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Work Environment Factors – What Affects The Employee Performance at Work

Work Environment Factors – 10 Things That Affect The Performance in the Office

What are the most important environmental factors in the office? If you're looking for an answer to this question, you've come to the right place! When people hear the term "environmental factors", they often think of environmental protection or nature conservation. But it actually describes the external influences on something or someone - in this case, in everyday office life.

In fact, a sensibly designed workplace can make all the difference between a productive and a frustrating workday. If you know the environmental factors and take them into account in the design, you can thereby massively improve the working atmosphere and the productivity of the team, among other things.

In this article, I would like to show you exactly which aspects you should take into account when planning a workplace - and what other advantages a sustainable redesign brings for you and your team. Let's go!

Advantages: Why should office environmental factors be considered in workplace design?

Why should environmental factors in the office be considered in workplace design?

Sustainable workplace transformation is much more than simply recycling paper or using energy-saving light bulbs. It is a matter of holistic approachthat takes into account and optimizes economic, ecological as well as social aspects and needs.

But how do you benefit from this in practical terms? Knowing the environmental factors and aligning the office accordingly, not only promotes motivation and productivitybut also protects the physical and mental Health of employees in the workplace.

A well-designed workplace can also, above all, reduce stress, improve the Increase concentration, the Encourage creativity and improve general well-being. So the benefits are not simply about increased comfort in the office, but also about the Efficiency and health.

Here I have you all important reasons for the consideration of environmental factors have been clearly compiled.

Economic advantages

  • Cost Reduction: Sustainable workplace design leads to significant cost savings in the long term - whether through lower energy consumption, reduced waste or more durable office furniture and technology.
  • Productivity increase: A healthy and pleasant working environment increases the satisfaction and motivation of employees. These factors, in turn, form a decisive basis for the real productive works dar.
  • Image Enhancement: Commitment to a good working environment ensures a positive corporate reputation and makes the company a more attractive employer.

Ecological advantages

  • Resource conservation: Through the use of recycled or sustainably produced materials, the following are natural resources preserved and the company's ecological footprint reduced.
  • Reduced energy consumption: Energy-saving equipment and lighting and room design aligned with key environmental factors in the office significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • Improved air quality: The use of pollutant-free materials and plants in the workplace means an improvement in air quality and thus also in the well-being of the employees.

Social advantages

  • Increased well-being: Experience has shown that a consciously and healthily designed workplace reduces the number of sick days and promotes employee satisfaction.
  • Lived corporate culture: The shared commitment to sustainability, productivity and health in the office strengthens team spirit and creates a culture of respect and responsibility.
  • Sensitization: Employees: experience in a sustainable office more about sustainable, ecological and social issues and can also apply the knowledge in their private lives.

Tip: How you can support your colleagues or Other ways to inspire employees to embrace sustainability I'll be happy to explain how you can do this in the linked blog post.

10 Environmental factors: Which aspects should be considered when designing office workplaces?

Ergonomics, climate and lighting are important environmental factors in the office

So basically everyone involved benefitswhen attention is paid to the environmental factors in the office. Fortunately, they are no longer a secret, so employers and office planners can align and design workplaces in such a way that they contribute massively to the success of the company.

Now you can find out how exactly this works and what you should pay attention to when designing your office.

1. Ergonomics

Our bodies are simply not made to remain in one and the same position at a desk for hours on end. With ergonomic chairs and mice, height-adjustable desks or the correct distance to the screen For example, employers support the natural attitude of their employees.

Among other things, this promotes blood circulation and prevents physical ailments. The environmental factor considered "Ergonomics in the workplace" thus promotes both the Energy and concentration, as well as the Long term health.

2. Climate

Especially Air temperature, air velocity, air pressure, air humidity and also the Temperature radiation are among the decisive climate factors in everyday office life.

Fluctuating temperatures in the office affect, for example, concentrated work and general well-being enormous. A constant, pleasant room temperature and regular ventilation (for high air quality) are essential for a functioning work environment.

