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Zero Waste Bathroom – The Best Ideas and Alternatives to Make Your Restroom Plastic-Free

Zero Waste Bathroom – 23 Ideas and Alternatives to Make Your Restroom Plastic-Free

Looking for the best tips for a plastic-free bathroom? Then you've come to the right place! Through our everyday behavior, we humans leave behind a lot of waste. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Plastic waste in the environment meanwhile one of the biggest ecological problems of our time counts. Fortunately, we have dozens of ways to do something about this, especially when it comes to personal hygiene in the bathroom.

In this article, I will therefore provide you with valuable tips on how to get much closer to a zero waste bathroom using simple means. And in such a way that neither your quality of life nor your hygiene suffers in the slightest. Let's go!

Here is a brief overview of the tips in advance:

  1. Hair, nails & ears
  2. Skin and body care
  3. Mouth and dental care
  4. Shave plastic free
  5. Menstruation and make up
  6. Shower, bathtub & toilet
  7. Waste & Cleaning

Hair, nails & ears in the plastic-free bathroom

Ecological cotton buds and soap in plastic free bathroom

1. plastic-free cotton buds

Not only are cotton buds often packaged in plastic, they are also plastic waste themselves after a single use. But there are also cotton buds Completely without plastic - from the packaging to the product itself.

With plastic-free packaging Paper cotton buds, bamboo and cotton, you're getting a little closer to your zero waste bathroom. And with a Ear cleaner with metal loop you don't even make any more paper waste.

2. shampoo in one piece

Dozens Shampoo bottles end up as waste every year and have to be recycled in an energy-intensive process. In addition, the products often contain tiny plastic particleswhich is finally discharged via the outflow as Microplastics in the sea end.

Fortunately, as a green alternative you can simply use the tried and tested bar soap for the hair. For easy transportation and storage, I can also provide you with a simple tin box recommend

Tip: You can also take a look at my big hair soaps comparison if you don't like the recommended shampoo straight away.

3. plastic free wooden comb

The old plastic comb has had its day? As soon as it no longer works, you can replace it with a plastic-free alternative. This could be a equally simple, but more stable wooden comb be from regional, ecological forestry.

This wooden comb* I can absolutely recommend it from my own experience.

Skin and body care without plastic

Zero Waste Bathroom Towel Rack

4. hand and shower soap without plastic

Plastic-free bar soap can be used both as a hand and shower soap and is therefore the perfect Plastic-free alternative to conventional shower gel. As a rule, the soaps also smell great and are free from harmful substances. What's more, buying them usually only generates paper waste, not plastic waste.

Here you can get the best natural soap* for healthy skin - handmade and natural.

5. deodorant in one piece or make your own

What applies to shower gels and shampoos also applies to your deodorant: get a solid deodorant in one piece. The Works the same way in the applicationis much more natural and an important step towards the zero waste bathroom.

This solid deodorant from Lamazuna* I can absolutely recommend.

Alternative Tip: You can also make your own natural deodorant (whether spray, cream or roller)! You can find the right ingredients and the right instructions for making it in the article "Make your own deodorant".

6. plastic-free soap bag

In a Soap bagthe bar soap already used for skin and hair can be used very well. store and, above all, use. The sachet prevents the soap from slipping out of your hand. It also helps to spread the lather better on your skin.

These organic soap bags (set of 4)* I can recommend to you.

7. wooden soap dish

For plastic-free soap storage at the washbasin, at the edge of the bathtub or in the shower is also particularly suitable for a Wooden soap dishwonderful.

It is visually beautiful and natural to look at, by nature antibacterial and of course plastic-free.

This olive wood soap dish* is absolutely recommendable.

8. wooden bath brush

The classic bath brush is of course also available without plastic. For example made of beech wood and with natural fiber bristleswhich are made from the leaves of the Argave tree. A simple step that brings you one step closer to your plastic-free bathroom.

This bath brush* produced in Germany is my recommendation for you.

Plastic-free oral and dental care

Zero waste bathroom with wooden toothbrushes

9. toothbrush made of bamboo wood

My grandma always used to use wooden toothbrushes. After plastic became commonplace, the Wooden toothbrush but disappeared into oblivion. Today, the plastic-free Alternative to the plastic toothbrush as much in demand as ever - and is representative of the environmentally conscious Zero Waste Lifestyle.

These wooden toothbrushes* really belong in every zero waste bathroom!

10. plastic-free toothbrush tablets

A beautiful Replacement for toothpaste from the plastic tube are plastic free packed toothbrush tablets. They become soft in the mouth and can be used just as simply and effectively as you are used to with classic toothpaste.

Perhaps Some time needed to get used to itbut experience has shown that this happens really quickly.

With these toothpaste tablets* the changeover is very easy.

DIY tip: You can get your Toothpaste also easy to make yourself! I'll show you how to do this in detail in the linked blog post.

11. dental floss without plastic

Classic Dental flossthat we usually find in the supermarket is usually double packed in plastic and also passes itself made of plastic.

But Dental care can also be sustainable be! There are now many plastic-free alternatives for the plastic-free bathroom that you can use. For example, dental floss, which Made from wax and in a glass flacon or paper carton is offered.

This vegan dental floss in a refill pack* I can absolutely recommend it to you.

12. metal tongue scraper

Unfortunately, tongue scrapers are often made of plastic and cause a lot of waste. However, there are now also many tongue cleaners made of Stainless steel or copperthat are reusable and really do last forever.

Another waste-avoiding alternative is to use the ordinary Tablespoonwhich is certainly already in your cutlery drawer at home. 😉

This copper tongue cleaner with fabric pouch* I can absolutely recommend it.

