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Sustainable Topics – 108 Questions for Discussions and Debates

Sustainable topics for discussions and debates

You are looking for sustainable topics for exciting and educational discussions? Then you've come to the right place! Stimulated debates make a decisive contribution to rational, political judgment. They encourage problem-solving and self-discovery, get people excited about a particular issue, and ensure that they take a stand and address personal convictions. But what can you discuss in a pro-and-con debate or with friends, students, partners, or family? And what sustainable topics are suitable for papers, lectures, and term papers and theses?

In this article, I want to give you simple, polarizing, controversial, far-reaching, ethical, and even emotional talking points and discussion questions around sustainability. You'll also get valuable tips for lively discussions. Let's go

  1. Requirements
  2. Rules for discussions
  3. Topics
  4. Closing words

My please: This is about promoting the sustainable development of our global society as a whole. Feel free to share the link to this list with others to encourage more people to discuss and solve problems. Thank you for your support!

What characterizes a good topic for discussion and debate?

How does a good, sustainable discussion work?

The topic represents the core of a good discussion. Therefore, the subject matter discussed and the question formulation chosen are quite decisive for the success of the debate. Here are some aspects that are particularly important:

  • Relevance: The chosen topic should be interesting, stimulating and quite simply relevant to the general public.
  • Added value: The topic discussed should include an environmental or social added value.
  • Discussion material: The subject of the conversation should allow for sufficient supporting information and should not be one-sided.
  • Empathy: The questioning must ensure that you can put yourself in the position in question and represent it well.
  • Balance: Sufficient pro as well as con arguments should be possible so that the subject matter can be discussed extensively.
  • Versatility: The core topic should not only refer to an individual case, but be generally valid.

With this background knowledge for good discussion questions, you can eventually reshape the wording to ideally fit the desired situation.

Tips for lively discussions on topics related to sustainable development

Well-managed debates and discussions require certain rules, so that they remain goal-oriented and dispute-free. So before we get right into ideas for appropriate discussion topics, here are some important notes to consider:

  • Listen attentively and ask questions
  • Let finish and do not interrupt
  • Let everyone have their say
  • Always justify positions
  • Discuss at eye level
  • Ask open questions if possible (provocative questions are also allowed)
  • Stay objective and on topic
  • Conclusion

108 sustainable discussion topics - e.g. for school or among friends

Now the table is set and we can help ourselves to the wide range of sustainable topics for the upcoming talks and discussions. Have fun!

Environmental protection issues

Sustainable topics for environmental protection debates
  1. How can climate change be mitigated?
  2. Do we need bans to protect the climate?
  3. What is meant by environmental awareness?
  4. How can you convince your own family to live more sustainably?
  5. Should single-use plastic be banned altogether?
  6. What can everyone do to reduce the ecological footprint to reduce?
  7. Is a sustainable lifestyle more expensive or less expensive?
  8. How can we reduce plastic waste in the oceans?
  9. What can be done about air pollution?
  10. Why are rainforests being cut down?
  11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic?
  12. What does a climate-friendly diet look like?
  13. How can the species extinction stop?
  14. What benefits would greener cities have for people and the environment?
  15. Should companies be responsible for caused, General environmental costs pay?
  16. What can everyone do about global water scarcity?
  17. Should the export of plastic waste abroad be banned?

Animal welfare issues

Animal welfare - Sustainable discussion topics
  1. Is it morally acceptable to eat animals?
  2. Do animals have feelings, just like we humans do?
  3. Should Animal testing be banned?
  4. Why do we pet and eat rabbits?
  5. Why do we humans consume animal foods?
  6. What characterizes a sustainable fishery?
  7. Do initiatives like the animal welfare label have a positive effect for animals?
  8. Is the Factory farming Exploitation of humans and animals?
  9. Why do people torture animals?
  10. Are bullfights still in keeping with the times?
  11. Should livestock farms be inspected more frequently?
  12. Why do we love dolphins but eat tuna?
  13. Should it be illegal to eat dogs and cats?
  14. How to protect bees and other insects?
  15. Should we stop eating animals?
  16. Why is much of the global Fish stocks overfished?
  17. Are zoos and circuses with animals still up to date?

