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Canada bans single-use plastic from 2021

Canada to ban single-use plastic by 2021 at the latest

Toronto. The Canadian government has announced that it will ban the most hazardous items made of single-use plastic by 2021 at the latest. In doing so, the government wants to counteract the three million tons of plastic waste that the country of Canada consumes every year.

With this decision, Canada joins the increasing bans on single-use plastic in many countries around the world. In the North American country, for example, 15 billion plastic bags and about 57 million plastic straws are consumed each year. Frightening statistics when you know that there are perfectly reasonable alternatives with reusable cotton bags and glass or stainless steel straws. In addition, only 10% of plastic waste is actually recycled in Canada at the current time.₁

Canada's decision to ban single-use plastic is a necessary step toward a more environmentally friendly future.

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