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How to reduce stress levels in everyday life

Reduce stress levels - 10 tips for less stress in everyday life

You want to lower your stress level - and finally feel relaxed and balanced again? Then you've come to the right place! In our daily lives, there are an infinite number of stimuli, situations and information, which provide a high mental load. Since permanent stress makes us sick, this burden is often so enormous over time that you feel mentally exhausted and burnt out. Fortunately, there are also ways and means to let the mental pressure escape or not arise in the first place.

That's why I'd like to give you some tips in this article to prevent excessive stress or even burnout - and to go through life stress-free in the future. Let's go!

  1. Do Digital Detox
  2. Combine movement and rest
  3. Rest periods and taking time for yourself
  4. Meet with friends
  5. Pursue creative hobbies
  6. Sufficient sleep
  7. Healthy and balanced diet
  8. Use relaxation techniques
  9. Get out into nature
  10. Think positive

1. do digital detox

Technical devices such as televisions, cell phones and computers determine our lives. Nowadays, smartphones in particular are always with us, making us available to other people practically 24 hours a day. Precisely because it is always with us in our pants pockets or handbags, we look out of Boredom even when nothing has vibrated, rung or flashed. We don't allow ourselves a minute's rest - perhaps out of fear of missing something.

Therefore consciously complete times two weeks without your cell phone - and make a Digital Detox. You'll feel how much you're already addicted to the part, but also how you suddenly feel more relaxed because there's just a lot more free time.

Tip: In a separate article you will also get extensive Advice in the fight against possible smartphone addiction. Good luck!

2. schedule exercise

Schedule yoga and exercise to combat stress

If you want to lower your stress level, you should definitely schedule time for physical activity every day. These timeslots should be above everything else - because this is the time that is necessary for your well-being and your sustainable, healthy life is essential.

And how is that supposed to work? Quite simply! For example, take a walk, do yoga, meditate, ride bike or release pent-up pressure while playing soccer, boxing or jogging.

Tip: At the Sport plogging you can even combine stress management and environmental protection by jogging while collecting trash from nature.

3. Rest periods and taking time for yourself

For more relaxation and well-being, it's incredibly important that you give yourself Time for yourself take. Time when you are all to yourself. This can be in mindful activities such as yoga or meditation. But regeneration is also served by taking a Book to read, regular Crossword puzzle or just to lie in the hammock in the garden and listen to the birds chirping. This is time for you.

4. meet with friends

Regular meetings with your friends are also guaranteed to help you wind down after a stressful phase. Loose or even deep conversations and activities provide for Variety, bring you to other thoughts or help you to Discharge worries.

Tip: A positive and happy environment will help you think more positively. Look for people who give you strength instead of robbing you of it.

5. pursue creative hobbies

DIY build your own dining table - instructions

At a stage when I desperately needed to reduce my stress levels, I started, Build furniture from old material. This is not only incredible fun and protects the environment, but also also saves money sustainably.

With this hobby I am completely for myself and can really switch off. If you want to feel less stress in your everyday life, this is definitely something for you. But of course there are also hundreds of other creative hobbiesthat will help you with this. For example, crafts, watercolor painting or discovering the vegetable cuisine.

Hobbies don't necessarily have to be creative to relieve you mentally. The important thing is that you like doing them and they are good for you.

Recommendation: At DIY Furniture Blog you can for example look at my homemade dining table including instructions.

6. get enough sleep

Too little sleep is a major cause of stress! If you want to lower your stress level and become more balanced, you should learn to get more and above all Sleep better. For one thing, so that you over the day more powerful and you are less likely to get into stressful situations. And secondly, because a healthy night's rest will help your Cortisol level (Cortisol is the primary stress hormone) is reduced.

So go to bed a little earlier and not with a full stomach - and keep technical devices such as smartphones, TVs and laptops away from your bedroom.

7. Healthy and balanced diet

A healthy, balanced diet promotes both your physical and your mental performance and stress capacity. Especially Nutrient-rich legumes, whole grains, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables, are real drivers for our organism. I personally do without animal products, such as meat, eggs or dairy products - also because the honest, but contradictory thought "I love animals, but eat their body parts". at some point became quite stressed.

And when you really feel like a delicious snack? As stress reducing nerve food I recommend you especially a bowl of nuts or an apple, instead of chocolate, chips and donuts.

Good to know: I personally live vegan for ethical, ecological but also health reasons. Residues of antibiotics in meat, feces in milk and generally from animal suffering in animal foods, I simply do not want to take to me. At "Why vegan?" I will explain all motifs in detail once again.

8. Use relaxation techniques

Besides meditation and yoga, for example, also include Breathing exercises, autogenic training and Progressive muscle relaxation among the things you can use for your personal relaxation and as an anti-stress method. For example, breathe deeply into your belly when you feel stressed. In this way, you can slowly and in a controlled manner bring blood pressure and pulse back into the normal range.

Another tip: Humming and the accompanying vibration of the vocal cords, can also lower your stress level.

9. Get out into nature

Lower stress level by hammock in the forest

Natural sounds, such as the Chirping of a cricket or the ripple of a stream, lower our stress level and loosen our muscles. Just the sight of trees and the light of the sun release happiness hormones that make us forget our everyday stress and avoid future pressure. Outdoors in nature prevails No sensory overloadhere you are yourself.

That's why I advise you to, Schedule time in the fresh air every day - that you won't let anyone take away from you. I can also recommend to you the relaxing Forest bathingwhere you simply go into nature alone for a few hours and escape from the perhaps sometimes overwhelming everyday madness.

10. Think positive

You can't think negatively and expect something positive. A optimistic attitude to life and a genuine smile on your lips, help you to always keep the good things in mind in any stressful situation.

Let go of your fears by becoming aware of what you are actually afraid of. You will find that the worst case is not only unlikely, but also not so bad that you have to let it stress you out. Don't take anything in life too seriously - and only make an exception for your health.

Reduce stress in everyday life? No problem!

We all have to cope with one or the other stressful situation or phase in life. It is important to prepare yourself mentally and to know how to react best in such moments. Consciously take time for yourself - and distance yourself from the things that burden you. This way you can relieve stress and also avoid a possible Burnout avoid

I hope that in this article I was able to give you the most important tips to keep your stress level at a low, relaxed level. Do you have any questions, further tips or your own experience with excessive stress in everyday life? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay healthy,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: You want to make your everyday life even more stress-free? Then be sure to check out my post about the mindful lifestyle on. Have fun!

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