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Why are vegans so annoying?

Why are vegans so annoying? 5 reasons

Wondering why vegans are so incredibly annoying, exhausting and pushy? Then I would like to serve you here briefly and succinctly the answer. I am a vegan myself - but was also a meat fanatic for 30 years of my life. I'm familiar with both sides. I was annoyed when someone else needed an extra vegan sausage - and was annoyed when I realized why I - and best of all immediately all people in the world - vegan should be.

Meanwhile, I'm no longer so exhausting - I think 😉 Because I understood why vegans can be so annoying and exhausting. Here I would like to list you the 5 crucial reasons for it - also to mediate between the camps. Let's go!

Here is a preliminary short Overview for you:

  1. Moral contradiction
  2. Ethical values questioned
  3. Ecological values questioned
  4. Health values questioned
  5. No logical counterarguments

5 reasons why vegans are so annoying to others

Annoying, exhausting, pushy, annoying, intolerant, spoiled, and aggressive - wow, I used to be really Built a wall of negative stereotypes about vegansto avoid having to deal with this lifestyle under any circumstances.

It wasn't until I broke through them that I could understand why I always found vegans so "sucky". As promised, here are the 5 crucial reasons why!

1. due to an inner, moral contradiction

Woman annoyed by vegan

Cognitive dissonance is a term used as unpleasantly felt emotional state that occurs when we recognize reality and two of our cognitions are in conflict. This inner conflict occurs, for example, with smokers who know that smoking significantly increases the risk of cancer. But also with meat eaters and vegetarians, if you feel that smoking increases the risk of cancer: "I love animals, but I have them killed for my meals."

This is quite obviously a Contradiction between one's own values and one's own actions. Rejection and hatred towards vegans - or the consolidating attitude that they are annoying - are a typical reflex to this.

2. because they challenge our ethical values

Piglet - ethics

"I love animals. They are feeling organisms, who feel pleasure and pain just as we humans do. And I don't want anything to be done to them."

I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb when I say that we're all against Cruelty to animals are. Nevertheless, a large part of our society finances them regularly when buying meat, cow's milk, eggs, gummy bears, fur coats and many other animal products, consciously or unconsciously. In the Factory farming animals are artificially impregnated, mistreated, mutilated, shredded, and gassed. Even in organic farming, male calves and chicks have no value to the industry, so they are killed shortly after birth. And whether "mass or class", whether "young or old" - in the end, all "farm animals" end up in the same, brutal slaughterhouse, because we want to eat them.

These are things that fundamentally speak against human values. Therefore, an inner conflict arises here again, which can reinforce our image about exhausting and annoying vegans: "I'm against animal cruelty, but I pay money for it."

Good to know: Most vegans are also vegan for people - and not only for the animals. Because the lifestyle also helps, for example, to reduce the Stop world hunger.

3. because they challenge our ecological values

Rainforest clearing - Why vegans are annoying

"I want to protect my environment - but I want to keep eating meat and consuming other animal products." The cognitive dissonance of non-vegans also continues when it comes to the topic of environmental protection. At the latest when they learn that around 83 percent of the world's agricultural land is used for grazing or cultivation for feed for "our" farm animals.₁ Or when it becomes clear that 88 percent of the Deforestation of the rainforest in the Amazon region are the responsibility of the livestock industry₂ and this is the key driver of the current Species extinction is.

Protecting the environment and eating animal-based foods? The two don't go together - and that's three meals a day. This inner contradiction again leads to the fact that many people find vegans annoying and exhausting.

You can't imagine living vegan? Me the Dominion film ultimately convincing and permanently motivated... It is available for free on YouTube. I am sure it will change your life in a positive way.

4. because they challenge our pursuit of health

Vegan meal roasted sweet potatoes

"I want to be healthy and stay that way - but continue to eat meat." With Nicht-Veganern again an internal contradiction develops, if they experience that Veganer contrary to their call, evenly not all "thin, weak, underfed and unhealthy" humans are.

Scientific studies have proven that vegans are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.₃ In addition, according to the American Dietetic Association suitable for all phases of a person's life - including pregnancy.₄

If it's healthy to go vegan, why would we continue to do these gruesome things to animals? Most non-vegans do not find an answer to this. This is another reason why vegans are often perceived as annoying and exhausting as a result.

5. because there is simply no logical argument against veganism

Gorilla thinks - vegans annoying

"I want to stick to my habits - but I don't want other people, animals, the environment and my own health to suffer." Habit, taste, tradition and convenience are certainly the most commonly cited arguments for the consumption of animal foods. They are all quickly refuted. Not least because they come across as rather selfish.

