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Changing the world with CareElite

Christoph from CareElite

Hi, my name is Christoph. I started the CareElite environmental protection project for a more sustainable everyday life because I believe that we are increasingly losing our connection to nature due to technological progress, a fast-paced society and mass consumption. The consequences are the biggest environmental problems of our timefrom climate change to plastic waste in the oceans - but also social problems such as world hunger. If you would like to find out more about me personally, please I would like to introduce myself personally. Otherwise, I would like to show you how we can make the world a better place together.

Notice: The name CareElite is derived from the English word for care & mindfulness, as well as from the book The Way of the Seal, by former elite soldier Mark Divine. The book The way of the Seal inspired me a lot and gave me the motivation to make a difference in the world and to persevere through the difficult start-up phase. At the same time, the word "elite" stands for a group of great people and therefore for our sustainable community.

How we are changing the world together

I would like to save the world together with you. How do we do that? Together we actively raise awareness (in the sustainability blog and online courses), consume environmentally friendly products (through the sustainability store), lead a sustainable lifestyle (by learning from each other) and fight to remove existing plastic waste from the environment (through beach cleanups). With this holistic concept, we are ensuring that our society lives ever more consciously and sustainably.

Here at CareElite, I take a holistic approach to solving the problems in our world. In the end, a healthy mix of education, curiosity, empathy, health and activism - a truly conscious and sustainable lifestyle for each individual - will do the trick.

The CareElite Nature Blog

With the Sustainability Blog I would like to raise our society's awareness of the uniqueness of nature and show how each of us live more sustainably and consciously can. This includes not only the protection of our planet, but also the protection of all living beings - including us humans - who live on it.

The CareElite Blog is divided into the following basic blocks, in which I publish new posts almost daily:

Learn online with CareElite Courses

CareElite Environmental Protection Project Plastic Waste Courses

With CareElite Courses In addition to some self-designed online courses, I also provide you with many other courses from great lecturers that will train your environmental awareness and make you a role model for other people. The proceeds will be invested in CleanUp material on the beaches of this world and new educational blog posts at

The CareElite Sustainability Shop

Plastic Free Shop CareElite Environmental Protection Project

In the CareElite Sustainability Shop you can be inspired by sustainable alternatives for conventional products that will make your environmentally friendly everyday life much easier. If you have your own ideas for new sustainable products or if you produce a product yourself that should definitely be recommended in the Sustainability Shop, you can send me a message. make a product suggestion here or here your Submit own product.

With the sustainability store I would like to Change mass consumption to conscious and sustainable consumption. After all, consuming superfluous or environmentally harmful products inevitably leads to a waste of natural resources and creates even more waste.

Pleasant side effect: If you learn to consume more consciously, you will have much more financial leeway for the finer things in life! 🙂

CareElite Connect - Community for sustainable living

Environmental protection project CareElite Zero Waste Community

CareElite Connect is the Facebook group of our sustainable community. Here we exchange ideas about plastic-free, sustainable living, tips and tricks for avoiding waste and a more environmentally friendly everyday life, as well as our personal experiences.

Together we are constantly developing. Everyone learns from the other and can thus develop their own ecological footprint reduce.

CareElite CleanUps - Worldwide CleanUp Community

CareElite Environmental Protection Project Plastic Waste

Through the Beach CleanUps (events where plastic waste is collected from the environment), a fantastic global community has developed in the fight against plastic waste. Become a key member of CareElite CleanUps (Worldwide Beach CleanUp Group). and share your experiences and actions against plastic waste in the environment with the world. Motivate other people to do the same Start CleanUpsto rid the world of plastic waste.

The CareElite job portal

CareElite job portal for sustainable jobs

At sustainable job portal of CareElite I would like to thank all readers and users of in cooperation with our partner all Job advertisements for sustainable jobs at great companies offer. It presents advertised professions where applicants can apply for jobs that offer real added value for the employee themselves, but also for our society and our planet.

I give you my sustainable e-books!

Free e-books sustainability

I hope that I have been able to inspire you with these lines and motivate you to do something for our planet yourself and to live more naturally and consciously again.

As a small thank you for your support, I have written you three e-books with logical answers to the typical excuses and arguments against sustainable lifestyles such as zero waste, veganism or a fundamentally sustainable life. This will definitely make you extremely quick-witted in future discussions about sustainability. You can download the e-books here for free. If you like, you can Sign up here for the monthly newsletterwhich I use to keep you up to date with developments and news at CareElite and regularly provide you with discount promotions for sustainable online stores.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to fighting with you to protect our planet and all the creatures that live on it.