Nutrition questions

Sustainable nutrition - topics for discussion
  1. Is eating meat morally acceptable?
  2. Why should we regional and seasonal feed?
  3. Is the plant-based diet the diet of the future?
  4. Will we soon be eating only artificial meat?
  5. What if the whole world vegan would be?
  6. Should animal products such as meat or eggs be taxed more heavily?
  7. How can a sustainable diet be promoted?
  8. Is the purely plant-based diet healthier?
  9. How can it be that more than 800 million people go hungry while we throw away 1.3 billion tons of food every year?
  10. How can humanity feed ten billion people?
  11. Should we humans be more Eat insects?
  12. Why are we reluctant to show children how meat is made?
  13. Should unhealthy food be more expensive than healthy food?
  14. Are we Humans rather carnivores or herbivores?
  15. Can you love animals but eat them?
  16. What keeps us from eating a purely plant-based diet?
  17. Is eating meat the new smoking?
  18. Is the organic farming the agriculture of the future?

Society questions

Sustainable topics for society discussion
  1. Should the subject "Sustainability & Environmental Protection" be introduced at school?
  2. Does Germany need to rearm militarily?
  3. Are women disadvantaged in our society?
  4. Is cultural appropriation discriminatory?
  5. What impact would it have on our society if we stopped killing animals?
  6. Does our school system tend to educate workers or independent people?
  7. How can the Stop world hunger?
  8. Do older people worry about the environment as much as younger people?
  9. How can poverty in our society be combated in a targeted manner?
  10. How to Regulating hate on the net more strongly?
  11. Would we be more "human" if we didn't kill animals?
  12. Do we need a mandatory social year?
  13. What measures can be used to promote solidarity-based behavior?
  14. Should smoking be banned in public?
  15. Should water resources be nationalized?
  16. Should members of parliament not be allowed to engage in paid secondary employment?
  17. Should abortions be banned on principle?
  18. Should people be allowed to vote from the age of 16?

Mobility issues

Mobility as a sustainable topic for discussion
  1. Are car-free cities the future?
  2. Will we only drive electrically in the future?
  3. Do we need a speed limit on the highway?
  4. Should there be regular follow-up checks for driver's license holders?
  5. Is it possible, Without own car to live?
  6. Should there be a nationwide, car-free Sunday?
  7. Should the use of public transport be free of charge?
  8. Are e-scooters really sustainable?

Tourism issues

Tourism as a topic for discussion
  1. Can Tourism sustainable be?
  2. How can the Mass tourism regulate?
  3. Should travel to space be allowed?
  4. Should big game hunting tourism be banned?

Consumption questions

Shopping and consumption topics for debate
  1. Should marijuana be legalized?
  2. Power Consumption permanently happy?
  3. How to effectively save electricity in the home?
  4. How can returns be avoided on the Internet?
  5. Do environmental labels make sense?
  6. Should there be a general ban on alcohol?
  7. Should supermarkets be prohibited from throwing away food that is still edible?
  8. Do we also need "shock photos" on meat packaging?
  9. Should images of poverty be displayed on luxury goods?
  10. How does veganism benefit humanity?
  11. How can the planned obsolescence of be banned in products?
  12. Does social media need to be regulated more?
  13. Should the state eliminate the luxury tax on feminine hygiene products?
  14. Do we need a clear-name obligation on the Internet?
  15. Should we allow food to be rescued from containers?
  16. How can you make people produce less waste?
  17. Should mircoplastics be banned in food?
  18. Is the vegan lifestyle a luxury problem the western world?
  19. Should free online deliveries be banned?
  20. Does a ban on firecrackers and New Year's Eve rockets make sense?
  21. Should throwing away food be banned?

Energy questions

Energy as a sustainable topic of conversation
  1. Is electricity from coal and nuclear power still in keeping with the times?
  2. Should electricity from coal-fired power plants be banned?
  3. Is a mix of electricity from 100 percent renewable energy sources realistic?
  4. Does humanity need nuclear power?
  5. Does a "solar obligation" for new buildings make sense?

Using sustainable topics of conversation for personal development

Interesting, controversial discussion questions stimulate thought and, in general, the formation of opinions. We also learn to listen and to understand and respect other points of view. Especially when it comes to the Environmental problems of our time or social injustices, the treatment of sustainable unit topics, tasks or the one or other exciting discussion on environmental protection aspects also makes a valuable contribution to the further development of society as a whole.

I hope that I could help you with this list of relevant questions for discussions, debates and maybe even for your next scientific work. Do you have more ideas for inspiration? Then I look forward to your suggestions and tips in the comments column.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Sometimes everyday conversations with new acquaintances or friends get bogged down. Here are a few additional Questions to get to knowwhich you can use at any time to keep conversations going or to get them going in the first place. Have fun!

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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