Tip: How the Improve indoor climate in general I have compiled a separate blog article for you. Feel free to take a look there as well.

3. Organization

A clean, tidy and organized work environment increases concentration and performance. Fortunately, to make a workplace as structured and tidy as possible, there are numerous possibilities and measures.

Digitization in particular creates space and freedom. Among other things, simple programs can be used to save paper in the office. For example, if you're editing a PDF document, instead of printing it out, correcting it by hand, and then scanning it again, you can use tools to convert PDFs directly into Word documents.

This allows changes to be made easily and paperlessly. One useful online tool for the conversion of PDF to Word is for example SmallPDF.

4. Acoustics

Noise is an immediate problem, especially in major disruptive factorwhere mental work is performed. The higher the frequency and sound pressure level - and the longer the exposure time - the more disturbing the background noise.

Soundproofing measures for a quieter working atmosphere can be, for example, the installation of soundproof windows, special acoustic screens or even sound-absorbing ceilings and movable wall systems.

5. Plants

Plants play an important role in the workplace

Plants are also among the most important environmental factors in the office. They not only improve air qualitybut also create a pleasant, homely atmosphere in which people enjoy working - even in air-conditioned rooms where the air is often dry. In addition, they are natural Sound barriers.

Here are some Office plantswhich, among other things, promote the indoor climate and are considered particularly recommendable for a sensible workplace design:

  • Aloe vera
  • Green Lily
  • Window leaf
  • Elephant foot
  • Bow hemp
  • Areca Palm
  • Ivy

6. Colors

Colors have a direct influence on our mood in everyday office life. For example, cold blue tones have a calming effect, while warm yellows, oranges and reds set the Creativity and increase energy. Bright tones, such as brilliant white, reflect the light and thus have an inviting and room-enlarging effect.

Whether in the design of Walls and ceilings, of the Floor or in the selection of the Furniture and other furnishings: be sure to consider the environmental factor of "color" when researching and planning the optimal workspace.

7. Light

Good light is crucial for a clear head and high concentration throughout the workday. Especially Natural daylight promotes well-being and attention.

Artificial light makes the eyes tired in particular. When planning and selecting lamps, luminaires and other artificial light sources, it is therefore important, among other things, to pay attention to a adequate lighting level and a Pleasant light color to pay attention. The lighting should also be quiet and not flicker.

Tip: How to use the Save your eyes on the computer screen I show you in detail in the linked article.

8. Technology

With the help of modern devices and tools Optimize workflows and keep them lean - with immediate, positive consequences for the productivity of the team. It should also be low-radiation for this purpose.

For these reasons, technology is also among the most important environmental factors in the workplace. In the long term, however, it is important, check them regularly and adjust if necessary.

9. Room layout

Of course, also the chosen layout of an office takes decisive influence on well-being and work performance within a company.

An open Office tends to promote cooperation and a sense of WE, but experience has shown that it is somewhat noisier. Many individual rooms and separated areas offer quiet zones for concentrated work, but tend to make communication and collaboration more difficult. In the end, it is purposeful to find a good combination.

10. Personal touch

A personal, individual touch in the office

A good workplace should also Space for personality and individuality offer. You can meet this environmental factor, for example, inspiring murals, photos, art figures or certain plants.

All employees should have the opportunity to actively shape the office. The gained variety and consideration of personal wishesThis makes the employing company stand out from the crowd and ultimately contributes to the satisfaction of all colleagues and the interest of new employees.

Knowing environmental factors in the office and using them for happiness, satisfaction and the company's success

The design of a working environment has a significant influence on well-being, productivity and long-term health. Taking the above-mentioned environmental factors into account therefore not only underlines a company's sense of social and ecological responsibility, but ultimately also represents a important investment in its future dar.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."

Aristotle (more under Diligence Quotes)

Do you have any questions, suggestions or other environmental factors that play an important role in a well planned and designed office? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay healthy and happy,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Many of us often work at home in our own offices. How the ideal home office organization and how it can be really concentrated and effective to work at home - I'll show you next in the linked article.

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