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Nature Sounds – 12 Relaxing Natural Noises to Improve Your Health

Nature Sounds: The Best Relaxing Natural Noises to Improve Your Health

Are you looking for nature sounds that promote your health? Then you've come to the right place! Mother Nature offers us a unique palette of natural sounds, tones and noises that have the power to heal us. Some of them we notice by chance on a walk in the woods. For others, we deliberately take long car and train journeys or expensive flights.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the most beautiful and beneficial sounds of nature. You will also find out why sounds have a positive effect on our body and mind and how you can use them specifically to increase your well-being. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

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Health: Why are the sounds of nature so good for us?

Healthy, calming nature sounds are the sound of the sea and frogs croaking

Spending more time in naturesharpening the senses and - consciously or unconsciously - listening to the sounds of nature is a simple but very effective measure, to live healthier and also to stay healthy in the long term.

They offer us health benefits, such as Less stress and pain, better mood and higher concentration. This was confirmed, for example this studywhich was published in the scientific journal "PNAS". Sounds from nature also influence the quality of our sleep and, not least, our mindfulness.

So it makes a big difference to our well-being whether we spend most of our time in the the urban jungle with construction site noise and honking cars or in the peaceful forest with a few crackling branches and chirping birds.

Ultimately, natural sounds also fill us with happiness because they remind us of quiet natural landscapes and us take your mind off the stress of everyday life.

12 Sounds of nature: Which sounds from nature are healthy for us?

Rippling rain as a healthy sound from nature

Whether for meditative deep relaxation, to Sleep better, work more productively or simply to increase the quality of life: the benefits mentioned make it clear that natural sounds are an incredibly underestimated remedy and that it is worth allowing them to penetrate our ears regularly.

I would now like to briefly introduce you to some nature sounds that are particularly good for us. Use them, for example, at to go through life more mindfully or around the Integrate tones and sounds into your everyday life more often.

1. splashing rain

The unique The sound of countless raindrops pattering on leaves, puddles or the tent roofmake us happy.

For example, because they give us a Create a moment of calmthat we perhaps allow ourselves too rarely. Or perhaps simply because we are happy to be under a roof when it rains.

2. the sound of the sea

The constant noise of the waves of the ocean breaking on the coasthas an extremely meditative effect. In the end it also promotes our inner peace. For example, we often prefer a beach vacation to a city trip because we expect to be able to relax by the water and finally clear our heads.

3. frog croaking

The croaking of the frogs at quiet lakes, babbling mountain streams or at home by the garden pond creates a feeling of closeness to nature and peace, especially in the evening hours. It also fills us with happiness because we don't hear it every day.

4. birdsong

From the singing nightingale, the trumpeting of the cranes and the unmistakable call of the cuckoo to the melodic flute of the blackbird - the unique Birds chirping in the morning signals the start of a new day and has an extremely invigorating and exhilarating effect.

Good to know: Of course, birds don't just make sounds through their song. For example, the hammering knocking of the great spotted woodpecker is always a special experience for forest walkers.

5. rustling trees

The The rustling of the leaves of large oaks, poplars, copper beeches or silver willows on windy days creates a great atmosphere. It's ideal when creaking old trees also join in. With such sounds of nature, we naturally find it easy to calm our minds and relax. to become more relaxed.

6. cricket chirping

The chirping of the Field cricket on a warm summer night creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. According to the Study "The Sounds of Safety" it even gives us a Sense of security.

The cricket feels particularly at home on sunny, warm slopes, semi-arid grasslands and meadows well. All the more reason to campaign for the preservation of species-rich soundscapes.

7. rustling leaves

Even as a child, the temptation was great, to jump into the laboriously raked heaps of leaves and have a "leaf fight". Maybe it's just the memory of it that makes us happy.

The natural sound of leaves rubbing against each other, that rustles in the wind or between your feet during a walkis wonderful. It promotes our own well-being and helps us to feel more connected to nature again.

Tip: From the loud motors Environmentally harmful leaf blowers and leaf blowers By the way, the roaring sound is the opposite of a health-promoting natural sound. If you want to do your ears and the animals a favor, you should fall back on the quieter leaf rake and simply leave the piles of leaves lying around. You can find out more about this in the linked blog post.

8. crackling fire

The crackling of the in the heat of bursting wood in the fireplace, fire bowl or campfire creates a cozy atmosphere. It is even complemented by a soothing warmth.

The Close your eyesFeeling the high temperatures of the fire slowly reach your face and listening to the burning wood is probably one of the most efficient ways to feel your own Reduce stress levels.

