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Brussels bans single-use plastic at public events

Brussels bans single-use plastic at public events

Brussels. In the Belgian capital Brussels, the ban on single-use plastic products at public events announced back in 2018 has now come into force. The city itself wants to become a pioneer in waste prevention and therefore sees this decision as another important step in the desired direction.

So from now on, at festivals and other public events in Brussels, there will be no disposable products from Plastic give more. Plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic cutlery, plastic straws or plastic balloons. Anything that cannot be used more than once is banned. Anyone who nevertheless offers disposable plastics at events in Brussels will face stiff fines and sanctions.

For the time being, bamboo and cardboard products are being used as an alternative to plastics. This is not yet the ideal solution either, as it again produces waste. Nevertheless, it initially raises people's awareness of a sustainable lifestyle.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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