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Vegan against violence - influence of veganism on society

Vegan against violence - The influence of veganism on our society

Are vegans against violence? And how can a lifestyle that tries to avoid all forms of exploitation and cruelty against animals positively influence our social coexistence? If you're looking for answers to these questions, you've come to the right place!

"Veganism is too expensive, too exhausting, too extreme for me" - in everyday discussions about the Veganism The debate usually revolves around the advantages and disadvantages of the lifestyle for individuals. But it is rarely discussed in terms of how it can combat violence, crime and hatred while promoting peace, equality, solidarity, compassion and love throughout our national and global society.

In this article, I would therefore like to show you the opportunities that veganism offers for the coexistence of all people on this planet. First, let's briefly clarify two frequently asked questions to prevent misunderstandings. Let's go!

  1. To what extent are vegans against violence?
  2. Are there actually also violent and criminal vegans?
  3. Influence of veganism on our society
  4. Closing words

To what extent is one vegan against violence?

Vegan against violence - people help animals

Veganism is a way of life that is quite specifically against the Animal mistreatment and Cruelty to animals speaks out. Environmental destruction, personal health risks and the suffering of countless people in developing countries are also driving people to go vegan. Vegans are concerned with living in harmony with animals, preserving the resources of our planet and living in peace with their fellow human beings. So as a vegan you are already by definition "vegan against violencebecause you are pursuing a way of life that is directed against destruction and brutality.

Vegans are not better people - But according to scientific studies, they are more liberal, more open to new experiences and bring a greater Trust in their fellow human beings with.₁ You know and respect that Animals are sentient beings are animals that feel pain and suffering just like we humans do. And they also know and respect that other people have to suffer when animal products are consumed in our society. Vegans take personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions - and change their behavior out of a solid, intrinsic, ethical motivation.

Good to know: Veganism is a way of life that opposes the exploitation of animals - vegetarianism is a way of eating that involves abstaining from meat. All about the Differences between vegan and plant-based can be found in the linked article.

Are there actually also violent and criminal vegans?

Are there vegans who are ready to use violence?

It may be that vegans are less prone to violence and crime because of their attitude - but Just because you're vegan doesn't automatically make you a perfect, nice, peaceful and law-abiding person. Of course, there are also vegans who glorify violence and engage in criminal activities - not least because stress, anxiety and mental health in general are often the main causes of crime. Attila Hildmann is a good example of this with his aggressive dissemination of conspiracy ideologies. And then there are the vegans who cross the boundaries of what is permitted and commit illegal acts in order to protect animals.

Let's be clear: vegans can of course also be violent and criminal. But the majority of them are less violent and less criminal because it is not their choice of diet but the way in which they came to this decision that is deeply rooted in them. They are vegan against violence. It is a moral choicewhich is based on human values such as compassion, love and respect for all living beings.

Scientific studies on the influence of veganism on our society are unfortunately still few and far between. But I can say, at least for myself personally, that the decision to go vegan has made me feel better, more compassionate, stress-free and lively has made. I find it rather criminal that we live at the expense of other people and animals. And that organized animal suffering is legal and even subsidized by the state, even though anyone would probably claim to abhor cruelty to animals.

What positive influence does veganism have in our society against GEwalt and other problems?

Peace and less hunger and poverty

Crime, inequality, aggression, corruption, oppression, division, torture, racism, sexism - our global society faces massive challenges. Fortunately, the vegan lifestyle is more than just giving up meat, milk and eggs. It has incredible potential to have a lasting and positive impact on the way we live together around the world. Not least because it raises awareness of essential and fundamental human values. I would now like to show you exactly what this looks like.

Individual health

The State of health of the offender can play a decisive role in theft, damage to property or even murder. One Balanced, plant-based diet promotes health. Vegans, for example, have a lower risk of common diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.₂

Many vegans make a conscious decision to improve their health. And they also give up old habits in order to improve Protect the health of others.

Don't you find it strange that we have enough food to feed 56 billion farm animals every year₃, but that at the same time more than 800 million people starve in the world have to?₄ If we have the Directly consume plants not a single person would have to go hungry.₅

A full Food intake strengthens the immune systemIt promotes concentration and ultimately helps millions of people to improve their school performance and educational opportunities. Veganism therefore promotes the health and personal development of each individual - a real added value for our global community.