Informed vegans are therefore certainly so annoying because there is simply no chance to triumph against them in a discussion. Quite simply because they stand up for the values that you basically also represent yourself. But because of the contradiction with your own actions, you don't like to admit it. The reaction? Either you find vegans annoying - or you realize that you should change something to bring values and actions back into line.

You are not convinced yet? In a separate post I will show you all my Reasons to go vegan.

Vegans are annoying because they question habits

To most People find personal change difficult. In this case, there is even a threat of a significant Change that, for most of us, challenges the behavior of several decades of our lives. No wonder, then, that vegans are so annoying when they explain to us, unasked or on demand, that they live vegan for animals, for people, for the environment and for their own health.

So we agree that vegans are annoying - right? Just forget that for a moment and ask yourself the following question: Which lifestyle is more in line with your personal values? The way of life that demands sacrifice intermittently but regularly? Or the way of life that emphasizes compassion, mercy and love for people, planet and animals? My answer was the latter. That's why I'm vegan now. And happy with it.

Can you think of any other reasons why vegans are so annoying? Or did this article help you better understand the vegan lifestyle? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Stay compassionate,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: In the article Start into vegan life you get tips and tricks for the entertaining changeover.

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Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

12 thoughts on “Warum nerven Veganer so? 5 Gründe”

  1. Hello, vegans also remember that plants are also living beings 😉 And what feel. Communication with trees etc. I recommend to read the book 'The secret life of trees' by Peter Wohlleben. Or to look if it is still somewhere to stream.


    1. Christoph Schulz

      Hi Mandy. Have read the book, it is great. But then I'm sure you know that even though plants are living things, they don't have a central nervous system and therefore don't feel emotions like pain or pleasure. It's not the same whether I cut a broccoli or slit an animal's throat.

      But suppose plants do have feelings: Then you should live vegan all the more, because far more plants are "killed" for the animal food of cows, pigs, chickens and other "farm animals".

      In the article Do plants have feelings? I have once again dealt with this argument in detail.

      I hope you're open to changing your mind - because I would be if the reverse were true.

      Best regards,

  2. ?? wow. I don't even eat meat, and I can't stand vegans! Literally the most annoying people on the planet that can't mind their own business.

    1. Hey Shane! There are vegans that are very loud and annoying and there are vegans that are quiet and calm. And so do meat eaters and vegetarians. ?

      But one thing to rethink: It's not your own business, when your choice has a victim (obviously the animal). And there is a victim, even if you just eat eggs or milk. Because for those products animals suffer and die, too.

      Just think about when you are talking to a vegan: is he/she annoying, because he/she is right but it doesn't match with your beliefs, or because he/she is loud? ?

      Best regards, Christoph

  3. This is a very one-sided and also somewhat presumptuous article.

    I personally have vegans in my circle of friends who are completely peaceful. They have understood something - namely the fact that they themselves are the change they want to see in their world and take responsibility for it. They actually do what good and therefore act as role models, because they have understood that it is more profitable to seduce people to veganism than to constantly attack their world view. By the way, they have also confirmed to me that there are many vegans who live unhealthily - that a vegan automatically lives healthily simply because he does not consume animal products is simply not correct and very general.

    Militant Veganer do the opposite - because for these their Vegansein is a reason to point with the finger on others and to rest on the very simplified way of thinking, which everyone which does not divide the same value conceptions we it automatically a bad humans is or at all for animals and environment to use cannot. With respect: THAT is why these people go against the grain for me. Not because they trigger my bad conscience or my moral contradictions - because moral contradictions has abselout every man, that is part of being human simply.

    And it does not say at all that someone does not possess compassion or love for its environment, merely because it decides against a vegan nourishing form These humans have it merely at other corners and ends as Veganer.

    Unfortunately, I find the article a bit sweeping, even though it is certainly not meant that way.

    By the way: It is scientifically proven that a vegan diet does not heal the suffering of the world, but would rather bring about the opposite. There would be more famines and food shortages and would have more species extinction as a result. A friendly way of life for humans and animals is lacto-vegetarianism, in which more dairy products are consumed.

    Love greetings

    1. Hello Jasmin,

      I am also a peaceful vegan 🙂 The article only serves to list the psychological background for the fact that one feels quickly annoyed by vegan living people. Of course, there are also those who come along extremely lecturing and "put this one shovel too much on it".

      I can imagine that you were annoyed by "vegans" after this article, because I have said nothing but the truth here. Your last sentence at least speaks to that. I'm honestly eager to see the scientific evidence that a vegan diet does not cure the world's suffering, but rather would cause the opposite. Feel free to link me the study in your comment.

      Many greetings,

      PS: I am open to change and would also adapt the article if you also tell me what exactly bothers you.

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