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CareElite is a personal guide for a conscious and sustainable lifestyle in all areas of life. The goal is to leave a habitable planet for future generations. Online since 2017, this blog is one of the best known sustainability blogs in Germany. Media like ZDF, RTL, Welt/N24, Der Spiegel or Handelsblatt already reported about it. (more at "In the media„)

CareElite is a registered trademark and takes a holistic approach to solving problems such as climate change, world hunger, rainforest deforestation, and species extinction in our world. In the end, it will be a healthy mix of education, inquisitiveness, empathy, health and activism - indeed, a truly conscious and sustainable lifestyle of each individual - that will do the trick.

Revenue at CareElite: I would like to explain to you as transparently as possible how I earn money at, which I use primarily to finance the blog. You can learn more about the sources of income under Advertising and cooperation partners.

Central topics at CareElite

The variety of topics at CareElite is best described by the following core categories:

  • Plasticfree lifestyle
  • Sustainability
  • Veganism
  • Animal welfare
  • Environment
  • Minimalism
  • Zero Waste
  • Do It Yourself
  • Nature travel
  • Natural Health
  • Personal growth

CareElite media data. (08/2020)

Here you can download the complete MediaKit (including photos and logo).

Over the years, CareElite has developed a constantly vigilant and ambitious community of unique people who want to make our planet a better place. They share their ideas on the following social channels:

  • 8,600 Instagram subscribers: On Instagram, CareElite is launching two channels. Nature & Wildlife, and my personal profile. Go directly to the Instagram profile here.
  • 8,500 Facebook subscribers: Our shared Facebook community is growing and growing every day. Click here to go directly to the Facebook page.
  • 20,380 Sustainability Community Members: In our Zero Waste Community CareElite Connect, environmentally conscious people exchange tips & tricks for plastic-free living. Click here to go directly to the sustainable community.
  • 5,600 Beach CleanUp Community Members: In the incredibly positive Beach CleanUp community CareElite CleanUps, people motivate each other daily with unique actions to clean up plastic trash on beaches. Click here to go directly to the worldwide, English-language Facebook community.
  • 9,700 Pinterest followers: In the Pinterest community, more than 1.5 million people per month look at CareElite's pinboards. Click here to go directly to the Pinterest profile.
  • 200,000 unique users per month: That's how many users visit the Nature Blog every month.
  • 5.42% Conversion Rate: We have a great community with trustworthy people. Products with added value for environmentally conscious people have a conversion rate of 5.42%.
  • 10,500 newsletter readers: So many people are currently reading my newsletter on natural, plastic-free living, avoiding plastic waste, and supporting relief efforts.

Cooperation opportunities

Authentic reporting is existential for the blog. The Reader comes firstThat's why transparency has absolute priority when it comes to cooperations. A cooperation only comes about if it fits the personal conviction and the blog concept of CareElite. The following cooperations are conceivable, but can also be creatively expanded:

  • Press and blogger trips
  • Guest appearance at events
  • Interviews
  • Product and company recommendations
  • Classic theme-relevant banner advertising
  • Social media cooperation on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest
  • Product tests (topic sustainability)
  • Newsletter integration
  • Sweepstakes with real added value for readers

Inquiries for cooperations gladly via the contact form.