can be so simple, right?

Climate protection on the road

Stop climate change in everyday life Climate protection tips

We all want to experience something and not lock ourselves up at home forever. But unfortunately, moving around is not always good for our climate. That's why I would like to give you some climate protection tips for on the road, which are also suitable for sustainable travel are suitable:

Use public transport & stop climate change

Using public transport such as bus & train is much more climate-friendly than, for example, driving alone. By bus or train, many people can be taken with a low energy expenditure. If it has to be the car, then at least try a Zero Waste App like BlaBlaCar, where you can take other people with you on your trip. This works really great and saves you travel costs.

Doing without flights for the climate

Let's start directly with a comparison: A flight from Germany to Mallorca is just as harmful for the climate as a whole year of driving a car. Would you have thought that? I think it's irresponsible to fly from Berlin to Munich or to complete other courses by plane. Taking the train is much more comfortable, doesn't take much longer (no check-in etc.) and is more climate-friendly. To stop climate change, it is important to fly only as often as really necessary. Think about every single flight before you book it. If you do have to fly, here are the best options. Tips for a plastic free flight.

Stop climate change by cycling

Riding a bike is a great thing to do, because it can change your natural health promotes, is fun and works to 100% against climate change - Because no CO2 is emitted, as with most other means of transport. Therefore, make sure to ride your bike for short distances and enjoy nature. Another Advantage of cyclingwhich many underestimate: You drive quite fast but not so fast that you would not notice anything of his environment. So enjoy the impressions on the road that you would miss with car, bus, train and plane.

Form & use carpools

As mentioned before, the BlaBlaCar app makes it easy to find passengers for a ride and vice versa. This way, you share the fuel costs and everyone gets to their destination in one trip. The same applies to the way to work. Over time, you'll know who comes from which corner of the city and then it's a good idea to carpool. This brings people together and helps protect the climate.

Climate protection in the office

Stop climate change in everyday life Climate protection tips

In the office, you can already adopt some climate protection tips on the paragraph about the budget. But in the office there are some more special tips to stop climate change:

Recycled paper is climate-friendly

Forgo brand-new copy paper in the office and opt for recycled paper. This is because recycled paper requires less energy and water to produce, and the raw material wood is recycled and reused. Using recycled paper is therefore an important climate protection tip in the fight against climate change.

Climate protection by switching off the monitor

Taking a smoke break, heading to the restroom, or taking a lunch break? Whenever you're not at your screen, you should turn it off. Because when the screen is on, it consumes vast amounts of energy that harm the climate. And not only that: it will also stay with you longer.

Laptop instead of desktop PC

Not only are you more flexible with a laptop, but with the laptop you also have a computer that is usually much more energy efficient. Of course, it always depends on what you want to use the computer for. In some cases, a desktop PC certainly makes more sense in terms of effective work.

More climate protection tips

Stop climate change Climate protection tips for everyday life

Make things yourself

In our Do It Yourself Blog you get tips and tricks for making things like toothpaste, deodorant and all-purpose household products yourself. By making things yourself, you avoid resource-wasting, climate-damaging and costly products and can produce them yourself in a much more environmentally friendly way. So you can Avoid plastic waste and learn a lot.

Share items with each other

By reaching out to each other more and sharing things, we can save a lot of waste and actually value elaborately-produced items & food. The Borrowing things is therefore such an important part of the Zero Waste Lifestyle. Also the already mentioned Food Sharing helps to save food and give a little more meaning to the costly production and environmentally damaging transport.

Consciously reduce your own carbon footprint:

With this CO2 calculator you can directly calculate your own carbon footprint and improve it in a targeted manner. The result may be very surprising, but it helps to classify your own environmental behavior.

Tip: Need more motivation? Then take a look at the Climate tipping points which, if achieved, will further accelerate climate change.

Stopping climate change in everyday life is easy!

As you can see, every single one of us can do something for climate protection and against climate change in our everyday lives. I hope that the climate protection tips from this article will help you to reduce your personal CO2 balance. I'm sure you also have some tips that we can all implement in our everyday lives, right? Then feel free to write me missing climate protection tips but also questions and other suggestions in the comments.

Stay clean,

Replace things Zero Waste

PS.: In the Plastic free blog you will get all the tips about a life without plastic and if you like, you can also learn from me in the online course 30 Days to Zero Waste Let us guide you step by step in reducing your personal plastic waste.

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