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Circus Roncalli - Circus without animals and plastic

Circus Roncallis in the future without animals and plastic

Cologne. Circus Roncalli has decided to go on tour with a new concept from now on. From now on the tour will do without not only predators, but animals in general.

Predators were already abolished more than 30 years ago, because at that time there was not enough space for the animals to run. The reason for the decision of the circus is also today the lack of space for the animals, says Bernhard Paul (circus director) to the decision. In addition, one wants to pay attention to the environment.

Instead of animals, there will be holograms in the future. In addition, the program will be expanded with new artists, such as the clown Chistirrin.

The tour also takes place Without plastic instead. Instead of plastic, visitors now get bags made of paper or other biodegradable containers. In addition to meat, the circus now also offers vegetarian and vegan food. Care is also taken to ensure that the food is organically grown.
With these actions, Circus Roncalli is setting a good example for other circus shows. It proves that sustainability plays an important role in every sector, including the entertainment industry.

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