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Animal friendly zoo alternatives

8 animal friendly alternatives for zoos and animal parks

Are there good alternatives for zoos to teach children about wildlife? Recently I wondered if Zoos really useful are. Among other things, because animals are snatched from the wild and rarely without cruelty to animals are kept. Often even healthy animals are killed - for example due to lack of space. You are probably looking for a sensible zoo alternative for your offspring or a good substitute for the Circus with animals. Or maybe you just want to see animals that are happy and healthy - and kept as species-appropriate as possible. Whatever it is: we have a cornucopia of possibilities at our disposal!

In this article I would like to introduce you to the best animal-friendly alternatives for zoos and animal parks! Let's go!

Here in advance already a short Overview for you:

  1. Visit life yard
  2. Take a vacation on the farm
  3. Visit sanctuary for wild animals
  4. Petting at the shelter
  5. Watch Widltier documentaries together
  6. Support animal welfare organizations
  7. Watching hustle and bustle in the forest from a high seat
  8. Make nature tours with experts

8 experiential and educational alternatives for zoos and wildlife parks

Animals are sentient beings, just like us. They feel joy, but also fear - and should not be kept captive. This not species-appropriate attitude of wild animals ultimately leads to Behavioral disordersThe best zoo alternatives are those that visitors to zoos and animal parks can easily recognize with a trained eye. As promised, I will now show you the best zoo alternatives.

1. visit life yard

Life yard as a zoo alternative
Julian and I during our visit to the Lebenshof "Let the animals live" east of Berlin

Grace and life farms are home to animals that have been removed from the Factory farming or other exploitative industries were rescued. Here, children may not expect lions and tigers, but valuable contacts with incredibly grateful animals and have unforgettable experiences. Whether cows, pigs, geese, chickens, sheep or wild animals such as wild boars: children can get closer to the animals here in a very relaxed way. Supportive work with the animals is also usually possible by arrangement.

I love animals - that's why I don't eat them! At Reasons for veganism you will find out what else motivates me to live an animal-friendly lifestyle.

2. vacation on the farm

More and more farms are opening their doors to visitors, creating one of many great zoo alternatives. A welcome opportunity for a weekend with the kids, isn't it? Here the little ones can go on Taster course with the typical farm animals go and learn more about the work on the farm. Be sure to check out Farm by to find the ideal farm for you.

Tip: You can also ask a farmer in your area if it is possible to pet his/her animals - and take the opportunity to find out if you can stay with him/her. Buy regional fruits & vegetables simply by following your heart.

3. visit sanctuaries for wild animals

Sanctuaries take in injured or otherwise restricted animals. For example, visit a traditional wildlife rescue with your children. There, they can also get up close and personal with wild species like raccoons, foxes, raccoons, swans, owls, hedgehogs, wild boars or Deer search. And maybe there is even the possibility to take over the sponsorship for one of the animals.

4. stay and petting in the shelter

Dogs in shelter
Dogs in the shelter © Copyright PETA Deutschland e.V.

Animals in shelters crave love. If you are looking for a way to help animals in the Help everyday life, then you should pay them a visit and for example Take over walking services or playing hours. Certainly, not every animal is ready for cuddles from children. But countless cats, dogs and dozens of other animal species are guaranteed to look forward to seeing you. So just find out about the visiting hours at the animal shelter of your choice to take advantage of this zoo alternative.

5. watch wildlife documentaries together

Of course, it's great when children can experience wild animals up close. But in the meantime, the unique Wild life scenes in razor sharp quality also bring directly into the living room. A really great and mostly free zoo alternative. For example, watch a documentary together about the return of the wolf or simply enjoy the colorful underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.

Tip: Virtual reality technology is now also very exciting! Many facilities also offer webcams that allow you to watch the animals live on your TV.

6. active support of animal welfare associations

Animal welfare organizations do great work and can usually always use energetic support. Here, too, petting and walks are usually desired. Just inform you times about animal welfare organizations and clubs in your area to find out if you can drop by with your kids.

7. observe hustle and bustle in the forest from the high seat

In my youth I was often with my best buddy on the high seat to watch the animals in the forest. Whether Fights between rutting deer or wallowing wild boars with their offspring - we could watch the goings-on quite relaxed through the high seat window. Since his father was a hunter, we of course had permission to do so. Just talk to foresters and hunters from your area. If they are friendly and open, they will surely give you some tips for ideal locations and times.

Tip: By the way, do you know what to do if you have Game hit have? I'll show you in the linked article!

8. nature tours with experts

Child with grandfather in nature as zoo alternative

If you want to observe animals, you actually only have to look for outside in the nature walk! A simple Walk can, if you are as quiet as possible and bring along some patience, already become unforgettable. But especially recommended as a zoo alternative are certainly excursions and nature tours with experienced experts. Search for example Bird watchers, wildlife filmmakers, foresters and other nature professionalswho basically offer tours - or are willing to show you more of the wildlife upon request.

Tip: I have made a diving certificate. Definitely one of the best decisions of my life! It literally allows you to dive into a new world and experience countless species of animals up close.

Finding pet-friendly zoo alternatives is no problem!

Today I have presented you some alternative options as an alternative to the classic zoo and animal park. Sometimes the search certainly requires some patience. But if you want to give your children the opportunity to meet happy animals and to cruelty to animals you want to avoid, you will have that patience.

I hope this post about zoo alternatives has helped you! Do you have any questions or can you think of any other tips? Then feel free to share them with me in the comments!

Be always kind to animals,

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