13. versatile coconut oil

Coconut oil is actually a real all-rounder in the zero waste bathroom! For example, it is ideal for Oil pulling. So that you prevent bad breath in a natural way and clean your teeth. You can also use the oil to make your Toothpaste or in the Use against dry skin use

With this native organic coconut oil* you are on the safe side.

Tip: Coconut oil is therefore a secret weapon for Sustainable body care. By the way, I'll give you more tips and tricks in the linked blog post.

14. wooden or ceramic toothbrush mug

If you already have a working toothbrush mug (made of plastic), you need it not to be exchanged directly, of course.

But when the time has come at some pointthere are of course good, plastic-free alternatives, such as a toothbrush mug made of ceramic, olive or bamboo wood.

This olive wood toothbrush tumbler* I can recommend it to you, for example.

Shaving in plastic free bathroom

Stainless steel razor for less waste in the bathroom

15. stainless steel safety razor

In future, simply use No more disposable razors! They really only produce plastic waste without end. Also on the Replacement blades you can do without plastic.

How exactly is that supposed to work? Stainless steel razor is completely plastic-free and can be reused forever. The metal blades can also be used often and reordered if necessary. A small change, but a big step on the way to a plastic-free bathroom.

This safety razor made from wood and stainless steel* is absolutely recommendable.

16. wooden shaving brush

Conventional Shaving brush come Often made of plastic and with animal hair (e.g. badger hair) - and quickly become ugly and unusable because they lose bristles.

But the essential more resource-friendly, animal-friendly and waste-avoiding alternative is a wooden shaving brush with artificial bristles. The latter may be made of plastic, but here the Plastic definitely has its advantages.

To this shaving brush made of maple wood* I can advise you from my own experience.

17. shaving soap in one piece

Plastic-free shaving soap is also available in bars. It replaces the usual shaving foam from the plastic container and helps you enormously to avoid plastic waste in the bathroom. The soap is rubbed as usual and the resulting foam is spread over the face. Then leave it on for a short time and off you go.

Menstruation and makeup without plastic

Menstrual cup and reusable makeup pads

18. menstrual cup

Pads and tampons also cause a lot of waste in the bathroom. Also because such feminine hygiene products are usually packaged in plastic. Silicone menstrual cups are an extremely popular alternative in this respect nowadays, which Can be used in the long term and does not produce any waste.

This menstrual cup* is manufactured in Germany and is available in different sizes.

19. plastic-free cosmetic pads

Disposable cotton pads made of plastic also leave behind a lot of waste when removing make-up, among other things. Conventionally, they are packaged in plastic and are also made of plastic (or paper).

Instead, simply use reusable washable cosmetic pads for your make-up routine. Like this you avoid unnecessary bathroom waste and in the end you are significantly cheaper on the road. And this small change will soon make your plastic-free bathroom a reality too.

These reusable make-up remover pads made from organic cotton are recommended.

Using the toilet in the bathroom without plastic

Plastic free bathroom with wooden toilet paper holder

20. toilet paper without plastic

You won't normally find (moist) water in the supermarket. Toilet paperthat is not wrapped in plastic. But now you can also get it loose in the unpackaged store or packed in paper online.

Another great plastic-free alternative to conventional toilet paper in the bathroom is a so-called Butt shower - even if it is made of plastic and you really have to get used to it first. 😉

21. wooden toilet roll stand

Of course you can use your second and third "Emergency toilet roll" simply put them in the cupboard next to the toilet.

But it also looks pretty cool on a minimalist wooden toilet holder. In the end, everything is more visually appealing and more environmentally friendly than a cheap plastic holder.

This toilet roll holder made of olive wood* is definitely recommended.

Waste & cleaning in the bathroom without plastic

Bathroom plastic-free - with sustainable sweeping broom

22nd toilet brush without plastic

The toilet has to be cleaned somehow! Unfortunately, most Toilet brushes but made of plastic - and are known to break very quickly. On the other hand, toilet brushes are completely plastic-free and much more stable made of beech wood with natural vegetable bristles.

This wooden toilet brush with fiber bristles* is a great alternative.

23. all-purpose weapon baking soda

Without the Secret weapon Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), it would be really difficult to master life almost plastic-free. Quite simply because this household remedy is so incredibly versatile (not only) in the bathroom!

For example, you can use it as Pipe cleanerfor your own Deodorant, against blackheads, as Odour neutralizer in the bathroom waste garbage can or as a Bath additive use

Here you can get baking soda in a set of 6* particularly inexpensive and packaged in paper.

Tip: In the article Ideas for using baking soda in the home I will show you the versatility and the best tips for use in your home.

An (almost) plastic-free bathroom? No problem at all!

A bathroom (almost) without plastic is possible

You may not yet be able to manage without plastic in the bathroom - for example, I don't yet know of a plastic-free electric shaver. But with the above Zero Waste Tips you can at least make your bathroom Remove plastic waste as far as possible.

Simply implement them one by one. You can tackle many of them straight away. For others, you should wait until your current bathroom accessories are used up or unusable. How to set up your bathroom little by little and absolutely stress-free to "plastic-free".

"Be the change you wish to see in this world."

Mahatma Gandhi (more at Zero Waste Quotes)

Do you have any questions, suggestions or your own tips for a waste- and plastic-free bathroom? Then I look forward to your comment!

Stay clean,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Avoiding garbage in the bathroom is a great start to conserve natural resources in everyday life. Find out what else you can do in the next blog post.

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