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Baking soda

  • Baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) for the household
  • A real all-purpose weapon that replaces many things
  • Suitable for mouthwashes, bath bombs, carpet and oven cleaners
  • Natural home remedy without chemical additives
  • Sustainable and plastic-free packaged sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda respectively Sodium hydrogen carbonate is a real all-rounder in the household. You need only once the soda packed without plastic and save a huge amount of waste. Sodium bicarbonate is an incredibly versatile household remedy that is suitable for the kitchen, household, bathroom and body.

Instead of buying lots of individual products that contain plastic and chemicals, you can save money and protect the environment in a sustainable way with this tried-and-tested household product. For example, you can use it as baking powder, for blanching vegetables, washing your face and brushing your teeth. It binds and neutralizes acids and is mildly alkaline, which has a beneficial effect on your health. You should store the baking soda in paper packaging in a dry place, as the paper packaging does not protect against moisture.

Why baking soda as a natural household remedy

The plastic-free packaged baking soda is a sustainable all-rounder for the household. The possible uses of this all-purpose product are almost unlimited. That's why we have compiled 25 uses for sodium bicarbonate for you in a separate Blog post described in detail. For example, you can use sodium bicarbonate to make bath bombs, as an oven cleaner or for an alkaline foot bath.

You save a lot of money, for example on different cleaning products, and you also drastically reduce your plastic waste, as otherwise each cleaning product is packaged in a separate plastic container. Instead, you can use sustainable and plastic-free packaged baking soda.

Since you only use sodium bicarbonate and possibly combine it with a few other natural ingredients, you can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals in your end product. No matter whether you want to make bath bombs, toothpaste or deodorant.

Benefits of sodium bicarbonate for the environment and your well-being

  • 100% plastic free sodium bicarbonate without plastic packaging.
  • Replaces many chemical and plastic products in everyday life
  • Saves money and waste from unnecessary plastic containers
  • Increases well-being

Buy sustainable and plastic-free packaged baking soda

The possible uses are almost endless: in the kitchen and household, for cleaning and baking, for personal hygiene and health. If you would like to try out the household remedy sodium bicarbonate, you can order plastic-free packaged baking soda online here.


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