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Norway bans cruise ships

Cruise ban: Norway bans ships from its fjords

Oslo. Fewer ships will sail in the Norwegian fjords from now on due to government regulations. Above all, no more cruise ships with heavy oil are to move in the fjords. This is reported by the Norwegian news channel NRK. This is an important step in order to protect the Stop climate change and protect the local fjords.

The Norwegians have introduced pollutant limits for ships' fuels, which apply in the fjords with immediate effect. Ships are not allowed to use open exhaust gas cleaning systems, nor are they allowed to carry out environmentally hazardous activities on board, such as burning waste or draining sewage.

From 2020, the requirements will be gradually tightened until finally, from 2026, no ships powered by heavy fuel oil will be allowed to operate in the fjords.

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Christoph Schulz

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6 thoughts on “Kreuzfahrt-Verbot: Norwegen verbannt Schiffe aus seinen Fjorden”

  1. I stood in front of such a colossus of a cruise ship in Rotterdam. It's enough to give you the heebie-jeebies.
    I am glad that Norway has taken this step. ?

    1. Hi Monika! This is an extremely important step - and as with many other problems, usually those who first feel these problems begin to work on possible solutions.
      Best regards

    1. Hi Anne. Sign petitions, support demos and educate people in everyday life without pointing fingers that cruises are a massive problem for the environment.
      Many greetings

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