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Advertising and revenue at CareElite

Growth at CareElite

Here I would like to show you transparently how I generate income from advertising and partnerships with to finance the website and all services related to it - and to let the project grow.

I have clear ideas when selecting the partners with whom I work. The recommended company or advertised product must provide or enable a service that has a Added value for a more sustainable way of life, our health or the welfare of people and animals represents.

How I finance the work at

I generate income from the following sources in my work on, each of which I would like to explain to you here as transparently as possible:

1. affiliate links

If you click on links with an asterisk* on the website and purchase something, I get a small referral commission from the respective provider in most cases. This form of partner advertising is called affiliate marketing. Depending on the partner, different conditions were agreed there - in most cases I only get a credit if you ordered a product and did not return it after a few days. You will find the affiliate links mainly in the Sustainability Shop but also in Blog posts and sometimes also in the Email Newsletter.

For you as a user, there are of course no changes to the final price. In principle, the respective provider simply pays a small advertising fee to me as the publisher. I promise you here again that I do not depend on monetary incentives but on my personal principles of sustainability I don't let myself be guided. If it doesn't make sense to recommend a certain product, then I simply refrain from doing so. The affiliate partnerships also have no influence on the research work on certain topics.

2. banner advertising

On all blog pages of you will be shown advertising banners from time to time. Most of these banners are displayed via Google Adsense automatically - their content is based on your personal interest or recently visited websites. So sometimes you may be shown something that is less or not so well suited to the blog content. Besides the automatic banner ads I also offer from time to time manual banner advertising where I specifically promote a sustainable product or an environmentally friendly company. Both forms of advertising are billed according to the number of views and the number of clicks on the banner ads.

Important: These automatic advertising revenues can only be generated if you have explicitly agreed to the display of the advertising banners. At Data Privacy ("Customize cookie settings" + "Enable marketing") you can do that at any time. Thank you for your support!

3. product and brand recommendations

Sometimes I recommend individual products and offers from companies in blog posts. Sometimes the respective partners also write their own guest post, which is then published under the name of the respective author in the blog. I then negotiate a fee for this, which I also use to finance my website.

4. lasting partnerships

In addition to individual product and company recommendations, I work with some companies not just on a one-off basis, but on a permanent basis, so that you regularly read and hear about them in my posts and on the sub-pages of One example is the cooperation with the job portal - You can find the open position announcements for sustainable jobs with added value in the sustainable job portal. There I then receive a commission, which is settled per click on the respective job offer.

5. donations

Since CareElite is also about minimalism and reducing consumption, I exclude an excessive purchase recommendation of products. Ultimately, of course, the income with which I finance CareElite suffers. So that not exclusively the purchase of affiliate products is necessary to honor my work financially, I offer in the Coffee cash register also the Possibility of one-time or regular financial support an. I am infinitely grateful for any support in this regard.

I exclude these industries from cooperation

To promote sustainable development of our way of life, I exclude in principle the cooperation with companies, which are active in the following markets:

  • Fossil energy sources
  • Nuclear energy
  • Gambling
  • Tobacco industry
  • Pornography
  • Defense Industry
  • Genetic engineering
  • Animal testing

... and violate human rights or environmental protection agreements.