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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Regarding my work and CareElite, there are many a question that I am asked particularly often. Here you find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and my answers in the overview without having to wait for my feedback.

I have answered your questions about these topics here:

Frequently asked questions about sustainable living

FAQ sustainable living
How do you define environmental awareness?

Being environmentally conscious means knowing that each of your own everyday actions can have a negative impact on your environment - and using this knowledge to consciously make your own actions more environmentally friendly. I know that a plastic straw is made from the finite raw material petroleum and goes straight into the trash as soon as the cocktail is sipped empty. In order to conserve natural resources, I prefer to use eternally reusable glass, stainless steel or bamboo straws in the future.

Environmental awareness For me, however, it also means not having to do everything perfectly, but rather taking a relaxed step-by-step approach to living as sustainably as possible and learning something new every day.

What are the benefits of plastic-free living for the environment and myself?

Plastic waste kills animals, is toxic and not biodegradable. Plastic waste in nature is one of the biggest environmental problems of our time, because plastic does not disappear by itself. Our way of life has brought it into the world and into the oceans - and that's exactly what we have to change. (more at why live plastic-free?)

How can I easily avoid plastic waste?

There are thousands of ways to significantly reduce your personal plastic waste without sacrificing your quality of life. Learn in this article to consume plastic free & sustainable.

What all can I conveniently make myself?

Theoretically, you can make or teach yourself everything these days. From homemade washing up liquid until the DIY Toothpaste.

Just look times in the Do It Yourself Blog drop by and try yourself out. These home remedies can help you to be able to make a lot of things yourself.

Where can I shop online plastic-free and sustainable?

There are now several online stores that specialize in sustainability and plastic-free shopping. Here in the Sustainability Shop of CareElite you can already find a large part of the things that allow you a low plastic everyday life. I'm trying to gradually provide you with an environmentally friendly alternative for all everyday products to save you the often long and time-consuming search.

How can I take a sustainable vacation?

Whether your vacation or your trip is sustainable, you ultimately decide by your behavior before, during and also after the trip.

In this article you will learn all about sustainable travel.

How does the minimalist lifestyle work?

Roughly speaking, minimalism means getting by with only the things you really need. Minimalism creates an overview and makes you happier. In this article you will learn all about minimalism.

Isn't sustainable living expensive?

The bottom line is that I don't think it's more expensive. If you live sustainably, you might pay a little more for some products, but some products, like the jute bag, you only pay once in the best case. Live sustainably also means, live minimalist. With this lifestyle, you spend less money on useless things and ultimately have more money in your wallet.

In the article save money through sustainability you can learn more about it.

Many newcomers have the feeling that sustainability can only be achieved by doing without. Is that true?

It's not a sacrifice if I can simply replace things I'm used to in a more sustainable way. I already act sustainably by replacing a disposable straw, which would go into the trash can after 10 minutes in the cocktail, with an eternally reusable one. Stainless steel straw replace. And so there really is a sustainable alternative for almost everything.

Can I, as an individual, make a difference by just making the "little" things in everyday life more sustainable?

Of course! Doing without a plastic straw, for example, is a small thing. If eight billion other people also thought that "the ONE straw won't be so bad already," we would have a real environmental problem. We may be a small part of the problem as individuals, but we may just as well be a valuable, small part of the solution. Many people believe that they alone can not change anything anyway. They are not even alone in this. They inspire others with their sustainable lifestyle and make a real difference that way.

Why should you live vegan?

The step towards veganism is a matter of the heart. The motives are ethical, ecological, health and social. This lifestyle is the least that each of us can do for the planet and all creatures that live on it. Already by taking this step, one decisively counteracts animal cruelty, deforestation of rainforests, global warming and countless other problems and injustices.

At Why vegan? you will get a detailed overview of the reasons for veganism.

How does the Zero Waste lifestyle work?

The Zero Waste lifestyle works with 10 valuable basic rules that you implement in your everyday life. Read the article Zero Waste Lifestyle by.

Why do many people fail to live more environmentally conscious lives?

We are creatures of habit. Change is difficult for usbecause we find security and stability in the familiar. We tend to be afraid of the unknown and the new. Our own environment can also have a strong influence on us and dissuade us from making changes. Often the project also fails due to a lack of foresight and motivation. Therefore, everyone should know and internalize why it is worthwhile to live sustainably.

What tips do you have for increasing your own environmental awareness?

Our own environmental awareness increases when we spend more time in the green and deal with the following of our actions for nature. Here are three very crucial tips with further articles from my side:

  • Spend more time in nature: Go to the park, the lake or the mountains regularly and do nothing but observe your environment. Just spend more time outside in nature. It gives us so much peace and strength, so you automatically want to protect it.
  • Identify problems: Learn the Environmental problems of our time and become aware of how you are currently still part of the problem and what you can do to become part of the solution.
  • Understanding your own advantages: Better health, higher biodiversity, more money for important things, cleaner landscapes, more time, higher satisfaction, respect for other people and animals, happy future of own children and grandchildren... the list of the Benefits of a more sustainable lifestyle is as long as a horse's ass. Make yourself aware of it.

Frequently asked questions about the vegan lifestyle

Frequently asked questions vegan living
What is the easiest way to get started being vegan?

For a good start, I think it is important to internalize why you are taking this step. Documentaries like "Dominion", "Cowspiracy" or "Seaspiracy" strengthen the motivation immensely. Personally, I subsequently started by first replacing animal foods in my diet. As an example: Oat milk and soy yogurt instead of conventional dairy products - and meat-like mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes or direct meat substitutes like a burger patty made from pea protein. With each passing day, it really has never been easier to eat a plant-based diet. Once you understand that, the next step is to turn your attention to cosmetics or clothing without animal suffering. 

