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Welcome to the sustainable news of CareElite. Here you will find national and international news from the topics of environmental protection and sustainability compactly packaged.

Green news about sustainability & environmental protection

CareElite News collects all the important news about sustainability, environmental protection and related political decisions and current developments from science. With this green news, we want to help young pioneers, visionaries and thought leaders and their ideas and projects gain more visibility. In addition, we conduct personal interviews in the environmental protection interviews, where forward-thinking people can present their innovative projects.

News for a greener society

Here in the sustainability news, for example, news on the topic of Plastic waste in the environment such as plastic bans or large-scale clean-up campaigns are presented. This green news is meant to enlighten our society and show environmentally related news that in principle does not play a role in the ordinary daily news between refugee debates and Trump affairs. The sustainable news should accompany the whole change of our throwaway society from mass consumption to conscious consumption and sustainable everyday life. Our society is changing for the better and we want to accompany it every day with this green news.

About CareElite News Portal for Sustainable News

We will summarize here daily the most important news from sustainability & environmental protection as well as green politics and the progress of science in a precise and compact way. Our sources are selected top journalists from all over the world. Here you have the possibility to send us press releases about sustainable news, which we will then check carefully and publish if necessary. We ask for green news with real added value for our loyal readers. Natural, new and sustainable. Together for a cleaner, more environmentally conscious future.