Veganism is a very pacifist movement that is specifically directed against war, brutality and aggression. Instead, it advocates love and mercy towards all animals and humans. Most vegans are therefore vegan against violence.

Individual studies have already shown that a plant-based diet can make people who are prone to violence more peaceful. is more likely to commit violent acts if you eat violence or are prepared to pay for violence against animals. There may only be a juicy schnitzel on the plate - but the pig that had to die for it has experienced violence. There can be no doubt about that.


People smash a window - or commit murder. The image of crime has many faces - it is therefore impossible to give a general answer to the extent to which veganism has an influence on criminal behavior. However, a healthy, balanced plant-based diet does, that people feel better mentally and physically.

Increased well-being automatically reduces the motivation to steal from, beat up or murder someone. If we don't even do anything bad to animals any more, then ultimately the psychological hurdle to harm other people. Even if it does not rule out criminal acts, this is an important basis for the peaceful coexistence of all people in our society.


The vegan movement also stands for Fairness, solidarity, respect and equality - In other words, for very basic human values. As a vegan, you are happy to put your personal advantage in the background in order to make life more pleasant for animals and other people too.

In the Factory farming innocent, sentient creatures are kept in cramped, dark stables. Antibiotics are added to the feed of chickens, cows or pigs so that the animals can survive this time at all, before they have to expect their long-scheduled death. This treatment of animals is a extreme injustice, far from all human values.

But not only the animals, but also the Meat industry workers, indigenous peoples and hungry people suffer from the high consumption of meat and other animal-based foods in our society. Vegan against violence is a motivating factor - but this way of life brings so many other great opportunities for our coexistence that we absolutely must take advantage of.

Tip: To what extent Veganism human rights I explain in more detail in the linked article.


What do you think: how might it affect our social interaction if we no longer even do anything bad to animals? The Veganism is not a luxury problembut a movement for more compassion towards other individuals. Vegans show a special Empathy and care - Accordingly, the inhibition threshold to injure an animal or another human being in any form is also massive.

At present, many people distinguish between Domestic and farm animals - This differentiated approach is called Speciesism. Personally, I no longer see any difference between a dog and a cow. They are both sentient beings that should be stroked and not slaughtered. I am firmly convinced that this form of compassion for all sentient beings will have a lasting, positive impact on our society.


The "modern animal husbandry destroys our planet, our livelihood. We are literally "sawing at the branch we are sitting on", polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil on which we grow our food. Whether the climate change, the Deforestation of the rainforests, the air pollution or the Overfishing the oceansresource-intensive factory farming makes a decisive contribution to the fact that coming generations have to fear for their future. (under why vegan? I will explain all this to you in detail)

Accordingly, the vegan way of life also shows compassion towards our children, grandchildren and all those who may yet come by biggest environmental problems of our time and alleviates the fears of future generations.

What kind of people are vegans?

Vegan people try to avoid all forms of exploitation and cruelty against animals for food, entertainment, clothing or experiments in their everyday lives as far as practically possible.

Can veganism change society?

The vegan lifestyle has a major social impact on human coexistence. Vegans choose veganism for ethical, social, ecological and health reasons and respect the will to live of all living beings on earth. Compassion, love and respect are essential human values for peaceful coexistence.

Are there actually also vegans who are ready for violence?

According to studies, vegans are more tolerant, more open and less prone to violence. But of course this does not mean that there are no violent vegans. Ultimately, the psychological status of each individual is usually the decisive factor for violent acts.

Vegan against violence, injustice and crime - an enormous potential for our society

No justice no peace - influence of vegan lifestyle

The vegan way of life promotes non-violence and equality and specifically opposes violence and discrimination. It is the Psychological levers for a more peaceful coexistence of all people in the world. Many of us believe that there is nothing we can do about world hunger, violence or the exploitation of other people. However, there is probably no more politically effective act that simultaneously combats a number of social problems around the world than simply going vegan. Because this way of life has an enormous social impact.

Whether vegan or not, there will always be assholes in the world. But veganism at least holds enormous potential for a more peaceful coexistence of all living beings on this planet. Vegan, because violence doesn't taste good to anyone.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about this article on the positive influence of the vegan lifestyle in our society? Then please write me a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Did you know that many people around the world have to flee from the ecological consequences of our society's resource-wasting lifestyle? More about Environmental refugees can be found in the linked article.

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