What do you recommend for making meat-based recipes like bolognese or stir-fry vegan?

Basically, you can find vegetable substitutes for minced meat, gyros and the like in almost all markets these days. Personally, however, I now only eat a few "ready-made meat substitutes" - but they were of course a blessing during the change of diet, as they made it much easier to get rid of old habits.

But now it also goes largely without finished products and accordingly more wholesome, healthier, environmentally friendly and also cheaper. Dried tomatoes, countless edible mushrooms or even the flesh of the eggplant are very similar to the meat when chewing, for example. In addition, you can "veganize" countless meat dishes with tofu and the appropriate seasoning.

Frequently asked questions about CareElite

CareElite CleanUp
How do you fund CareElite?

Through income from sales of sustainable products from my partner stores, online courses, ads on the website, sponsored posts, my book sales, and occasional donations to the Coffee cash register. You can find a transparent overview under Advertising and cooperation partners.

Does CareElite have permanent employees?

I run the company as a sole proprietor without permanent employees. However, I am currently supported by two freelancers, which is the CareElite Blog or are responsible for the social media channels. This concept makes me more flexible in all areas and can also be implemented very well regardless of location.

Why are there partly products from Amazon in the store?

I run the company as a sole proprietor and currently have no permanent employees. The many blog posts, the educational work and the CleanUp organizations cost a lot of time and money. At Store from CareElite you will also find products from the e-commerce giant Amazon, because its affiliate program allows me to finance CareElite easily and in a time-saving way. In the meantime, however, there are also more sustainable alternatives for (almost) all products from other providers. In this way, I try to constantly develop the store and also promote smaller retailers.

Where can I find CareElite in the media?

All questions about media, interview partners, guest appearances and website figures will be in this post answered.

How can you support CareElite?

Just become a valuable part of the CareElite community. Discuss in our Facebook groupshare your experiences and learn from others. Sustainable living can be so simple. By doing so, you support our common goal of a sustainable way of life for our global society.

If you would like to make a small, financial contribution, you can simply put something into the Paypal coffee cash throw. The income from this will be used, for example, for new blog posts and CleanUp material during cleanup campaigns.

You can also support CareElite on these social media channels:

Either way - thanks for your support!

How does the job portal work?

The Job portal for sustainable professions works just like any other job portal - except that you'll only find job postings that help you make our world and our coexistence a little better every day. You can also filter the job postings according to your interests. For example, "conscious management", "protecting the environment" or "helping people". The job offers themselves all come from my partner and are constantly updated.

Here you can search for a suitable job for you now.

How can I become part of the sustainable Facebook community?

In the sustainable Facebook community of CareElite (CareElite Connect), like-minded people exchange ideas about everyday life that is as sustainable as possible. All members share their experiences and ideas on waste avoidance, vegan nutrition and many other everyday topics. Here you can join CareElite Connect.

How can I become part of the global CleanUp community?

In the Facebook community for trash cleanups (CareElite Global) you can motivate others, praise them and of course share your own cleanups and CleanUp events with the whole world. I also provide you there with a World map with all organizers of our community at your disposal. This means that you can quickly find contacts on vacation in Indonesia, India or Colombia who can always use support in the fight against plastic waste.

Here you can join the Nature & Beach CleanUp Community on Facebook.

Are guest articles also published?

Yes, you can also publish a guest post on a topic that is close to your heart at I'm just as open to sponsored posts as long as they add real value for my readers and the protection of our planet.

At Write guest article you will find an overview of all requirements.

Frequently asked questions about me personally

Christoph Schulz from CareElite
What is your personal background?

After graduating from high school, I first trained as a bank clerk and then studied multimedia marketing. At the end of my studies, I worked in online marketing for larger companies in both Hamburg and Berlin, before finally founding my first own company in the capital. When this failed, I decided at the beginning of 2017 to commit myself professionally to my passion of environmental protection. On the side, I am currently doing my master's degree in environmental science.

At Christoph introduces himself, you can learn a little more about me.

What motivates you to get involved?

I feel that our society is gradually losing touch with nature or the origin of life. Smartphones, online streaming, animal cruelty, increasing meat consumption, throwaway society, consumption, consumption, consumption... with CareElite I want to preserve and raise the nature awareness of our society so that we never forget why protecting our planet, our health and respecting other living beings are the most important things. I want to leave the world a better place than I found it.

What was your first step toward a plastic-free life?

The trigger for the change was a flood of plastic trash on the beach. Afterwards, I collected my trash for a week and thought about what I could do better. A reusable stainless steel drinking bottle instead of plastic bottles, jute bags and backpack instead of plastic bags, and vegetable nets made of cotton instead of thin plastic bags - these were then my first steps.

Why did you start CareElite?

The CareElite environmental protection project in the first quarter of 2017 because I was fed up with the unconscious plastic consumption in our society. Basically, I want future generations to be able to live on this planet just as well as we do. Furthermore, I am an absolute pacifist and reject any kind of violence against humans and even animals, who feel emotions like joy and fear just as we do. I had and have the feeling that there is still a great need for education on these topics.

What books have you already published?

An overview of all published books and planned new releases you can find here.

What was the trigger for you to go vegan?

The trigger was the Documentation "Dominion. The film is free to watch on YouTube and shows the background of animals that are kept in factory farming for their meat, milk, fur, feathers or eggs under cruel conditions and finally gassed or killed by a throat cut. Until then, I had simply never wanted to see how corresponding food and products are produced.

You have more questions?

Then just contact me by mail.