9. bee sums

Natural tones and sounds from the buzzing of bees

The gentle buzzing and humming of bees or even bumblebees at work - when they visit countless flowers and Pollinate plants - is a very soothing sound of nature for us humans, which always reminds us of warm, sunny days.

Another good reason to actively combat insect mortality. You can do this, for example, by create nesting aids in your garden, provide food sources and also by eating an organic, plant-based, regional and seasonal diet and by organic farming supported.

10. rushing waterfalls

Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls send millions of liters of water cascading down the mountainside every second. The resulting roar evokes in us the A sense of awe and promotes our Environmental awareness.

Some waterfalls are so high that they not only produce a unique natural sound, but are also a great place to relax. fine, refreshing aerosols swirl through the airwhich primarily serve asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

11. cracking branches

The cracking from fallen branches and twigs during a walk in the forest awakens the nature-loving side in us - and increases our awareness of the small, at first glance inconspicuous things.

Personally, I would really miss somethingif I didn't have a daily take the dog for a walk in the forest and this wonderful sound of nature would not be part of my everyday life.

12. murmuring brooks

The gentle The murmur of water in a stream or riverwhich may even include pebbles rubbing against each other complement the background noise, radiates a peaceful and balancing atmosphere. These are ideal tones and sounds for real, mental regeneration.

Tips and ideas: How can you enjoy the sounds of nature?

Enjoy the sounds of nature during sound therapy or in the forest

I could make it very easy for myself now and say: Off into nature with you! Into the forest, by the sea, in the park, on fields and meadows! Jogging, swimming, a Read bookmeet friends, pick flowers! And of course, the easiest way to enjoy the sounds of nature is to go outside.

But not everyone always has the time. And for some of us, perhaps even a daily Me-Time of 20 minutes to recover.

That's why I've given you here lists a few more possibilities and ideal additionsto enjoy the soothing pleasure of natural tones and sounds.

7 tips and ideas for enjoying even more relaxing sounds

  1. Take part in sound meditations: Many yoga and wellness centers offer workshops where you can learn to switch off with the sounds and vibrations of gong or singing bowl meditation. I would also like to introduce you to the Book "Healing Humming" by Jonathan Goldman* by getting to know more advanced exercises.
  2. Get yourself a meditation cushion: A comfortable pillow makes your quiet moments with the sounds of nature even more relaxing. I can offer you this meditation cushion from Lotuscrafts in the Avocadostore* recommend
  3. Listen to the right playlists: You can find numerous playlists with natural sounds on YouTube or Spotify. I like to listen to music not only at work, but also while I'm working or falling asleep. For example, I can recommend this forest sounds playlist.
  4. Invest in good headphones: Get over-ear headphones and install speakers in your living room that really bring the sounds of nature to your ears in near-natural quality. My absolute recommendations are these wireless Sennheiser Momentum 4* and these Ultima 40 stereo speakers from Teufel*.
  5. Create a garden close to nature: If you have the space, then you should have a fun-loving, Create a sustainable gardenand provide a habitat for countless insects, birds and other garden animals and listen to their wild goings-on.
  6. Make sure the birds are chirping in the bathroom: I'm not really a fan of artificially imitating nature. But one such a simple loudspeaker with motion detector and birdsong*can definitely create an even more relaxed, natural atmosphere in the bathroom.
  7. Bathing in the forest: At Forest bathing you breathe consciously and perceive the natural sounds of the forest much more intensely as you sink into a deeply relaxed state.

For example, you can also save up for a unique nature trip or a Adopt dog from animal shelterso that you automatically spend more time outdoors again. Ultimately, to benefit from the health benefits of the sounds of nature, it is simply important to consciously integrate them into your daily life.

Enjoy the sounds of nature: Listen carefully and relax!

From rippling rain and rustling leaves to a murmuring brook - nature offers us a multitude of sounds that not only delight our ears but also benefit our health.

Here I have really presented only a fraction of the countless existing natural sounds. The opportunities to enjoy them are similarly abundant. All you have to do is get started and create new habits.

"Nature must be experienced through feeling."

Alexander von Humboldt (more at Nature Quotes)

Do you have any questions, suggestions or personal favorite nature sounds that are particularly good for you? Then I look forward to your comment!

Stay aware of nature and listen carefully,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Driving down and experiencing nature with all your senses is also a Natural remedy for headaches. You can find out what else you can do against migraines & co. in the next linked article.

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